All the Love in the World

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What can I say? I was upset.

Submitted: January 27, 2007

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Submitted: January 27, 2007



Look what's happened now
All the love in the world is gone
The peach is bruised and blushing
It seems you have moved on
To the girl in the hallway
She seems to glow
Short and popular
Perfect teeth
Boyish hips and tempting lips
That suck you in when
She smiles
Then the twinkle you see light up in her eye
Knowing I'm nothing like her and never will be have made me realize
This is an expression of my inner most teenage angst
Followed by a depression
My beautiful disgrace
You can't love me
The way you love her
You can take from me
When will I get what I deserve?..

Life moves on, they say
It's just a phase
It's nothing to worry about
It's no big problem
That I died today
It hasn't yet occured to you
That all the emotions that we feel
All the tables for two reserved, yet only occupied by one
Are merely between one person and himself
For all the love in the world
Is gone

Every rose that's been given
Every word that's been spoken
It's all been done before
It's the same routine again
The song that plays within
Expresses the lies
That we call feelings
These fake ideas that control us
That make us walk down the street
Turning the corner
Looking for
All the love in the world

This doesn't make sense to you
It doesn't make sense to me either
It's just a thing I call venting
Like before the girlfriend leaves her
Lifetime partner
For something so much better
That seems so good and tastes so deliciously daring
It's only fun until
You meet the dead end
And the car crashes and burns
As you're led into
When you hit the ground running
You stumble you fall
As you fall you feel numb
You now feel nothing at all
And that's how we lost
All the love in the world
We lost it all

The world is a conspiracy
The apocolypse is coming
We're taking the free fall
We're risking it all
All of our nothingness
Our fully incomplete
Life of lies and loneliness
Our personal defeat
Because a girl's got the world in her hands, she feels
And if she's pushed the world shakes it falls
While the world is looking for the cause of it all
She's searching for a place that she belongs
And after awhile, an idea, a song
Shows her that she's a persons whole world
As she holds the world in her palm
So maybe one day
All the love in the world
Will be found

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