Stolen Hat

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This is a really short story memory thingie, any names used in this arent real just changed for this publication.

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



Felicity was a girl at my old school. Every time she saw me she would take my hat or books and hold it above my head and make me jump for it. Like in the movies when the big bullies takes the nerds belongings and makes them suffer. Then one day she had taken my books and one of the smaller ones fell out from the pile and hit her on the head. Everyone was laughing till she picked it up off the ground, unfortunatly is was advanced maths book. Soon everyone was laughing at me not her and she through my book into the bin and threw the rest at me. As I was picking them off the ground the bell went for class and my stuff was still everywhere and no one was helping me. After I had picked them all up and went to class, in the end the teacher gave me a detention for being so late to class I tried to explain but she just thought I was lying so I got a double detention. Not my best day :(

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