MDMA Warriors

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I wrote this on a hill at a rave concert my friend invited me to, about who and what I saw, and the electric frazzled bodies writhing before me.

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



MDMA Warriors


We feed greed

Bubbling burning bass beep speeding death pulse

Impulse buzz-blasting

these toxic noxious dreams


Are we asleep?


Before my bloodshot eyes

I spy a twisted neon youth

Throbbing drooling in the morning hours

Jacked up shivering on MDMA


Dripping cunty pearl

Hormonal juices

Rapt eyed glory girls and boys

Adorning icons of a bygone age

Misread and misinterpreted

Hellbent on sex and self-destruction

Raised on sin and mutiliation


Man there is no room for truth nor love beneath the toxic coat

Of dayglo painted tits and lips and shit

There is no room for sweetborn sounds and love vibrations

In the manic video game

Raging pixellated flesh and bone

Disintegrated psychopathic endgame that’s at stake


Nod your head, man, have a taste cuz

I don’t give a damn if the day is laid to waste

And girls are raped and tricks are played


Frothing at the mouth

It’s south and blazing set aflame

Brains hazed on rainbow colored pills we swallowed and forgot about

But, man –


…Where will you be when the money’s gone and the song is over

And your trip has cracked apart into a thousand ugly truths?

Will you feel it then?

Will you want to feel it then?

Will you ascend to that forgotten tomb my one time friend, or will you rot with pride beside my withered corpse?

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