Let's Be Adults

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What are friends for, anyway?

Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



On February thirteenth
You felt like you would cry
But you were in Government- Advanced Placement
And you swore you just wouldn't.
So I cried for you.

And on February twenty-fifth
I needed a friend
But you were on drugs
And the xanax2 started wearing off
I just wanted a hug from you.

It was March ninth
My ex-girlfriend and I got into a fight
But this time I couldn't take it
And you just wouldn't hear it
I was emotionally unstable, but I forgave you, anyway.

March eleventh came and went
I ran my first race, I got third place
But you weren't there to see it.
And my body broke down
So I picked my bones back up, but I still missed you.

April can't surface
I can't get out of bed
But you can't pick up a phone
And I can't clear my head
Come tomorrow, my spirit will be spent
Your drugs and alcohol will console you
Better than I ever did.

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