Archnight Falls

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A very short story featuring a man named Somber fighting a tyrant named Archnight.

Archnight Falls

Archnight drew his blade, its shining silver penetrating the black of the night. Somber stood his ground. A look of scorn was blazing in his eyes. He flashed out his dual pistols, readying himself for any sudden attacks. This would be the last time anyone tried to control him!

“So, I see that you are angry. That is understandable.”

“Shut up,” Somber yelled. “I’m tired of you, and I’m sure everyone else is! Your reign of terror is over. There’s nobody here to stop me. No mind controlled mages or clever knights. It’s just you and me!”

“This was the only way, you know. They are happy, and since my rule nobody has died. I made sure to use my power for selfle-“

Somber shot a bullet in the air.

“Very well then,” Archnight readied his sword. The green hilt of the awesome blade lightly danced around his arms. “I must say that I am impressed. You have come this far through the army I prepared. You are obviously stronger than I expected. It’s a shame I have to end this quickly. You were one of my favorite subjects.”

Somber’s irritation was clearly visible. His posture was falling and his veins were tightening. Suddenly, Somber’s flintlocks began flashing with gunpowder. He then ducked.

Archnight was prepared. His blade was rumored to have been made of the strongest of alloys. He calmly used his blade to block the bullets, after which he swung his sword in a horizontal pattern. He didn’t foresee Somber’s sudden ducking maneuver.

Somber, seeing the break in his enemy’s form, took the chance to shoot a few rounds into Archnight’s body. Archnight dodged the most of the shots, yet still one of the bullets made its way into his shoulder. The limb slightly tensed, but of course this did not halter Archnight in any way.

Archnight took another swing. Somber expertly dodged the slash, but was very nearly cut by the following sword’s thrust. Somber took a moment to fire a few more rounds, but Archnight was prepared for the attack. Using an expert swing, Archnight cut the bullets. He then proceeded to mutter a small incantation.

The sliced bullets began to glow as Archnight shaped the surrounding magic in the air into a circle. The bullets were violently thrust back toward their owner. Somber was not ready for this, as a bullet or two cut through his chest.

Archnight was fast. He quickly followed the spell by lashing out with his sword. He swung the sword diagonally, nearly slicing the incompetent attacker. Somber, despite his wound, rolled out of the way. He tried to make a few more rounds, but discovered that his guns were out of ammo.

Archnight smirked, looking at his luck. He casually approached Somber, about to finish the dual, when Somber threw his two guns at Archnight. While not particularly damaging, the thrust did its job. Archnight, now slightly fazed dropped his guard. Somber took the opportunity to draw his second weapon. The runes on the blade glow a golden color.

Somber knew that his guns didn’t damage Archnight as much as he hoped, but at least it slightly penetrated his armor. Quickly, Somber rolled behind Archnight, ready for the finishing blow. Archnight did a turn to block the attack.

The two swords clung together. The sound of scraping metal was loud and irksome. The two sword were so strong that small sparks sprayed out of the joining parts.

“I did not expect this,” Archnight evenly stated as the sword were met. His expertise was very notable, as he was fighting while talking at the same time. “Who would have thought this random fool would have such a strong blade.”

Somber probably would have answered, but he was definitely less skilled then Archnight. He was sweating. His face was red and was showing obvious signs of strain. Suddenly, his position faltered. The Archnight blew him back with one strong thrust. Somber’s sword clattered out of his hands while his body was sent flying against Archnight’s throne.

“I’m disappointed. I thought somebody with such a strong blade would be more powerful than this,” Archnight said while walking toward Somber’s pained body. “Well, I guess that it’s time that I end this-“

Archnight was cut off for an inexplicable reason. Said reason became clear as he found a lance piercing through his chest. Archnight stood surprised and in pain as he fell forward as he lost all strength and balance.

“Wow. That was a close one,” a tiny voice said. “You almost got yourself killed!”

Somber attempted to rise. Seeing the new face, a burden seemed to lighten him. “Well, I’m glad that you came then.”

“I’m just glad that’s over.”

“Look here, Mid. I might be glad you came here, but what about all of those unconscious not mind-controlled people that I asked you to protect?”

“Don’t worry, they’re fine. They won’t be sad anymore.” Mid said.

“Okay then, I’m ready for this.”

“You never explained what your goal was. I assumed it was revenge, that’s something we all wanted. Seeing you now, I feel like that isn’t really it though.”

Somber smiled evilly. “Don’t worry. Everything will be…”

The power that Archnight had was fading. Of course, like all forms of energy, it has to go somewhere. The light fading away from his body was equal to the amount of light suddenly appearing on Somber’s body. Dark clouds began to roam in. Mid fell forward. His hands went up to his neck as he struggled to breath.


Submitted: October 26, 2013

© Copyright 2020 Motus Ginus. All rights reserved.

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