A Touch of Words

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Just a few poems I have written here and there.

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011




A Fairy Sings


Breathless whisper of the wind

Through the wood

Pungent smell of dirt and dead leaves

Close to the ground

Water of a stream gurgles

Over round stones

Fresh smell of the azalea

Hides in the bush.


Center of all the wood and trees

An orange mushroom framed

By yellow green new leaves

And dead brown leaves

A Fairy’s Stool stood



Then a moth floating

Like a leaf on the wind

Under the dappled sunlight

Dances over. It lands

Softly on the stool

A moth, no a fairy

Fluttering her wings as she sits

And begins to sing.



Where the sun sails

And the moon walks

Lives the dusty stars

Their home

A void so full

That we call it




A thousand suns

A hundred moons

But only a single star

In the empty space

Between worlds



Voices in the Rain

I drink in

the waiting rain,

and raise my head

to the April clouds

that have claimed the day.


a restless robin tolls

and it begins to rain.



Woods in March

Spidery birch and beech branches

Against a bloodless sky

bitter air without a breath

But a promise of birdsong


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