Walker in The Night

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The walker in the night is a short narrative about what could possibly be under your bed or around the corner waiting for you.

Submitted: March 13, 2018

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Submitted: March 13, 2018



Walker in The Night


Many think they have the ability to send me to my doom. My name you may not know, but the sorrow I can make you come to know from your dreams and fears.

I live from within the darkest place, I have earned the title of knight because I sit aside hells master on his right. I shift from form to form laughing at the anguish that I perform in the night, with every victory and soul I am able to steal.

The words of so many, they have uttered trying to save the once blessed, are now lost, it is man’s way that will kill and judge, to perform a justice for the ones that were scorned.

 I will never tell a single human of the powerful knight I am, the might I have, no need for permission to enter the ones that seem to be ever so perfect, man will have their fury and call it justice against the ones that were once blessed, I have possessed and used their wretched form to perform what man would call a wrong.

I stand by the gates as I gladly await those who have passed the judgment in the name of justice, and for those who have killed their fellow man, for you, I have a special place, you will become my right-hand man. For those who continue to believe that there is a way to send me away, I remind you of this revelation told for the believers of the faith.

I am either the creation of an angel or an angel that has fallen from grace, just as so many of you that walk upon my father’s creation, I earned my status as knight, taking the fallen souls from this place, and yet the believers and divine, I set aside for my own sweet dine.

For the non-believers or abominations, my master who sits next to me on the right, you will surely be his delight. I will not have a need to compete with thee, I cannot die for I feed hells master and me.


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