Morality Makes Beauty

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morality is the only thing that can lead us to the glorious and everlasting smile of beauty

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



Morality Makes Beauty

Would the things you do

Make you beautiful


Surely we have two sides in everything

The two sides of beauty

You and you

Inside and outside

Ever and never

Inexhaustible and exhaustible


Let just start right here

Cosmetics made me looked beautiful

But I wander

How long would this last

When it is never hidden from the

Solemn standing sun

 The sun shall shine

And tomorrow the sun shall dry this beauty away

Some call it old age

Why won’t this beauty last?

Some also say old age annihilates beauty



How long would you remain a secret to the majority?

You contemptuously say to cosmetic

Beauty maker

Is that what they call you?

Oh mercy you despicable


Morality makes you beautiful you

Morality makes you beautiful inside

Morality makes you beautiful for ever

Morality makes you your world beautiful


Your inside matters

The sun don’t dry it up

It hidden from the solemn standing sun

Morality overcomes the sun’s annihilation

Let morality make you up

Behold drifting away shall your beauty not be

Forever shall it bloom as the sun shines

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