Your Newest Obsession

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I kinda feel like it dragged on, but sort've picked back up... I dunno. Your thoughts?

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



I envy them
as their relationship can be mended
as I have to lay and suffer
being reminded how ours ended

I made a mistake
All humans do
I’m sorry for it all
But I had to lose you

If I could just tell you
Truly how sorry I am
Even if I could describe it
You wouldn’t give a damn

I’ve cried for 3 months
As you’ve not shed a tear
I hate you but at the same time
I still love you, my dear

I hate you for not realizing
how much I loved you
God made a mistake
when he created me new

But what is this God
All my faith is lost 
I prayed for so long
As my faith has been tossed

You have yours
I do not have mine
I’m so very sorry
I wasted our time

forgive me, my love
Forgive me my friend
I’d take it back in a heart beat
I hate to see it end

I still strike up conversation
hoping you may somehow see
How much I fucking love you
And how much you miss me

He takes her back
even if she makes a mistake
be like him
Or was our love always fake

did you never love me
Did you never cry
Did you never feel attached
Do you ever wonder why

Do you ever wonder how sad I am
How much I hate myself
How much I’d love to take it back
and be someone else

But you can’t be like him
you have to be like you
you’re perfect to me
You’ll be perfect to her too.

Your new girl
Your new possession 
Your newest beauty
Your newest obsession 

I love you so much
You were my sun
You came out when I needed you
but now you’re done

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