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A cat girl is going in to a all human school and experience bullying for the first time.

Submitted: December 11, 2014

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Submitted: December 11, 2014



It seems unethical that there would be anything but normal. It was not uncommon for some parents to have a relationship with demon. These demons have animal characterizes. Very little of the children get to go to school. She was a lucky half-blood; half human, half cat, and she was anything but normal. Her peculiar mix was called Neko’s. Her name was Katlin. Before the school year had started she had begged her parents to homeschool her. She was afraid of her schoolmates. She had hear stories about the all humans. She knew what they viewed in the abnormal, or the half breeds. Not to mention that she was going to attend an all human school, the best school any person would dream of, and she would be the only girl with cat ears.

Her mother had said no to her pleads, and whisked her away to her new school. Katlin was so frighten that she slipped on a hat to cover her cat ears. The hat however didn’t cover her soft, sliver curls, but it hid the illusion. Her tail was carefully tucked away behind her. This was an every day. No one bothered her, no one cared. She was just a new girl in the school that preferred to be alone. She was the one in the back of the class, and she made little to no friends at all.

On one particular sudden windy day she was running late to school. Her mother had kept her home ten minutes longer than needed. Katlin grabbed her hat and was off. The threat of the wind was at her tail, and she was cautious as she walked in the school, making sure that the hat did not blow off her head. But one final swish of wind caught up to her and knocked off the hat. Her ears twitched out and with fear the flattened back. Katlin grabbed the hat from the ground and swiftly shoved it on her head, but by that point it was too late. Some of the students had seen her ears. The air was still, students were everywhere pointing, whispering, and staring. She shied away from the large crowd as fast as she could, but the news was already spreading around the school.

Katlin went to her classes, but it wasn’t any better. The kids tortured her and harassed her in the class. They laughed at the abnormal girl, tore off her hat every day and tugged at her ears. They called her rude names. Her sliver hair was stained by the students with purple goo during the tormenting. She walked home every day with tears in her eyes; until one day when she had had enough of the harassing and bulling. Katlin escaped to the bathroom to hide her tears from her mother once again and took a glance at the mirror. Her ears twitched and perked up. She sneaked to the kitchen and grabbed her mother’s butcher knife, and back to the bathroom. Without a second thought, she put the blade up to her soft cat ears, and her other hand pulled out her ear. She closed her eyes and swiped downwards, cutting all the way trough. Blood stained the blade and her hands. The pain was unbearable, but the desire to become normal was greater, and with that she took off her other ear.

She passed out on the floor where her mother had found her a while later. She was withdrawn from the school and moved several states away. Her mother kept her homeschool and had to give her meds. No one ever saw her again. Her cat ears, left and forgotten, lay in the garden of the old house where she had lived. No one wanted to touch them; no one wanted to throw them out, because they are a reminder to all of what happened to Katlin.

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