The Luxury Revenge.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: December 26, 2017

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Submitted: December 26, 2017




August, 19 ,2017.


[A glamorous dressed girl with sun kissed skin,cherry red lips, brown with gold highlights long sea waved hair, wearing Loubatine black heels and a short expensive looking dress.She has a smookey eye look that flattered her blue eyes.She was wearing a 10 kerat twinkling earings,her hand was filled with two Cartiers white gold diamond all over paved Love bracelets, a single pink gold with 10 diamonds pieces all over bracelet, and a full inside out gold diamonds Myrtle green Rolex large sized watch. The girl was setting in a high floored luxurious sea food restaurant and her table was filled with 2 glasses of red wine, a bucket of mussels cooked with white wine, a dish of six pieces of California sushi with black pearled looking caviars on top, a well cooked golden lobster with mash potatoes on the side, and a marron with truffle and asparagus salad with avocado and white wine dressing on top. The restaurant was on the 10th floor , overlooking the sparkling lights of the Eiffel tower. Like every night,the restaurant was filled with business men and extortionate dressed women.The girl was moving her Platinuim massive pieced diamond ring side to side.Looking at the restaurant’s men bathroom back and forth. She took the ring off like she was ripping off her soul with it, grabbed her Chanel boy black bag out of the table, removed the napkin that was placed on her thieghs, and ran away heading to the elevators, as if she saw a ghost and she is running for her life.The restaurant was so busy that none noticed her running.The elevator door opened and a masculine man grabbed the girl inside of it and placed his hands on her mouth. The elevator closed].

















December, 01 ,2016.




Ksandra (setting on the maroon leathered back seat of a Ghost Black Badge Rolls-Royce, wearing a school uniform): I know Elissa, it’s been three months since I heard my mom and dad’s voices; I’m glad that the winter break has finally arrived.I miss my home and Monte Carlo so much.

Chauffeur: Mademoiselle ksandra ,nous sommes arrives.

”Miss Ksandra, we have arrived.”

Ksandra:Okay Lissa , I’ll talk to you later.I have to hang off because I have arrived home.

(The Chauffeur goes out of the car, headed to Ksandra’s door and opens it, Ksandra moves out of the car and walks into the house massive front door.)


Chauffeur ( talking in his phone): elle a besoin de savoir. Cela fait deux mois. Nous ne pouvons plus le cacher.

“she needs to know.It's been two months.We can't hide it anymore.”

( Ksandra enters her house)

Ksandra: Bonjur.I have arrived! ( Ksandra doesn’t hear a voice) That’s weird! Oh right today is Sunday of course they’re in the horse stable right now as that is their every Sunday routine.I will take a nap at my room.

(Ksandra goes upstairs using the granite floored elevator of her house. She ,then, heads to her room.Ksandra jumps on her huge bed and directly falls asleep.)


Three hours later…


(Ksandra woke up and heads downstairs)

Ksandra(shouting): ma ?mère … Mon père “ Mom .. Dad”.

(Ksandra sees the maids cleaning the house)

One of the maids: bonne soirée mademoiselle Ksandra. “Good evening Miss Ksandra.”

(All of the maids started greeting Ksandra).

Ksandra: Bonsoir. Avez-vous vu mes parents? “Good Evening. Have you seen my parents?”.

(The maids started to look at each other at shockery.They then started muttering)

Ksandra: Assez! montre du respect, ça alors! Je suis venu ici pour une pause de l'école. Je ne veux pas de derangement. “Enough! show some respect, gosh! I came here for some break from school. I don't want any disturbance.”

(The maids started to apologize sincerely to Ksandra, one after another.)

Ksandra: C'est bon. Maintenant, quelqu'un doit me dire où sont mes parents à? “That is fine. Now someone needs to tell me where are my parents at?”

One of the maids: mademoiselle Ksandra, votre parents a pa..” Miss ksandra , your parents pa..”

(The door bell rang interrupted the maid.One of the maids harried up to open the door.As she open the door , she greeted the person behind the door and opened the door wide open to let him in)

Carlisle(Hugs Ksandra from the back tightly): Bienvenue à ma princesse. “Welcome back my princess.”

Ksandra:Carllllll!!!!! “le propriétaire de mon château, et mieux que le propriétaire de mon coeur.” “The owner of my castle , and better than that the owner of my heart.” (Carlisle’s name means an owner of a castle, so Ksandra likes to call him by that.)

( Carlisle smile fades away and he grabs Ksandra’s hand gently, leading her to the house library.He closed the door and made Ksandra sets in the library’s wooden vintage chair while he sat in the floor still holding her hand.)

Carlisle (with a serious tone): I need to talk to you about a serious topic.I want you to hear me until the end with no interruption.(Carlisle continues)

2 months Ago, on the 15th of October , your parents were found dead in their bed rooms. (He paused , taking a deep breath) After dissecting their bodies, they found that they committed suicide.( He gently presses her hands, confronting her)

Ksandra ( As she cried cascade of tears): Carl, honey, tell me you’re joking there is no way that they will do this to me, tell me it’s a dream I mean a nightmare and I will wake up seeing my parents in the living room chatting about politics and economics.(She stands pointing into the big brown chair across the library room) I still can see my dad there reading historical novels . ( She points at the door) And my mom will enter the room with a black cup of coffee for my dad.( She get closer to Carlisle and smiles sadly) You see , my mom always loved making a coffee for my dad by herself without any help from a maid. Because my dad always adored her coffee.

Carlisle( holds her while tearing up) : Ksandra , please don’t do this to yourself.

Ksandra: No Carl , there is no way that they will do this to me( she graps his arm and she takes him to the living room) Here right here.They will be reading news paper or watch the news together and mumble all day long about the boring political news.(She continues to lead Carlisle to the dining room) and here we will be together eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner .Chit chatting about my future, our next holiday destination , or about buying new resorts.Here Carl ( she points at two chairs) my mom and dad sat.(She ran to the stairs to her parent’s bed room) Here Carl ( she opens the door) ( Ksandra gasps) I last saw them , where I kissed them goodbyes.(Ksandra fell in the floor and started hysterically crying until she fell asleep.)





December, 02 ,2016.



(Ksandra wakes up in her room, all dark and cold, reflecting how she felt at the moment.Ksandra could hear the wind howling and  the trees squeaking as a response.The room was so quiet , that she can hear her heart beats , her heart was racing, and she could barely catch a breath while she was breathing heavily. She was a body without a soul , as if her soul left her body yesterday when she heard her parents’ death news.Her tears no longer fell, her eyes were dry as a desert, a barren desert without a year rain.Ksandra heard an eco of her heart beat.An eco of a heavy breath.An eco of her gasp.But Ksandra did not gasp at all.Were these even her eco? She turned her head toward the corner of her room to see a peron staring at her.It was so dark that she couldn’t recognize that person.She tightened her eyes , trying to focus on that person face features in order to recognize her or him.She saw an ocean blue eyes, she knew who owned those eyes.She would recognize those eyes whatsoever even if she lost her memory, those eyes are the reason for falling in love with her boyfriend.)


Carlisle (breaking the silence): Good morning princess. Yesterday you fell asleep at your parents’ room so I carried you to your bed.

Ksandra (silently with pain withholding her voice): Than.. thanks.

Carlise (approaching Ksandra and patting gently her head): Let us leave to my house to eat breakfast.

Ksandra (with the same sad tone): I don’t want to eat. I feel full.

Carlisle (with artificial excited tone): Come on get up, you haven’t eaten since yesterday.My parents want to talk to you.

(Carlisle then get up and holds her hand pushing her out, they went down through the marble stairs and into the massive front dair.They walk through the garden and into the neighboring massive house next door.)


Carlisle (shouting): ma ?mère , Mon père .Nous sommes ici “

Mom , dad we are here”.

(A lady around her forties approached them, she was wearing a pink dress and a silk shawl around her shoulders.She had Carlisle’s blue eyes and blond hair.)
Madame Bolloré ( worried): Bienvenu Cheri Carl .Où as-tu dormi la nuit dernière? Je m'inquiétais pour toi. “Welcome dear Carl.Where did you sleep last night? I was worried about you.”
Carlisle: je me trouvais au Lacharriere. “I was at the Lacharriere last night.”
Madame Bolloré (softly): bonne chose à faire.Kandandra a besoin de nous le plus en ce moment. “Good thing to do.Ksandra needs us the most at this moment.”
(Madame Bolloré spotted Ksandra behind Carlisle with her head tighted slightly down.Madame Bolloré approached Ksandra and raised her head.She started mumbling with her softly, trying to confront her and then she took her hand and lead her to the antique dinning room.After sitting at the dining room , Monsieur
Bolloré entered the dinning room and headed towards the front of the table to sit in his assigned seat.He recognized Ksandra and started talking to her and confronting her.The whole family were there for Ksandra ,and they even offered her to stay at the guest room for several days until she feels okay.Ksandra felt lucky that she had the Bolloré with her.Since Ksandra was young , she didn’t know any relative of her at all.The Bolloré were the only family that were very close to hers, they were family friends since her father and Monsieur
Bolloré were college friends.Whenever she asked her family about her uncles or aunts they would respond that they were the only child in their families.She knew afterwards by overhearing her parents talk one day that she had an uncle leaving at the United States and by assuming her dad’s tone that her family had a bad relationship with her uncle.)
Monsieur Bolloré( softly): pourquoi tu ne manges pas ksandra? “Why don’t you eat Ksandra?”.
Ksandra: Je me sens plein Monsieur Bolloré. “I feel full, Mr. Bolloré.”

(Monsieur Bolloré filled her plates with omelets and offered her her favorite dish, Crème brûlée.He knew well enough that she likes that dessert since she was young.Ksandra smiled and started eating, she felt welcomed and happy within the Bolloré.)


(Two months passed,Ksandra moved schools and she went to a prestigious  school in Monte Carlo.She adapted to her new life , sometimes the Bolloré would hear sobbing in her room in the Bolloré’s house, but as the days passed it less frequent to hear her crying .She certainly missed her family, but she had to move on.One day she came back from school and told the Bolloré that she wanted to get to her house.The Bolloré tried to convince her to stay longer, but she insisted that it’s the time for her to return back home. Carlisle offered her his company, but she refused as she told him that she is ready to deal with that all by herself. Carlisle didn’t insist because he knew how stubborn Ksandra’s nature was.)

(Ksandra enters her house,her tears started falling as she saw her parents in every corner of the house.She couldn’t eliminate their images out of her brain.She saw them vividly as they were real, and whenever she started getting closer their image would disappear and she would gasp loudly.Her gasps screamed pain.She kept screaming that they will never do this to her, they will never leave her all alone by their choice. Ksandra stayed in the leaving room crying until she fell asleep in the couch.)



March, 03 ,2016.


(Ksandra woke up with a ringing bell and a loud door kocks.She shouted for the maids but none responded.She remembered that she dismissed all of the maids after her parents death.She always hated the idea of someone serving her, she thought of the maids staying in her house as an invasion of privacy as they were always there in the house and heard all of the private family issues in her house. Also ,she always loved serving her own, and being independent.She woke up lazily , and opened the door. She was shocked when she saw Carlisle rushing to her worried.)
Carlisle ( panicking) : Are you okay Ksandra?
Ksandra ( furrowing her eyebrows ): I was sleeping. Why? Is everything okay?
Carlisle ( exhaled his breath and moved his hand on his chest) : I was ringing your doorbell for an hour to wake you up for school.I called you 20 times but you haven’t responded.I was frightened that something happened to you.
Ksandra ( faking a smile): I’am okay.I just overslept.I think I will skip for today and tomorrow.
Carlisle( walking into the inside of Ksandra’s house) : I will skip college then and stay with you.
Ksandra (closed the door and rushed inside, following Carlisle): Carl, you don’t have to do this.
Carlisle(with a smirk): I know I don’t.Yet I chose to.
(Carlisle wasn’t a less of stubborn than Ksandra.He was a smart and well determined young man.That is why Ksandra and him get along perfectly.
Ksandra and Carlisle spent hours together , watching tv and speaking about school and other many topics.Time passed without them knowing.It was the time for Carlisle to go back to his house.As he walked into the front door, Ksandra called him)
Ksandra: Carl
Carlisle ( looking back at ksandea , puzzeled):Yes?
Ksandra: Can you stay for the night? 
Carlisle( furrowing his forehead): Why? Is everything alright?
Ksandra( hesitantly):No.. I.. Nevermind , forget about it.
(Ksandra has been always a secretive person, she always kept her feeling from others. Carlisle didn’t understand what she meant so he completed his walk into the front door.But he was interrupted again with Ksandra’s call.)
Ksandra( with a fake confident voice): I need you to stay for the night because I have decided to go to school and I have no one to wake me up.( with a short laugh) you know, I’m a heavy sleeper.
Carlisle ( joking): Even if your house was on fire, the couch would be a lake of your drools.
(Ksandra and Carlisle started laughing loudly for a minute. Then they looked at each other smiling.)
Ksandra (with a sad tone):It’s been so long since I laughed. I’m thankful for always having you and your family around , cheering me up.
Carlisle( patting on Ksandra’s shoulders): I will be always there for you. No matter what. Just remember that. (trying to change the mood) Now get me some blanket from your parents’ room. I will sleep in the couch.
Ksandra (smiling widely like a happy child): Sure! I will go upstairs right away.
(As Ksandra was walking through the stairs, the walk was longer than it was meant to be. She wasn’t ready to enter her parents room. She took a deep breath and tried to act calm. She looked back, wanting Carlisle to grab the blanket instead of her. Yet, she told her self that she was ready for this. She has to move on. Ksandra finally reached her parents’ room. She looked around; It was clean and clear, yet everything was organized as her parents’ would like. She walked into the large wardrobe where the blankets were and opened it wide open. She took the blanket and moved her way back to the door. She took a last glimpse of her parents’ room and she whispered…)
Ksandra : Why you did this to me? Why you left me and chose to leave the world together … Without me.
(A lonely tear escaped her hazel green eyes, she looked back at their room, and saw something unfamiliar. She whipped her tear , furrowed her eyebrows, and narrowed her eyes. It was thrown in the ground , at the top of the bedside. She held it closer to her eyes, and she recognized it. It was a small mp3 player. Why is it placed here? And what does it contain? These were the questions that wandered her mind. She took the blanket and went running downstairs. Told Carlisle about it and asked him to bring some batteries as the player was out of batteries. Carlisle ran to his house and came back with the batteries. As Carlisle placed the batteries into the player, Ksandra’s mom voice appeared).
Madame Lacharriere : This is a deal with …( this part was chopped and the voice started becoming distorted) This is another proof for our new transaction.
( Her voice disappeared and all what they heard is a gun shot, it was two not one.She heard her mom’s scream and a man’s gasp that she knew it was her dad’s.Tears began escaping her hazel green eyes. Carlisle was shook that he didn’t utter a word.The only thing he did is patting on Ksandra’s back, trying disparately to confront her.)



March, 04 ,2016.


(Carlisle woke up , actually he couldn’t sleep. It was like a volcano has erupted last night after hearing those news. He stayed up late until Ksandra fell asleep. He , as usual , carried her upstairs to her room, and went back to sleep in the coach, yet he couldn’t. He went back to his house to grab breakfast for Ksandra and him, and went back as fast as he could to Ksandra’s house.He was scared that she would wake up and not see him around, he knew that she needed him more than she did in the past.He entered the house, placed two plates on the dining room table and went upstairs to wake up Ksandra.As he went closer to her room, he heard her sobs.He closed his eyes narrowly, hearing that was like being stabbed with daggers all over his chest.He couldn’t stand hearing her crying, Ksandra was a strong young lady, that he would hardly hear her crying.The last time that he actually did was when she was 10 years old, and cried after hurting her knees while she was playing.Ksandra’s opened the door interrupting Carlisle’s train of thoughts.He smiled at Ksandra and she smiled back at him.Her smile was holding pain and sorrow.Carlisle tried chatting with her , changing her mood; however, his attempts all failed as she didn’t respond at all.She was thinking deeply, She interrupted his talk after something visited her mind)
Ksandra: Who do you think killed my parents?
Carlisle( hesitantly) : I don’t actually know.. Maybe it was ( he lowered his voice) one of Mafia’s member.
Ksandra ( furrowed her eyebrows, norrowd her eyes thinking):Mmm.. (Shaking her head) Of course they were. But who? My parents had good relationships with all. Who did that to them?
 Carlisle: Maybe one of those old friends that were jealous from your parents fortune.
Ksandra ( screaming) I knew it!! Of course it was my uncle.My parents hated him.
Carlisle: Your uncle? I thought you had no relatives.
Ksandra: I know , my parents withhold mentioning him infront of me.But I once overheard them mentioning him.
Carlisle: Where is he then?
Ksandra: He is either in the United States or United Kingdom.I forgot where did they say he was.
Carlisle: Don’t worry.I will figure this out.My friend works in the United States central police station in Washington.I will call him to search for your uncle’s name.If he didn’t find that then I assume he would be in the United Kingdom.
Ksandra ( with a happy tone): Thanks a lot Carl. I don’t know what would I do if you weren’t beside me.



March, 07 ,2016.


(Ksandra was waiting for the news so depratly. She skipped school for the past days.She decided to take a break from school and postpone her high school graduation.She called Carlisle day and night, and he told her to stay patience as searching for her uncle was not easy. She received a call from Carlisle in the morning , he told her he found out where he lived in the United States exactly, and even more information about his personal and working life. He told her he would visit her in the afternoon to tell hear all about it ,but just after he is done with his lectures… The Afternoon has arrived, and the moment that Ksandra has been waiting for has also arrived. Ksandra heard the door bell and went to front door, expecting Carlisle. Instead she saw none at the front door, only a small paper. She took the paper and read what was written on it.It had a single sentence written in bold font. “Stay Away”. Ksandra was puzzeled about this paper, and a bit scared. Was that someone threatening her? She heard the doorbell once again , but this time she was sure that it was Carlisle.She scrambled the paper and threw it in the trash.Currently, she has a mission and this “ crap” she called , was nothing but a stupid joke that would not interrupt her work. She opened the door and let Carlisle inside.)

Carlisle: His name is Alexender Lacharriere , but he changed it 20 years ago into Johnathon Bolt. He is a businessman, and is considered one of the wealthiest men not in the United States only , but also around the world. He has 10 companies spread around the US, and 15 around the world. The companies were trade consultants companies, because he used to work as a trade consultant when he was a young man. He has two sons that are in their twenties, and a young daughter that is five. His wife passed away four years ago in a car accident. He needs a new babysitter for his daughter.

Ksandra ( in a confused tone): Why would I care about  him needing a new babysitter?

Carlisle: I need you to listen to me carfully . If you want to take revenge , then you need to go there as the new babysitter for his daughter.

Ksandra ( with a made tone): Are you crazy? I? Ksandra Lacharriere? A babysitter?

Carlisle: There is no other way than this.If you’re planning to take revenge.

Ksandra: I’m planning, you know me well .But I can’t be working under him.I was raised spoiled , I never even served my parents.

Carlisle: Then you need to learn, or bring other way to enter his life without knowing who you are.

Ksandra: Can I work in his company?

Carlisle: You didn’t even earn a high school diploma.

Ksandra : Okay.. Then we will go with your plan.

Carlisle:When do you want to leave? I would say the sooner the better tho.

Ksandra: Book it tomorrow.I can’t wait anymore.

Carlisle (shook): Are you crazy? I said the sooner, but I wasn’t expecting that soon.

Ksandra: I’m sure Carl.Just do it.

Carlisle( grumbling) Okay. As you say princess

Ksandra (smiled): Thank you.

Carlisle ( hesitantly , raising one eyebrow): Are you sure? That is a dangeours task.

Ksandra(confidently): I have been through even harder tasks.My parents had made me ready to fight mentally and physically whatever.

Carlisle( nodding his head with acceptance): Then I will make sure that my family’s private plane is available.

(Carlisle called his family’s secretary and told him to prepare the plane for both him and Ksandra.After he was done, Ksandra told him that he didn’t need to do that, and he has college .Going with her is a huge mistake and would hinder his studies.He told her that all of his courses are also available online, and he already told his university that he would be away for quit long, so they offered him online tests,midterms, and even the finals in his student account.Ksandra felt relieved that she isn’t troubling his life, and he would actually accompany her there.)



March, 08 ,2016.


(He told his maids last night to pack his clothes because he would be traveling.He didn’t say much to his parent, he only told them he would away for a business trip ,and he is taking Ksandra with him.His parents nodded their heads, and told him to take care of himself. He called his chauffeur and told him to wait for him outside of Ksandra’s house.He left his house, and walked to Ksandra’s house.When he tried to ring the bell , Ksandra opened the door.He smiled, Ksandra has been always exact with her schedule, not a minute late nor a minute early.Ksandra smiled back at him, she knew what was going in his mind.They walked together into the Maroon Rolls Royce Phantom.The car was headed to the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, the nearest International Airport to Monaco.The ride was fun because of the luxurious car they were in, it had a refrigerator that served drinks and snacks, a disco ball with two large stereos , and a large tv.After 30 minutes drive ,they arrived to the airport. They rushed their way to the private planes route.They finally arrived to the private plane, after the captain and the crew have welcomed both Ksandra and him.Ksandra was used to such atmosphere, because both her family and the Bolloré were billionaires. Some rumors said that the Lacharriere were wealthier.Ksandra didn’t bother to know who was wealthier, all she cared about that they were living at the same atmosphere of luxuriousness.It was a night flight, so as soon as they sat in their seats Ksandra fell asleep directly, while Carlisle made some school work, then after 2 hours he also followed Ksandra and fell asleep.)



March, 09 ,2016.

(The captain has announced for departure, both Ksandra and Carlisle had woke up and prepared themselves.As the plane has arrived New York City , they took their luggage’s and went directly out of the airport after they passed the customs.They had a chauffeur waiting for them, he took their luggage and opened the Mercedes car wide open for them.They went directly to the house that was owned by Lacharriere, it was closer to Ksandra’s unlce house than the house that was owned by the Bolloré’s.It was a large house with a modern looking design, it had a wide graden full of flowers, and a large pool with jaquzi from the outside.It even had a tree house, because when Ksandra was young she wanted the tree house so bad.Her family used to live in here , but when she turned 9 they moved to France.Looking at the house brought her childhood memories.She smiled painfully as she took a glimpse to the graden, she saw her dad carrying her and moving around, she saw her mom screaming at her dad because she thought that he would hurt Ksandra. Although her family were extremely busy, but they always had time for her.Their motto was “Family comes first”.Carlisle voice interrupted her thoughts by telling her that he will take her room.She nodded her head to him and walked to her parents room to take a shower after this long flight.)

After three hours…

(Ksandra was sitting in the couch eating some chips and watching her favorite TV show.Carlisle went down the stairs headed to her.He saw her engaged with the TV show, he sat next to her. Ksandra looked at him, lowered the TV volume because she knew he wanted to say something.)

Carlisle:When would you apply for the  job?

Ksandra( offering him some chips):Tomorrow hopefully.Do you have the house address?

Carlisle( took some chips):Oh Ksandra you’re so old-fashioned.I have the way in Google Maps, princess.

Ksandra(laughing):That’s why I never drive.

Carlisle(laughing): And you never should.(In a serious tone) Do you have any ordinary clothes? I mean something that is a bit cheap.

Ksandra:I never thought of this. No I don’t. Should I go shopping?

Carlisle:You don’t have to.I will call the workers to buy you some.

Ksandra:No.I will go shopping.I want to explore the area a bit.

Carlisle:I’m a bit tired, do you mind if I didn’t go with you?

Ksandra: No! Not at  all, honey.You will get bored if you went, I don’t want to you to come.

Carlisle(smiling): Okay.Take care.

(Ksandra grabbed her chanel purse and went into the car.She told the chauffeur to go into the nearest mall.The chauffeur went into Saks Fifth Avenu, thinking she would want to shop for high ends.When Ksandra arrived, she went straight into the mall to search for plane and ordinary clothes for her new character. When she walked into the mall she was bumped by young man.He was wearing polo shorts and a boss black short.His blond hair was slicked back, and he had green eyes.)

Ksandra:Oh I’m s..

Young man: Are you dumb? Can’t you see what is in front of you when you walk?

Ksandra: Chill. It was by accident.Can’t you be more polite?

Young man: No I can’t.Get lost.

Ksandra:Are kidding me?Do you know who am I? If you knew you wouldn’t dare to talk me like this!

Young man: Oh please, tell me.

(Another young man approaches them calling for the boy’s name, Luca.He asked Luca who that hot girl he was talking to.Ksandra was disguised by the way they described her, hot and sexy.She hated such men , who would see girls so materialistic , by only their looks.Ksandra walked away from them, ignoring Luca’s call for her.She was dragged away by the high end brands at first, but then after going into the fifth shop , which was Gucci, she took their brand new sneakers and then went into some ordinary shops to buy her “babysitter clothes” from.She couldn’t find any ordinary stores.So she walked away with five high end bags into the car, and told the chauffeur to go into an ordinary shops.After she about 5 other bags filled with ordinary shoes,bags,pants,and shirts.She even gone extra and bought some “ ordinary” head bands.She went back home tired and directly fell asleep in the couch.)





March, 10 ,2016.



)Carlsile woke up Ksandra early, told he to get ready for her “new job” interview with her uncle.As she got ready, Carlsile gave Ksandra a brown wig and a blue eyes lenses.He told her that she needed to stay undercover, because she looked similar to her mom , and he was scared that her uncle would recognize her.She wore little make up to cover up her tired features and dark circles.She chose a short dress and sneakers that made her seem ordinary, with no single luxuriosness in her look.She was beautiful with the blue eyes and brown hair.It was a well fit for her.Carlisle was shook that she was still beautiful even if she tried not to look beautiful.They took a taxi, in order not to draw attention for the expensive looking car.They were careful with every little detail and draw attention to every single action.They finally arrived home.Carlsile gave her her fake ID, her name was Juliete Anderson.He told her that she should say that she is 21 and a music teacher.He also told her to say that she can speak French and German.Ksandra can actually speak 4 languages, Russian from her mom,English from her dad, German from school, and French from living in France.She also can play the violin,piano,and gutair.She also was put into ballet classes, and opera classes as well.But when she turned 12 her parents stopped all of her classes and instead they were exchanged with fencing, Karate, and gunshot.Ksandra reached the house, it was more of castle.It had a golden massive gate.She introduce herself to the bodyguards as a new applicant to the job.She intered the house , was directed by the maids to a room where the applicants were interviewed. Although the process seemed complex, but Ksandra do understand that.Her parents did the same when they wanted to assign a babysitter for her.She walked into the room, was given a number which was 15.She waited for an hour till her turn was finally up.She saw an old man and was shook that he looked very similar to her father, a little child, and a young man.Each introduced himself/herself to her.It turned out that the child was the little daughter, the old man was her uncle, and the young man was the oldest sibling, he had green hazeled eyes, and a brown hair, he looked similar to his father, more of a younger version of himself..)

Mr.Bolt: Why do you think you’re suitable for such a job?

Ksandra(confidently):I was a teacher for children, and I know well how to deal with children.

The brother: What did you teach?

Ksandra: Music.

Mr.Bolt: What instruments you can play?

Ksandra: The piano, violen, and the guitar.

Mr.Bolt: That is great, Emily just started taking piano classes, I would like for you to help her out revising the notes after she is done with the tutor.She told me that she needs further asstiant.

Ksandra: I would be happy to do so.

The brother: What languge can you speak?

Ksandra: I can speak French and Greman other than English.

The daughter (foolishly): d'où as-tu appris le français? “From where did you learn French?
Ksandra(smiling kindly): Ma mère est française “My mom was French”.
The daughter (excited): Wow c'est super. tu es moitié français. “ Wow , that is great! You’re half French.
The brother: Und wie hast du deutsch gelernt? “ And how did you learn German?”
Ksandra: Ich habe dort sechs Jahre gelebt. “ I used to live there for six years.”
Mr.Bolt:Thank you.We will call you if you were admitted.
Ksandra(smiled and shook all of their hands and moved away from the room as she exited the house she saw a familiar face moving into the front gate of the house.As he moved closer, she recognized him, that morron from last night she mumbled.He moved across her and checked her out, he then whistled and nodded his head.She tried to act calm and move away from him.She needs to stay in character.He didn’t recognize her luckily, and he doesn’t have to do so.The old Ksandra is gone, for now she is Juliet Anderson , an ordinary babysitter for the Bolt.)



March, 11 ,2016.

(Ksandra woke up from the rining of her phone.She took the call rightaway to hear the voice of a man telling her that she was accepted in the job.She recognaized that voice, it was Luca’s.She was happy that she was accepted, although she was confident that she would be.Luca told her to start working from tomorrow morning at 7a.m , she thanked Luca and hung up.She told Carlisle afterwards.)


March, 12 ,2016.


(Ksandra woke up at 6:30 to get ready, she prepared breakfast for her.After she was done with her breakfast, she prepared one for Carlisle after he would wake up.It was too early for Carlisle to wake up.After she got all ready with her disguise, she took a taxi and went into the Bolt’s house to start her new job.She dressed casual but classy, she walked into the house.The maids welcomed her and told her to go upstairs to Emily’s room.She knocked the door smiling.)

Emily: Look. I’m not an ordinary kid that you’re babysitting.I’m actually not a child, I’m so grown up compared to my actual age.

Ksandra (With a fake smile):That’s cool.

Emily: Gosh! what is wrong with that fake smile.

Ksandra: Look child! I’m here to work.Don’t bother me with this.Let me just do my work and get some money.

Emily(tearing up): Why do you talk to me like this?

Ksandra(shook):Oh my God!I’m so sorry..

Emily(laughing):Pranked you!

Ksandra(exhaling air):you scared the crap out of me.

Emily: By the way, I like you. You seem real and intelligent.

Ksandra: Thanks kiddo.

(Few days passed, Ksandra was babysitting Emily well. She was an intelligent kid.It was unexpectedly a fun job for Ksandra. She started building a  relationship with Emily and Mr.Bolt.)



March, 18 ,2016.



(ksandra was doing her job normally, she decided that today she is going to dig into Mr.Bolt’s disk. It was her time to return home, but she went upstairs into his working place. She opened the door quietly and got in.While she was searching in his computer, she heard a voice of footsteps. She hid in the bottom of the desk, she heard Ashton’s voice, the older brother. He was calling someone, in a Spanish , she understood that well.It was on of the Mafia’s member she suspected.The glass broke, someone entered the room with a gun, Ksandra rushed out to save Ashton. She used her fighting skills to snatch the gun , she slides her leg to trip him out. In a course of 3 minutes, he laid in the floor covered with blood.Ashton was shook, he grabbed her arms and walked into the interior library , inside of Bolt’s office.)

Ashton (angrily): Miss Juliet,are you a spy from the Mafia?

Ksandra:No! I’m not.

Ashton: Then why are you in here hiding? And how did you fight that Mafia member perfectly?

Ksandra: I was here because Emma asked me to bring her some white A4 paper.And when I saw you, I freaked out and hid in the bottom of Mr.Bolt’s disk.

Ashton: What about those fighting skills?

Ksandra: When I was in Germany, I practice Karate and earned the black belt.

Ashton( seemed unconvinced) : Umm.Okay you can go.I will watch you.

Ksandra (confidently): Okay, as you wish Sir.

(Ksandra left the room, scared and frightened. She took a taxi and went directly to her house.She told Carlisle all about it, crying.He confronted her by saying that she is close to her goal and she needs to not give up.)



March, 19 ,2016.


(Ashton came back from work. He thought about Ksandra, or as they called her ,Juliet.He started watching her moves carefully.After few days … He assured that she imposed no threat, and she is a normal babysitter.He searched for her name, and was told that she was an orphan that was never engaged in crimes All what she told them , was said to him. He started getting closer to her, he was somhow enchanted with her beauty and intelligence.She knew a lot about economics, and little about politics.He purposely started playing with Emily when she was around, and when Ksandra leaves he stop being playful with his sister.)




March, 21 ,2016.


(Ksandra started falling for Ashton.He was smart and was the dream guy for every girl in New York.She felt bad for Carlisle, because she is still in a relationship with him.Ksandra never forgot about her mission, and she collected some data about Mr.Bolt, yet never found that he is the one who did it.Ashton asked her out this evening, Luca overheard their conservation and started whistling and clapping.Ksandra felt extremely shy and told Ashton that she would respond to him later. She somehow convinced Carlisle to actually do this in order to be in progress with her plan.Carlisle felt extremely jealous, wasn’t convinced at first, but Ksandra was smart enough to convince him.)



May, 27 ,2016.


(The love birds were deeply in love,they went on several dates. Ashton character has changed drastically, he was a cold man in the past and now he smile most often.Ksandra started forgetting about her mission. She likes the whole family including , Mr.Bolt.She thought that she needs to move on and forgot about it.Her relationship with Carlisle started to be shollower.)



May, 27 ,2016.

(Carlisle started observing the drastic change in Ksandra.He could hear her laughs at midnight.He couldn’t bare her relationship with Ashton.He then decided to confront her about it,and remind her about her mission she came for.

Ksandra was sitting in the living room watching her TV show and eating her favorite chocolate.)


Carlisle(in a serious tone covered with disturbance):Ksandra.We need to talk.

Ksandra:Of course Carl, talk I’ll hear you.

Carlisle(he lowered the TV volume by snatching the remote control fro Ksandra):I don’t like the new you.

Ksandra(furrowing her eyebrows):What new me ? Elaborate please.

Carlisle(shouting):I can hear your laughs with that bastard, Ashton at midnights.I rarely see you at home, you’re either at work or on dates.You even colored your hair brown, what is wrong with you?You no longer sought for the truth you’re looking for, don’t you care about your parents?Ashton is you cousin, Ksandra you shouldn’t do this!

Ksandra( shouting):I’m ADOPTED.He is not my real cousin.I’m happy with him , happier than ever.I like you Carl, but I like him more.

That family is great with me,I don’t want to hurt them because of some misunderstding in the past with my dad.I don’t even think her did that.

Carlisle:wait what? You’re adopted?

Ksandra(tearing up):Yeah , I knew that when I was 12.After some kid at school told me that because my mom is barren, she can’t have kids.

Carlisle: I’m sorry , I never knew that…

Ksandra:It’s fine.I just never talked about that with you.

Carlisle(trying to go back to that topic): Ksandra… Ashton doesn’t even know the real you.Do you think he would fine with knowing that you’re not the person you claim to be?I came all the way from France to help you out,and you say that you don’t like me anymore?

Ksandra(in tears):I’m sorry, Carl.

(Carlisle leaves the house outragisly.He called his father and told him he would come back to Monte Carlo without Ksandra.)

Monsieur Bolloré: Ce n'était pas le plan Carl. Tu dois la convaincre davantage.

“That wasn’t the plan Carl.You have to convince her more.”

Carlsile: Elle n'est même pas leur enfant Papa. “She isn’t even their child Dad.”

Monsieur Bolloré: Je sais qu'elle est adoptée. Quoiqu'elle soit encore une Lacharrière. Nous avons besoin qu'elle diminue ...

 “I know that she is adopted.However she is still a Lacharriere.We need her to diminish…”

Carlisle: Attends que tu le saches? Pourquoi suis-je le seul qui n'a pas? “Wait you knew that? Why am I the only one who didn’t?”
Monsieur Bolloré: Carl! Focus s'il vous plaît. Vous devez travailler avec le plan même si cela l'obligeait à se marier avec Ashton.“Carl! Focus please.You have to work with plan even if it required her marrying Asthon.”
Carlisle: Mais je l'aime, je ne peux pas supporter ça. “But I love her, I can’t stand that.”
Monsieur Bolloré: N'avez-vous pas insisté pour faire partie de mon travail?

“Didn’t you insist to be part of my work?”

Carlisle: Oui, je l'ai fait. Mais je ne voulais pas être impliqué dans de telles choses.

“Yes I did.But I didn’t want to be engaged in such things.”

Monsieur Bolloré: Je ne ferai que vous donner plus d'engagement si cette mission était accomplie. C'est tout ce que j'ai eu.

I” only will let you be more engaged if this mission was accomplished.That is all what I got.”

(Monsieur Bolloré hung the phone up without even saying goodbye.Carlisle was puzzled with whole situation. He didn’t know what to do.Shall he follow his heart or his brain?)



May, 30 ,2016.


(Three days has passed.Ksandra and Carlisle haven’t spoken any words after their conservation.However, Carlisle got some evidences for Ksandra to see.)

Carlisle:Ksandra, we need to talk.

Ksandra:Yes Carl we should.I don’t like how we’re ignoring each other and…

Carlisle:Yes , but I want to talk to you about a more important topic.It’s about Mr.Bolt.

Ksandra:Carl, please not again.

(Carlisle rushed to bring the evidences ignoring Ksandra’s refusing.He showed her phone calls,papers that had Mr.Bolt’s signatures, and pictures from the crime scene.He told her that he had to dig several months for them, since they arrived here.Ksandra was shook.She held a grudge even more than it was when she first came here,because this time she was sure that Mr.Bolt was the one who did that.Ksandra and Carlisle planned for a week for a new plan to get revenge.This time , the plan was extremely dangerous and intense.)




June, 7 ,2016.


(Ksandra couldn’t have the same feeling for Ashton anymore, she didn’t hate him yet,but she had a massive feelings of grudge towards him, she thought he did that with his father.She even couldn’t stand Emily anymore.She tried as far as she can to not show those feelings of hatred , and fake the smiles and laughs.She was a good liar, because none suspected anything.)



After One Year…



June, 7 ,2017.

( A year has passed.Ksandra is engaged to Ashton.Although she hate what thinks he has done, but she still had slight feelings for him.When Ksandra was leaving the house,she misheard Carlisle’s phone call..)

Carlisle:She wouldn’t do it.So I need you to kill Mr.Bolt.

Ksandra(furrowed her eyebrows and opened her mouth is shocker.)

Carlisle:Okay, I’ll meet you in Times Sqaure at 4 o’clock.

(After 5 minutes of ending his phone call, Ksandra went to Carlsile.)

Ksandra:Carl, honey are free for the afternoon?

Carlisle(mumbling):mmm, no.. I .. I will be doing some homeworks in the café next door.Why are you asking?

Ksandra(faking a smile):No, nothing I was just wondering if we could grab some lunch together.

Carlsile:Oh, sorry I wouldn’t be able to.I have an online midterm during lunch.

(Ksandra knew he was lying,not only because of the phone call she overheard , but also to the fact that he told her yesterday that he is done with all of his midterms.)

Ksandra:Oh , okay honey best of luck!

(Ksandra called Mr.Bolt and told him she wouldn’t be able to babysit Emily for today.Ashton called afterwards worried about her, what a gentlemen she thought.Ksandra decided to follow Carlisle to see what he’s hiding, she went undercover to do so, and was shocked that the man who she saw with Carlisle was the same man who attacked Ashton last year.)



August, 19 ,2017.


(Ksandra dress all nice for her date with Ashton.In past 2 months,she didn’t know what to do , so she acted all normal.The only thing she did was stopping her revenge plan.She didn’t feel well.She felt that she is bluffing Ashton.He doesn’t even know her real name,her real eye color, or even the real she.The only things that she was honest about was her character, which was the main reason Ashton fall for her.As Ashton went to the bathroom, she was moving her 300,000$ worth of engagement ring that Ashton bought for her.She took it of,ripping her soul with it.And ran away to the elevator.As the elevator opened, someone snatched her in and covered her mouth.Ksandra fainted.)

After two hours…

(Ksandra opened her eyes to see the man who Carslile talked to in front of her.She tried to move , but she was tied up, she tried to scream but a tape was covering her mouth.She was in a room,it was a plane room with no furnature on,not even painted.It had a signle dim light,where she could faintly see that man)

The man: Look. I no longer work for Carlisle.I did this because it was the only way I can talk to you.The Bollor were the ones who killed your family.I used to work for them, I was the one who did the transaction for them.I quit that because , guilt visit me everday in my dreams.I’m sorry, I needed money, and it was the only way to do so…

(Ksandra tears began falling,all at once.It was the only way to express her feelings.She wasn’t only physically motionless, but also mentally.)



August, 22 ,2017.

(She decided to tell the Bolt’s abou it all.Who she was, and why she was here.When she tried to tell them about the Bollor plan,they intrupted her.They all dismissed her, told her to go away and never come back.Excpet for Luca..)

Luca:Look, I can never balme you.I would’ve done the same if my family were killed.I know dad and Ashton are really angry at the moment, but they do really love you.Espcially Ashton.Give them some time; things will turn out alright.

Ksandra(jokingly):Thanks Luca.You have a big heart within that moron character of yours.


August, 30 ,2017.

(Luca was right, Ashton did call her.He told her to come back because they needed to talk.When she arrived, Ashton proposed to her again.He even told her that her green eyes are the new thing that he is obsessing about the most at the moment.Mr.Bolt told her that she is a part of the family right now,his future daughter in law.Ksandra decided to not ruin the moment by telling them about the Bollor, she decided to do that tomorrow.But sometimes postpoing things do not end well…)


August, 31 ,2017.

(The man told him that he told Ksandra about it.He got scared, because his dad would never forgive him.He bought a gun , and decided to do the mission by himself.He went into the Bolt family’s house.Ksandra was inside, he snuck in without anyone noticing and fired Mr.Bolt.

The family with Ksandra felt outrageous at such moment.Ksandra started crying,not knowing what to do.She started shouting at Carlisle.Carlsile was so tearing up, and looking at his hand.He whispered several time “ what have I done?”After the cops came they arrested Carlsile.The ambulance came not on time, because Mr.Bolt unfortunately has passed away…)









September, 1 ,2017.


(Ashton broke up with Ksandra; he suspected that she was actually engaged in the plan because she knew Carlisle.She tried to explain , but he no longer believed her.The investigator held a legal liability with Ksandra, she was sentenced with a year prison because of holding captive of such information.)


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