Lost In a Dark Hole

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trying to please others so much that you lose the sense of who you are.

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013




I see the pain behind your eyes child

Why do you hurt?

Ive known so much pain in my life

that i can't stand to see others hurt.


No my dear, Don't worry about me 

I seek solace in my dear friend who has been there for me constantly.

Who you ask? 

  Oh i can not tell. 

For she has silenced me with her RAZOR sharp nail.


My Child I am here for you.

The pain you have is much more than mine.

I must heal you and in time.. 

  You will understand why i cared so much

For I was a child of pain, who knew nothing more than a punch. 


Oh no my dear, Don't miss understand for i had felt the hand

  of wrath as it strangled me 

The legs of mercy, doth come upon me 

and high they stand as they knock me down 


But do not worry child, i have a friend

She waits for me, now in her golden box

but not alone, i can assure you. 

 She has many companions, who are also my friends. 


Im must go now child, for now you have found love, 

  my friend calls me i must go. 

My dear old friend, im here now heal me 

"Come closer, let me clutch thee' 


the pain leaks from both wrist, the warm colour of love flows from here wrist. And in that moment....

I promise you my child, my dear friend did what she came to do. 

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