Part Time Jobs

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I wrote about this because I feel that every teenager should have the experience of having a job.

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



Part Time Jobs


In my opinion I think all teenagers should have at least a part-time job. A part- time job is a taste of the real world and is good to teach teens what it is like to work. Having a job teaches teenagers many things like managing money, worth ethics, and it keeps them out of trouble. Many parents do not want their children to work while they are still in school because they believe it will interfere with their school work. If that is the case there is always the summer time when school is out to have a job.

The first reason why teenagers should have a job is to learn how to manage money. So teenagers will stop thinking “money grows on trees.” If they are saving up for their first car they will have to manage how much they can allow themselves to spend, as well as how much they should save out of each paycheck in order to reach their goal. Teenagers will quickly realize they cannot spend every dollar that they make if they want to have something special that they are saving up for.

The second reason for teenagers to have a job is to teach them work ethnics. You know the saying, “a little hard work never hurt anyone.” I completely agree with that saying, especially when it comes to a teenager having an after-school job. There is no reason that all the teens in the United States shouldn’t have some sort of job, either after-school or just during their summer vacation. It’s a good idea to show your teenager that hard work is what it takes to accomplish everything in life. They can’t learn the meaning of hard work if everything is handed to them.

The third reason it is a good idea for teens to have a job is to keep them out of trouble. You are probably thinking “teens will get into trouble whether they have a job or not.” You are right, but it is less likely that they will get into trouble if they are working five evenings a week, especially if you give them a curfew for after work. This is the top reason most people make their teenagers start working because they have already got into trouble but in order to keep your teenager out of trouble before they get into a lot of trouble is to start them at an early age working at a part time job.

In the end, it is a good idea for all teenagers to have an after-school job. If they aren’t able to handle a job after school then they should definitely have a summer job when school is out. All teenagers, no matter what their parent’s financial situation is, should have a job. They will need the practice and experience before they get out into the real world. There are far too many teenagers in the world today that expect thing to be handed to them on a silver platter. Parents today don’t make their kids work like they use to back in the day; I know my grandparents were working at the age of ten years old in the tobacco fields or corn fields. Working outside is great for boys especially.

Show your teenager what it means to be a responsibly human being in the world today and they will thank you later for it in the future.

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