Throw me into an Asylum.

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Sometimes, you just need to step outside yourself and evaluate. And sometimes, after doing so, you still get nowhere.

Submitted: June 15, 2007

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Submitted: June 15, 2007



Help me, please
I think I've just gone crazy
My emotions are on a rampage
And it's burning down the city
Inside my body
It's raping and killing
Any kind of feeling
That's not pain or guilt
Like a flower, I wilt
As my grave is being dug
Behind my own back,
And there I go, doing it
Someone help me,
Because I can't catch me
On my own

They've got poetry and songs
And it's all used for therapy
You're so loved and you're so happy
While my insecurity complex gets in the way
It's enough to make me bite my fingernails instead of praying
At night before I sleep
If I can even manage to overcome
The overwhelming heap
Of all the ugly burdens
That come out in this poetry

But it's so hard
When nobody reads
Everyone's more interested in
More important things
Than a teenager's shallow mournings
She's thinking aloud through her fingertips again
And that time-bomb's ticking in her head, again
Here comes another one
Of those stupid scary
Harebrained rants
About how she feels like she's fat
And seeing things that make her laugh
Without reason
This poetry will be posted again
However this one,
Has no damn conclusion.

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