Happy Easter

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This poem is about reflection and revision.

Submitted: August 13, 2014

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Submitted: August 13, 2014



Happy Easter!
Which means much more than chocolate eggs for us to gorge.
For once again we are given a chance,
To look back over our lives with more than a glance.
What insight has awakened?
What changes need to be made?
Remember someone was taken so that we could be saved.
Our lives need to have purpose, filled with compassion and love,
So that we can receive the bountiful gifts from above.
No matter what has gone before,
Forgive, close tight and open a new door.
When we step on this new path to the beginning we can make,
Please, I beg us to learn from, and do not repeat the same mistakes.
Life is about growth, as well as about living.
It's about empathy, and oodles of giving.
It's about love, wherever I can take it,
It's about purpose, and knowing that I can make it.
When I looked back, before I shut my door,
I saw ever so much more than I did before.
Some things I have left behind, but others I am taking,
My memories - that are not misshapen.
When you looked back, what did you see?
For me it was, forgive, love and be free.

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