Sweet lies.!

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The nostalgia of old times haunt me like an age-old nightmare. This is my experience of one such sleepless night, when the ghosts of the past keep popping up in my mind and remind me of a familiar pain in my heart.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



I sit aloof, thinking deeply about the intricacies of life, only to discover the grave truth of pain and treachery in every step of it. I hate it to be this way, I hate to be a part of the brutal side of humanity, yet all I can do is sit back and be its victim. Peace of heart is all I dream of, peace of mind is all I crave for, but the road to peace has so many potholes on it, even the annotations of strength are shaken to disparity.

Life is too preoccupied, with dreams in the line of fire and ambitions at gunpoint. And here we are, surviving every minute of it, trying in vane to see through the camouflage of deception. The only way to shield the obnoxious feelings of delinquency is to be alone, far, far away from the crowd of incognitos. I have a reason to be in love with solitude, and the reason, though unfortunate, is perfectly in view of deferment.

The question we always keep asking is, do we ever get all that we desire?

But the question which we should try to answer is, do we really deserve all that we desire?

A small act of subterfuge annihilates all our feelings, a subtle pain of departure sucks the life out of us, but is it really worth losing our spirituality to a series of trifle misunderstandings? Is it smart to feel secured living in a house of cards, knowing that an eventual storm of dejection is on its way to bring it down?

Life has never promised us anything, nor has God. But people have.

Some said they will never leave us-lie!

Some said they will love us till death-lie!

Some said we are most special-lie!

Some said they’ll be with us forever-lie!

But then, life is made of such sweet lies. All that matters is how we face the time when we finally realize that these are just lies. We may ask, “Wouldn’t life be much better without them?”

But in reality, the times we lived on those lies were the only times we lived…..


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