The LAst STand

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My first pice not done yet. Please comment i would love to know what you tihnk.

Submitted: July 20, 2007

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Submitted: July 20, 2007



The city of Icariate had not had a civilized day, in over 21 years. That is longer then most people in the city would end up living to. Most of the adults refused to talk about that day, 21 years ago, when the once unknown man took power over the city. Not only did he take away all money, houses, and horses, he forced all of the members of the city to worship one god, himself.

“Why mother, do we always have to wait out here, in the pouring rain, for a man to go by, and then bow. It makes no sense at all!” Joseph, a young boy from the city asked his mother.

“Shhhhhhh! What do you think you are doing, speaking in that tongue. If you are heard by a guard, all of are family is to be killed. Do not let me catch you speaking like that again.” Marie-Ann said, bending over to pull on her sons ear. She knew as well as everybody else in the city that if anyone was caught talking bad about the king, they would be killed. As Marie-Ann lifted her head up again all had become silent. The daily march of the king was about to begin. As the first horses slowly walked by, no one mentioned that these horses were once used to work, and not parade a senseless man around. The kings excuse, was that these were used to guard not himself, but the sword that he held.

The Sword of Tiltonic, was not just an average sword, but it did un-imaginable things. For every man killed with the sword, more power was given to it. And the more power given to it the harder it was to defeat. The sword was the sole reason why the king was in power this long. No rebellion had gotten enough strength to over power one man, and one sword.

“All bow, for are King and God, Aramat.” Belted a guard as he bowed his head to the king. Just as him and the rest of the guards dipped there heads down, a man jumped from the crowd and tackled the king off his horse. As he did many more men jumped onto the king, as the guards sprinted to the site of the malle going on. The pulled man after man off the king, and finally the king emerged, shaken but ok.

“ Who ever conducted this deed, will pay!” he screamed as the men who had tackled him were tied up and led on the middle of a group of soldiers towards the kings tower. What happened next was not believed by any of the people. As the king got to his gate, he yelled “Who ever did this, step up right now, or the families of all of you will pay!”. As soon as he had finished this statement, a man stepped forward. “I did it. I tackled you off your horse, so you could be as low as you should be, and be as low as you are in the eyes of the only one who matters, the real god. You are a disgrace to the human race, and ….” the young man could not finish before the king smashed his elbow into the mans face. Blooded and battered, the man slowly got up again, this time he did not speak any words. Just stood, with a river of blood flowing down his face from a broken nose. “ This man has chosen his own sentence! He has chosen to worship another god, and that is punishable by death.” Aramat reached down into his sword holder, and the look on his face was as if, every single ounce of energy had been taken from his body. “ Where is it, you fool! You took it out when you tackled me. What have you done with it!” The king said screaming into the face of the man.

“ I do not know what you are speaking of. I have not taken anything from you.” The man said, without changing any aspect of his posture. The man stood still, even as the king took of the metal helmet he had on, and delivered a shot strait to the mans chest. A crunch was heard, as the helmet dropped to the ground. “Tell where it is now, or I will have to force you to tell me. I do not want to do that. But I will get it out of you.”

“ You cannot force what I don’t have out of me. You are today. God is yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” the man uttered, between painful gasps of air.

The king then proceeded to say “All of the prisoners into the dungeon, no food or water. This one to the stake, I will be there in a few minutes”. As the king walked away, a man provided a towel for him to wipe off the blood spattered from the man.

Everyone in the city new what the stake was. It was the place that the king took prisoners, to get information out of them, by any means possible.






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