Little Pfeffer

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The story of Pfeffer, a baby mouse found blind, deaf, and nearly dead. This story tells her point of view as she is nursed back to health and cared for by a young teenager.
This is based off a true story ( I found a baby mouse near death in my basement suckling off her dead mom, who was stuck in a mousetrap. She didn't make it, but in this story she does) I thought this would be a challenging project. I am writing in first person and present tense, but also from the point of view of a mouse who is both blind and deaf.

Submitted: November 28, 2012

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Submitted: November 28, 2012



Mommy has been gone for a long time. Where is she? I can't smell her anywhere. I'm hungry. The floor is cold... I nudge my brothers and sisters. They're just as cold as I am. I crawl underneath the pile of sleeping siblings, hoping to find warmth and comfort, but I don't find anything, just cold fur and a foot in my face. I squeeze my head out of the pile. Mommy is never gone this long. What if mommy never comes back? I start squirming some more and my brothers and sisters kick and shove with protest.

I climb away from them all and start wandering around. I squeak the way I always do when mommy's gone. She doesn't come back this time though. Mommy? I squeak again and climb further out of the nest. I realize that I can smell her. Mommy!? I keep sniffing. Yes, that's mommy's smell! I keep following her familiar and comforting scent. It feels like I've been gone forever. Her smell is getting stronger. I wonder how close I am. 

Finally, I bump into something furry. Mommy? I sniff again. It certainly smells like mommy, but it's different somehow. Mommy is colder than I am. The ground is solid and cold like a rock. It seems to suck all the warmth right out of me. I nudge her, but she doesn't move. I squeak again. Mommy, I'm hungry! I start nudging her more and more, looking for a nipple to feed from. Mommy still isn't moving. Why?  I finally find the nipple. When I start suckling, no milk comes. What is wrong with mommy?

I curl up next to her. Maybe mommy will feel better when she wakes up. I lay on the ground under mommy's belly and slowly drift off to sleep...

 I wake up and the floor is moving. It stops, then it starts again. What is going on. Thud, thud, thud, something is repeatedly hitting the ground. Then I smell it, human. I have never encountered one before, but instinct tells me it's bad news. I cuddle closer to mommy, hoping she'll protect me, but doubting she'll do anything at all. It wasn't like her to leave us behind like this. Mommy would never let us get cold or hungry, but I was. I was so cold I could feel it in my bones. It sucked all the energy right out of me and I just wanted to keep sleeping. And hunger, it was gnawing not just at my stomach, but at my whole body. I ached with it. There was definitely something wrong with mommy.

And suddenly she was gone. Mommy wasn't on top of me anymore. She was just gone. The human smell is stronger than ever now. I can't do anything. I am frozen, with both fear and cold. The thud, thud, thud, of what I think is the human is moving away from me, and so is mommy's smell. I squeak out again. The thudding stops. It starts back up again, thud, thud, thud. It's coming closer. I panic, what do I do? I squeal some more, and suddenly, something is touching me. Something warm and round. What is this thing? It smells like human. Then there is one on each side and I am lifted into the air. I squirm around as much as I can, but being weak with hunger, cold, and exhaustion, it isn't much. I am placed on something warm and fleshy. This is also human smelling. It is bigger than mommy, but it is flatter. I feel the round thing again, and this time it runs down my back.  

I start sniffing around on this flat, fleshy, human smelling, thing. Suddenly, there are three or four round fleshy things. They feel like my brothers and sisters. Could that be them? Are they nursing? I can't smell any milk, but it is worth a shot. I wiggle to where they are all lined up and try to nudge my way between them. Where is that nipple? Two of the round things move apart and there is a gaping hole. I put my nose where they come together, still continuing my nipple search, and suddenly two of them are on me again. They move me back to the flat part, and I squeak my protest.

Without warning I have the two round things on me again. I am being lowered and I am placed on something. It feels like the same material as my nest. Then another layer of that same material is dropped over me. Then, there was warm! It was everywhere. I came up from below me and heated my belly. Where is this coming from? I wander around until I find the edge of the fabric. It is coming from here! This smooth and squishy thing under the fabric. It is so warm... and soothing... almost as comfortable as sleeping under mommy... the warmth is soaking into me now and it is making me so.. drowsy... I curl up in a little ball on this warm and squishy thing and drift off to sleep.

I wake up to the most delicious smell. It smells almost like mommy's milk, but it is a little different. I start chirping. Food? Where is the food? I can smell it! The layers of fabric are lifted off of me and there are the two round things again. I try to squirm away from them, but I am too weak. The smell is closer now, and it reminds me that I haven't eaten since mommy left. There is a pang of hunger in my stomach, and the smell is right there, in front of my nose. I wiggle around frantically, trying to find the source of the amazing smell. I want that food. I feel a drop of something warm on my eye. It is wiped away. My face is being touched by those two round things. I can't move my head, they will not let me. Then something touches my mouth. A drop of the sweetest tasting liquid I have ever had. I put as much of the unnatural hair into my mouth as I can and suck all the liquid out of it. Food! Delicious food. I can feel its warmth run down my throat and settle in my stomach.

The stick with the unnatural hair on the end is empty sooner than I want it to be. I keep sucking even though it is dry. I feel it being tugged out of my mouth and I let go. I am disappointed that my meal is over so early, but there it is again. The sweet milk is at my mouth again and I suck it all off the unnatural hair thing. I feel like I will never get enough of this. It is like heaven. It fills me up with good feelings and makes me happy, and drowsy.. again. I suckle more slowly and eventually stop, with my belly full and head sleepy I feel myself being lowered back onto the fabric and the warm squishy thing. I fall asleep again.

This time I dream that I am back in my nest. I am in a pile with my brothers and sisters and mommy is on top of us. She is grooming our fur, and licking our ears. There is heat coming from all around, the fabric of the nest, the pile of my siblings, mommy's soft fur. I could be like this forever, but I wake up to something warm and wet rubbing my belly. I squeal and squirm away. Those round things have me again, and there is a wet thing on my stomach. It keeps rubbing it and rubbing until I poop. It is wiped away. Then the wet thing comes for my face. I try to get away from that too, but the round things are gripping me too tight. The wet thing keeps rubbing at my face until all the crustiness of dried milk is gone.

I am lowered back into the fabric and again I fall asleep. This happens a lot. I get lifted, I drink some delicious milk, I fall asleep and wake up with the wet thing, I poop and get washed, and then I sleep again. This happens over and over again, at least seven times. I start to like those round things and that flat fleshy surface. I like it when one of the round things runs down my back. I feel safe on these things, almost as safe as I do with mommy. This human smelling thing isn't as soft or furry, but it is just as safe and comfortable as her, and I start to like it.

I wake up to something strange. There is no human smell, but there is something different. There is something hitting my ears. Things that used to be vibrations have something else with them too. I shake my head. What is this? I squeak and for the first time, I hear it. I hear myself squeak. It is muffled, everything sounds muffled. I hear the distant thud, thudding of the human, but this time I hear it, and it isn't just the ground moving.

"Pfeffer, Are you hungry?" I hear this. Is the human making noises at me? I have no idea what any of this means, but I am picked up and I assume it's time to eat again. My new sense keeps getting clearer and clearer as time goes on. The human is always making noises at me. I don't know what any of them mean, but it is soothing. It always makes noises while grooming my back, and feeding me. It sends me right to sleep. The human always says one thing to me, though. "Pfeffer" I think that is what the human is calling me. I constantly hear it. "Pfeffer, Pfeffer, Pfeffer," and I kind of like it.

I am sleeping on my little warming fabric, when I smell something weird. I don't like the smell, it has my instincts screaming, "Danger! Run! Hide!" But I have nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Before I know it the smell is all over me, and there is pain. There are four sharp things, jabbing at my insides. I am being lifted, but not gently this time. I squeal out, louder that I ever have before. What is going on? 

I hear a "BAD CAT! HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?!" and I am dropped. I land harshly on the ground, and it is cold again. I hear a "mrrrowww" and a loud thud, click! and I am scooped up by the human.  I snuggle into the round things, and I am put back on my fabric again.

"Little Pfeffer, you almost died! But I won't let that happen to you, not after feeding you every two hours for the last two days! I put too much work into you. And you're too cute for death by cat." I still don't know what these human noises mean but it comforts me and I cuddle into my fabric and fall asleep.

I blink open my eyes. I'm hungry, is it almost feeding time? I blink my eyes a few more times. I jump up in shock and make a weird squealing sound. I opened my eyes?? How long was I able to do this for? I realize I am surrounded by purple and I run around in circles under it, squeaking like crazy. I can see! Suddenly the purple is pulled off of me. There is the familiar human smell, but what the heck is that thing? It is huge! I try to hide in the corner, but it picks me up. This is how it always feels when I am picked up. This is my human. I am not scared of it anymore, just stunned. This giant thing... It's my new mommy? Will I get that big?

The giant human runs one of its round things down my back and makes more noises at me. "Awwww, little Pfeffer, you opened your eyes! You can see now," I still don't understand. The human feeds me and puts me back in my fabric, but I don't want to sleep. I can finally see, I should be outexploring! I climb out of the fabric and look around. I am surrounded by four tiny walls, but I could probably climb over one. I crawl over to the corner and reach up the walls. My front paws grip the ledge. I dig one of my feet into the wall and lift myself up. I'm doing it! One more push and I fall over the top. I am on more fabric and it seems it goes on forever. I start walking in one direction, not really sure where I'm going. Finally I reach the edge. This is as far as I can go. There is a huge ledge and I can't even see the bottom of it. 

I am suddenly exhausted. Why did I leave my heating fabric? Now I don't know my way back, and I'm sleepy. Suddenly, I hear footsteps, and there is my human. 

"Don't fall off the bed, little Pfeffer. How did you get out?" It lifts me up, carries me a short distance, and plops me back into my familiar purple fabric. I fall to sleep in no time.

A long time goes by. I am eventually weaned off the delicious milk and onto round things and little seeds. I am constantly bouncing around and I am full of energy, and hormones. I feel like I could run forever!

" I have a little surprise for you, Pfeffer! You're going to meet Jezebelle and Tippy!" I have no clue what this means, but I run up and nuzzle my human. She picks me up and takes me somewhere I've never been before. It is bigger than my area. The walls are clear and taller. There are little shavings on the ground, which I have a ball digging in. There is this little round thing that moves when I walk on it, and I realize that with this, I actually could run forever.

Then I hear Little clicking and squeaking sounds from the opposite corner. I walk over to check it out. There is a little bowl of delicious smelling seeds. I am about ready to go over and eat some when I hear the clicking again. Then I see it, It's another mouse. This one is plain white, unlike me. I am a wild brown color. She also has weird red eyes. She came over and sniffed me and I acted submissive. I squeaked and held still while she checked me out.

Then there was another one. This one had normal eyes. She was white too, but she had splashes of brown. This one seemed a little friendlier, and less scary. She came over and sniffed me, just like the other one did, then she started grooming me. It reminded me so much of my mommy. I had almost forgotten about her. I almost forgot that other mice even existed. I sat there while the other mouse was grooming me, just remembering mommy. I liked these other mice. They went back into their hiding place after a while. I cautiously followed them. There was a nest in there, just like mommy's. The other two mice didn't mind when I curled up next to them. 

I sleep in the nest with the other two every day, and now they are my best friends, well besides my human. It still comes every day and picks me up and I still nuzzle it. Most of the time I am with the other mice though, but I don't mind. They are really friendly, and there is always good food. There are things to climb on and stuff to chew, and I can run as long as I want on the moving thing. I am one of the happiest mice ever, and it's all because of my human.


 Here is a link to Pfeffer eating her first solid food. (I left this out of the story) yes her name is Peanut in the vid, I was still deciding on her name at the time. MY 6 year old cousin is the one video taping this, she's the one who kept laughing.  The pic is also one of her. 



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