Ashlan Monnet The Dreamer (On Hold)

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When you live in a small town every one knows your business or at least that's what Ashlan thought. But what's going on at Gwydoin Dorset High?

** Authors Note**
Character Representations can be found marked as Chapter 7.
There is actually no story written in Chapter 7 it contains only pictures and notes on the characters.

I am aware the chapters are short, most will be only 5-7 paragraphs. This will make it easier on you to keep up with your reading list and is also good for me since I have many daily responsibilites. If you don't like short chapters please consider the fact that I update often and try to give the story a chance.

Table of Contents

Ashlan Monnet The Dreamer

Ash slumbers alone, the sun shining through the window urging her to wake from her peaceful sleep. As her eyes flutter open, she feels th... Read Chapter

Gwydion Dorset High

Honk! Honk! "Get your ass down here Ash, you’re going to be late for school," Talya hollered up from the driveway below. Ash lo... Read Chapter

Curse You, Old Man Flannery

Third period history with Mr. Conroy had just ended and Ash was moving quickly down the hall attempting to dodge the students making thei... Read Chapter

Lunch With Arianne

Arianne sat in the far corner of the senior lounge with her feet on the bench. Her black and white knee high covered legs were pulled up ... Read Chapter

Out Of The Shadows

Ashlan shuffled along the streets of Drexel, the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread wafted through the air, settled her thoughts and... Read Chapter

And So It Begins

Telltale alarm swept through of Arianne’s features. She had not forsaken her abilities, lived the life of a once orphaned human and bee... Read Chapter

The Cast And Scene

This is not at a chapter at all. I'm working hard to provide you with some visual representations for the characters and locations. ... Read Chapter

Fireside Secrets

Ashlan sat around a roaring fire in the grand expanse that made up the entry of one of the southernmost caves, the one affectionately kno... Read Chapter

A / N I guess I have a lot to say tonight. Two updates to the story and an entire catalog of images! What more could you possibly ask of ... Read Chapter