Jason's curse

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Jason must fight the curse that he inflicted on his own village.

Submitted: July 06, 2011

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Submitted: July 06, 2011



Jason rushed up to the rocky cliff, his heavy steel armour glinting in the sunlight. He stopped, breathing heavily, and looked for a way up. He dug his fingers into the hill, and hauled himself up. He scrabbled at the cliff with his feet, desperatley searching for a foothold, but wherever he tried the rock crumbled, and he fell onto his back. He groaned, sitting up and rubbing his side. Jason brushed dust from his dirty blone hair, and got up. He attempted to climb the cliff again and- this time- he managed to dig his left foot into the rock, and climbed further. He kept this up for a while and was almost at the top when he slipped. He winced as his foot slid down, catching the edge of a rock. He panicked for a moment, but he hardened his grip on the cliff and swung his leg over the top. He shifted all his weight to his right, and rolled over. He sat up, panting and studying the gash on his ankle. His hands were cut, and stung quite badly, but he tried not to think about the pain as he took his blue hankerchief out of his pocket and tied it around his ankle. Jason stepped gingerly on his hurt ankle. It throbbed, but he didn't have much time, so he hobbled over to the cave where he knew the monser was waiting.

Jason stepped into the cave, looking around nervously. The cave was dark, but he could make out his surroundings. There were stalactites on the roof of the cave, dripping water. He felt along the cold wall for guidance, squinting. He saw some movement in the corner of his eye, and he turned around swiftly. He let out a small gasp as he saw the monster, curled round the corner of the cave. He froze, not taking his eyes off the beast. It was a dark shade of green, and looked like a mixture of a snake and a lizard. Its body rose and fell as it breathed deeply. It appeared to be asleep. Jason walked slowly over to it, drawing his sword. He was horribly aware of the echo each of his footsteps made. He was now within touching distance of the monster. Jason lifted his sword above his head, unblinking and trembling with fear. Just as he was about to swing down his sword, the monster's eyes flickered open. Jason had to bite his tongue hard to stop himself from crying out. The serpent hissed, and darted at him. Jason sidestepped, gripping his sword. His hands were still bleeding from the climb up the cliff. The monster leapt at him, and one of its claws got through a chink in his armour, tearing his chest. Jason gasped in pain, clutching his wound. Warm blood was trickling through the gaps in his fingers, and down his body. The pain was unbearable. He sank to his knees, coughing up blood. 

The serpent advanced on him, flicking its forked tongue. Jason felt tears prick his eyes, and roll down his cheeks. The monster slashed at his chest again, and Jason felt blood rush up his throat and into his mouth. He spat it out, collapsing. "What a stupid way to go," he thought. Then he felt a swipe at his neck, and died, his eyes rolling back into his head, his limbs limp.

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