The Titanic

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Submitted: May 11, 2011

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Submitted: May 11, 2011



The Titanic had took 3,000 men two years to biuld it. When the Titanic was finished it was called the unsinkelble ship but most importantly the ship of dreams. April 14, 1912 was the day the Titanic set sail. Many people borded the ship that day with hope and joy filling and a look of  joy on their faces. The look of hope was because most people did not know what was going to happen hen they got to america to make a new life. The look of  joy on their faces was because they were on the finest and grandest ship of all. The people had called it the ship of dreams because they thought it was a dream come true to be on the ship. They called it the unsinkeble because of it's weight and size. They were wrong. On the night of April 14, 1912 at exactly 11:40 p.m. on sunday Titanic struck the iceberg. As the Titanic struck the iceberg bits from the iceberg flew everywhere. People could feel the rumble of the Titanic. Many started to ask questions and the crew members said it was one of the pipes in the ship. Again they were wrong. Kids were playing and kicking rocks, while people were looking over the side and while some people were sleeping. The people who were sleeping had no cluse what had just happened. The people who were awake thought it was nothing. It didn't take long before five of the compartments were totaly underwater. By that point the crew members, the captin, and J.P. Morgan knew that the ship would sink. They knew it wouldn't be long until the ship was completley underwater. As the crew members went door to door handing out life jackets the passengers were getting worried. As two crew members started to load the boats and get the passengers, there was one rule...mothers and childern first. Little girls and little boys were crying and some knew that they would never see their father again.People in second class tried to get to the life boats two crew members had to hold people back. And to that he locked the gate so the second class people would wait. For the third class, they knew they were going to die so the elderlies layed in bed together holding hands, mothers had their childern go to bed, and the mothers and fathers layed in bed and tried to get some shut eye so they wouldn't be awake when the Titanic sank. On that night the baned played up to the last few minutes till the ship went under. None of them survived. One of the last songs the baned played before their death was "songe d' Automne." On the terrible night 1,503 people total died, including the passengers and crew, only 705 people survived, 1,178 lifeboat seats were carried abored, 2,208 lifeboat seats were needed, and 472 lifeboats seats were not used. The lifeboats could have fited up to 64 people but the lifeboats only carried 20, 28, or 18. Very few people had actually went down with the ship, most died and drifted away in their life-jackets. The next morning 300 dead bodies were pulled froem the sea, they were floating in their life-jackets. Many other bodies had not been found because they had drifted off. In conclusion it was a tragety that that all happened. One minute their was hope and joy and the next it was fear, but now i bless all the brave souls who went on the ship. And on 14, 2012 will be the 100th annivirsery of the Titanic. So on that day I say we should thank all those brave souls. They had to suffer and die just because they were third or second class, so give thanks because the people who died on the Titanic deserve it.

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