An Extremely Stupid and Dangerous Religion

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An article debunking evolution.

Submitted: June 11, 2009

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Submitted: June 11, 2009



Four months ago, just after Valentine's Day, I accepted Jesus Chris as my Lord and savior. Since then, it has come to my attention that there is a war of sorts going on between the supporters of evolution and creation. I learned through a man named Dr. Kent Hovind about a theory that is not only stupid, but dangerous. I am, of course, refering to the fairy tale called evolution. Evolution is the most insanely dangerous and absurd religion to ever exist. Yes, I said religion. You did not misread. Evolution is a religion in every aspect, simply because of the fact that you must believe in it. There is absolutely no scientific evidence supporting this stupid world view. Let's have an example. Evolutionist scientists have said that the best supporting evidence of evolution is the fossil record. They use carbon dating on the petrified bones they find in the earth, and they come up with some outrageous findings. Ladies and gentlemen, let me reassure you that the world, contrary to what you have seen in textbooks and on television, is NOT billions of years old. In fact, it is just under ten thousand. The fossils that these "scientists" find are said to have been slowly covered with sediment for millions of years, building up pressure and progressively turning bone into rock. This finding is flawed in two major ways. First, it does not take millions of years to fossilize bone. It can take as little as 100 years, maybe less. Second, these fossils were not slowly covered with sediment. Any dead organism, when left in open air, will be eaten by scavengers. The bones, as a result of constant exposure to air and sunlight, will bleach and crumble away, leaving no skeletal structure to be fossilized. So, the creature could not have been slowly covered in sediment. It would simply have taken too long. The remains would have already withered away. So how do the fossils come to be? Well, there is one thing that can move a lot of debris very quickly, and that is water. Studies show that the fossils in the earth were covered in debris very quickly indeed, as though a huge worldwide flood had trapped them under all this sediment. Does that sound familiar?
About 4,400 years ago, a man named Noah recieved a message from God. God told Noah  that a flood was going to besiege the earth, wiping out all mankind, for the men of earth had grown wicked. Their DNA had become infected with fallen angel DNA, otherwise known as the Nephelim or Mighty Men. This impurity was acquired by man when angels fell from heaven and found the women on earth to be very beautiful. These angels would beget half breeds, which are noted throughout history for their freakish strength and mental capabilities. God told Noah that this flood was going to be quite large, and would cover the entire earth. And so, Noah was told that in order to save the animals on earth, he should take on the boat two of each kind of animal. So Noah, along with his wife, sons, and his son's wives, built the boat and God sent the animals to him. God had told Noah to "take the things that have the breath of life in their nostrils", and Noah did just that. He took with him two of every kind of animal, one male, and one female. If the creature was too big, he took two young ones. Insects, arachnids, and the like were not taken aboard the boat. Most of these creatures have the ability to survive in water for an extremely long time. He also did not take the creatures of the sea. (They would have plenty of living space when the waters came.) When Noah's family and all of the animals were finally aboard the boat, the door was shut and sealed. Then the heavens burst forth, cracking open the fountains of the deep. Rain then came, adding to this epic flood. The rain came, nonstop, for forty days and forty nights. The entire earth was quickly covered in water. Everything that had remained on land was destroyed. Noah, his family,and the animals they had brought with them were the only ones left. They stayed there in the boat until the waters went down, and when they exited the boat, the world was empty. God spoke to Noah once again as he left the arc. "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth."  Noah did this, and with time, the earth was filled with people and animals. The world was made new again.
We've all heard this story before, but that's exactly what people see it as. This is not a story. This is a true account of what happened. This is why the fossils exist and also why men do not live as long as they did before the flood. In the bible, it is mentioned that the heavens burst forth. This refers to the fact that the world used to be surrounded by a huge, thick canopy of ice about 18 inches thick. When the flood waters came, the heavens burst forth, shattering this canopy of ice. This explains the origin of the polar ice caps. Supercool ice has a magnetic charge, so the ice would have fallen to the north and south poles. The ice that landed elsewhere would have melted in the rising water. When this ice hit the poles it produced a great amount of pressure, literally squeezing the earth from the top and bottom, and this caused the fountains of the deep to crack open, providing even more water for the worldwide flood. Before it was broken, this canopy of ice made the world like a huge hyperbaric chamber, which is essentially an area of low pressure and lots of oxygen in this case. This explains how man could live so long before the flood, and how they were able o to grow so tall. Recently, archaeologists found two skeletons, one male and one female, in Saudi Arabia. The male was just over twelve feet tall and the female was just under twelve feet. Before the flood, man was much larger and far more intelligent than we are today. Evolutionists have that backwards. We started out great, and got worse. It did not happen the other way around. Evolution is a religion based upon a myth, and it is purely ego-driven. Arrogance is plentiful among evolutionists. They stubbornly believe that they are correct, and think that nothing could possibly prove them wrong. Fear of authority is what I believe holds them to this absurd world view. I encourage all who read this to send me any questions you may have. Thank you for reading, and may you have a blessed day.

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