The Lost Hero Found

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A very short story with ideas of choice and fate intertwined. I've also been wanting to write more lately. Tell me what you think and I hope you like it.

Submitted: June 10, 2014

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Submitted: June 10, 2014



Awoken by screams the hero arose, as all do when called. The heat was beyond stifling but the shrieks and the bawls made the hero fall, early as it seems. Persistence, it is said is the hallmark of champions, but how much different is courage or hope. Heroes don’t quit despite the cost for in a hero’s mind nothing is lost and anything can change. Arose again the hero did proceeding to the unknown goal. As to where heroes go after they begin, the hero never knows, the journey finds them and before them unfolds. Sold on peace and belief in love this hero takes to the journey without a thought as to how. Through this the hero must persist, lest the tale will end as the hero fails.

Sights seemed untrustworthy to the hero’s eyes, the shadow and smoke a perpetual disguise. Pushing forward is all this hero knows; step by step is how a story goes. A light ahead bright and clear amid the smell of fear amongst dread. Screams are still a constant sound some are lost while others found, and some begin only to end. Light is shining into darkened eyes only to find the origin of these cries, a tall form dead and rotting torturing creatures without intention of stopping. Cages lined a room so tall you could not see all the creatures trying to be free. It was them the hero heard and from them stirred the hero’s will to end this evil.

The hero charged love in heart but was tossed away the creature did not want to play. Swords adorned this walking death and with another breath the hero rushed towards this beast of pain with no peace. A true nightmare this creature was, for it felt the intent and sent the hero away again, but the hero had seen the goal and would not give in. Once more the hero ran this time though, there was a plan. He ran past the dread and opened a cage, the rope used to lock was frayed, the horror now was filled with rage it drew a sword and toward the hero it sped. The hero strafed to grab a sword only to absorb one from this shadow of life, as a moment became too long the hero thought “Maybe I was wrong.” Then returned to the present, somehow without fear, as the creature reared again but the hero had seen this before and tore through the neck of this sick faded soul.

The cages were opened one by one until the hero’s job was done, or it would have been if the prisoners had left. Confused and angry the hero walked away until a mirror caught his gaze and prayed for him to stay, for the face of dread was there standing in the hero’s place. Disbelief compelled the hero to seek for another truth but truth is all there is, and it does not aim to soothe. Screaming now begging for a lie, why do heroes try to change? The hero pleaded” Please, don’t let me be this.” A soul was falling apart until the hero heard my voice. ”You either are or you aren’t. Life is but a choice you can see it from the start.”

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