The Baby That Changed My Life

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This is a memoir about the experience I went through when my little sister came into this world

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



The Baby that Changed my Life



Excitement, nervousness, anxiety, happiness, and many more emotions were exploding inside of me. I didn’t know what to think, forget that I couldn’t think! I was going to have a baby sister. My heart was beating fast and my eyes were blinking slow. I just could not  wait for her to arrive.


It was March 7, 2010 at 1 a.m. at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. I was in the waiting room with my little sister and my big brother walking around impatiently. Unexpectedly, the doctor came over us and shouted “She’s here guys!” We ran so fast. When I saw her she was as tiny as a germ. I wanted to take her and never let her go. While everybody else was eating I was starring at her. Even though her name is Isabella, I said I was going to call her Chiquis, which I still do. We went to hug our mother. We left the hospital later on the morning.


By the time it was time to go home, Chiquis was already out of the nursery on my mom’s arms. I had already carry her a billion times. We left the hospital and got into the car, my mom entered the baby seat next to me. We didn’t go straight home we went to the best restaurant in the world, Dallas BBQ. The best part was that I was next to her the whole time.

The first night with her was so hard, stressful and full of noise. She didn’t shut her mouth because she cried every two hours. The second night was even worse! The whole family didn’t get sleep, except for her. After that the days became better and shorter. Isabella kept growing and getting more beautiful each day. She is a struggle. I can’t believe how fast she has grown. Every time I look at her I think about the day she was born.

Now is 2012 and she is two years old. Living with her has been fun, stressful, adorable and tough. I would have never thought that raising a baby would be so hard. On the bright side I learned how to be a mother. I learned that my baby sister Isabella is very unique and caring. I love her and can not imagine not having her.

In conclusion, my baby sister is very important to me. I adore her in every way possible. Not only did we get a new family member but we got a special person that wants to become a singer. Also, I’ve learned plenty of things.

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