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Another paragraph story, following that of psychotic thriller's.

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



Now started! Check back reguarly for updates. Each person takes it in turn to write a paragraph, and have two days to complete. If it's not in- soz- you'll be skipped. (Following same rules as original)

Here's the current order: KP, Alisindra, Artemis nightshade, mpspenguin (me)

If you have any people you'd like to invite who are good at stuff like this, or want to join yourself, just leave a comment! (can only have around 10 people max, sorry)

Paragraph one- KP Merriweather:

Eurydice stood motionless in the corridor, stunned at the sight around her. Crimson blood stained the pale grey walls and dark green tiled floors as well as her hands and clothes. Gore from an eviscerated body lay several paces ahead, discombobulated. Eurydice’s mind quickly shifted through possibilities - did she have a weapon of some kind? Eurydice looked down, noting she held held nothing but a clenched fist. She opened her clutched hands. They worked - at least they didn’t hurt. Afraid to look at the head strewn several feet from its decapitated body, Eurydice didn't want to know know its identity. At least the lifeless face looked away from her. She knew she didn’t like death,the notion made her uneasy; she knew she wasn’t capable of killing - at least she thought she was unable to - yet all evidence screamed that person was much quite dead ahead... Eurydice wanted to run and it dawned on her she was unfamiliar with the place she was in, if it was any sort of place to be. Looking behind, she only had a wall. It started to make sense. Maybe she was attacked and she defended herself the best she knew how, if only she could remember how exactly. “Eurydice”, a deep hearty voice called, though warm, the voice sent chills up her spine. It seemed menacing, almost sinister even. Eurydice quickly tensed and put up her guard when footsteps clicked across the floor around the corner. Whoever it was, she hoped the person wasn’t going to have her head rolling on the floor. “What is it you want?” Eurydice called back tentatively. She breathed a short sigh of relief. At least she had her voice.

Paragraph two- Alisindra:

Eurydice eyes widened. Stopping just at the corner he leaned on the wall. She couldn't look away at what she saw. A tall man, with medium broad shoulders and a lithe build wearing an all white suit with a black shirt and white tie with black thin pin stripes. A small clear diamond was pinned to the center. His face was as beautiful as an angles. Straight nose, perfectly squared jaw line. High and fines shaped cheek bones and perfectly bow shaped pink lips that were just full enough as not to be too feminine nor too thin. His pale skin was smooth and flawless. His eyes were almond shaped, not too wide but not too narrow, with thick dark lashes that were just a bit too long for a male. His hair cascaded down to his waist, the tress falling in perfectly smooth gentle waves. His hair was whiter then his suit and radiated the colors and light from the room. it almost hurt to look at him. But Eurydice couldn't bring herself to look away from him. Her whole body was stiff, all the muscles locked up as she stared into his black eyes. Black with red pupils in the shape of stars. He smiled gently at her. "Eurydice." his smooth and deep voice came again, filled with what sounded very close to ... affection. His perfect smile gracing his face. "W-who are y-you? H-how do you k-know my n-name?" she asked confused and scared. Her body began to tremble as she fought to stay standing. She never seen anyone like this man before and the smile on his face had a type of familiarity, as if he knew her even though she knew for a fact she had never seen him before. She was sure she would have remembered someone like him. Then again, she couldn't remember how she got there in the first place. "I know your name because you called me." he answered her smoothly, standing away from the wall, still with the same smile. "You summoned me." Eurydice frowned a bit. "I summoned you?" He nods once and took a step towards her. She wanted to move, but she couldn't. He stepped around her, close enough for them to touch, though he didn't. "You summoned me and I heeded your call." he leaned closer to her his face going closer to her ear, her whole body stiffened further. "You spoke my name." he whispered "Do you remember what it was?" Eurydice heart began to beat faster as his soft breathe caressed her skin. She turned her head just enough to look at him as he leaned back a bit more so they were eye to eye. Then it came to her, his name , she remembered it.

Paragraph three- Artemis nightshade:

"You're, you're Thorn?" Eurydice asked as Thorn nods his head in agreement. “And I summoned you?” She asked a little skeptical. “Yes, I told you that once don’t make me say it again please.” He explains looking over his shoulder. “What are you looking at?” Eurydice asked trying to see what Thorn was looking at. Not saying a word, he then takes Eurydice’s hand and takes her away from where they are standing, “Where are we going?” She asks trying to keep up with his fast pace. “Where no one can see or hear us.” He said not explaining it any further. “Please tell where we are going?” She asked again now getting a bit frantic. “Eurydice,” Thorn simply says his voice like a million angels singing in harmony. “Calm yourself, where we are going as of now, no one can see nor hear us. It’s for the best.” Closing her mouth, Eurydice says nothing anymore until they stop walking. As soon as Thorn stops, Eurydice nearly stumbles but luckily, Henry stops her from falling. “Where are we?” Eurydice asked not recognizing the place. Thorn said nothing but simply lets go of her hand and wanders off to the only window in this room and looks outside still saying nothing to explain where they were.

Paragraph four- Mpspenguin:

"What is this?" she asked again, her voice quivering slightly. Thorn dug his hands into his trouser pockets, not turning.

"You could say you and I.... are different, from the mortals," he said simply. Eurydice realised with horror that she couldn't remember anything, except her name. Amnesia? Yes, that had to be it... but her memory began standing infront of the body, and nothing hurt.

"Why don't I remember anything?" she demanded, with a tone of force in her voice.

"You don't remember?" Thorn replied, sounding a little surprised. "Nothing at all?"

"My name. And yours."

Thorn turned around, pacing a few steps towards Eurydice. "I am a demon," he said, smiling at the baffled look he got in return. "N-not an evil demon- no soul sucking, promise." Under normal circumstances Eutydice would've questioned this, but at the moment she was willing to accept pretty much anything. She was doubtful, though, and, as if in answer to her thoughts, he spread his arms, revealing a pair of white, dragon like wings. Eurydice took a step back, startled. "I've got fangs too, but I'm guessing you've seen enough to be convinced," he smiled. Eurydice paused.

"So what am I then?"

Paragraph five- KP Merriweather

“That all depends on what path you take,” Thorne replied mysteriously. Eurydice blew a frustrated sigh. There was no way she’d get straight answers from this handsome demon, even if he was willing to help her with … whatever it was she needed. Eurydice realised she had no idea how she got to that mysterious building or who it was she killed, if she did kill. She left his side and walked around the bare room of titanium walls and plain metal chairs. She came across a steel desk and the drawers, finding them locked but one. Yanking it open, Eurydice found a single black folder with a label stickered on titled ‘STAR’’. Opening the folder she found profiles of several men and women, with color photographs and detailed data of their routines. She paused at one profile of a young man that fit the description of the body she saw dead in the corridor and quickly scanned the details. The man was a demonologist named Derek Paul. As she continued scanning papers, she found the others were exorcists and spellcasters of various schools of magic. Eurydice glanced up at Thorne that leaned against the wall, still smiling at her. “You’re creeping me out,” she snapped. “Stop grinning!” “What would you rather I do?” “I don’t know; disappear!” “Fine.” Throne vanished in a flash of crimson light. Eurydice bit her fist, trying to tie the pieces together. So a demon researcher was dead and the others on the list may be next. She shuddered when she felt phantom hands touch her arm. Eurydice pulled out and threw a punch. Thorne chortled as he came into view, gripping her fist. “Naughty girl, is that how you treat your partner?” “My partner?” Eurydice scoffed. “This guy is dead and apparently I killed him. What am I some kind of hired assassin that whacks people that use magic?” “Not quite.” Thorne snapped his fingers and a stack of forms appeared in his hands. “This is the reason he had to die.” Eurydice grabbed the first sheet off the top and and saw that the man was wanted by The Council for opening a gate to the Demon World. “What makes you think I can stop the others if they were helping him?” Eurydice demanded. “Why am I the only one?” “It’s not just you.” Thorne dropped the forms and the papers quickly flared in green flame, turning to ash, also destroying the folder on the desk. “ There are other Veil Walkers - those that can step between this realm and others.” The title suddenly hit Eurydice like a pallet of bricks.

Paragraph six- Alisindra:

Eurydice placed two fingers at her temples and began to rub them in a circular motion. Applying just enough pressure to ease the sudden ache in her head. "Veil Walker...." she said quietly to herself. She looked to Thorn as he stood before her quiet and patient. "So why me?" she asked Thorn gave her a gentle smile once more "You were chosen by the council to come here and seek him out." he answered. "But I don't know any council, I don't know anything about any of...."she cut her sentence when she remembered her grand mother mentioning something about an organization, a Council of some sort. It had been years ago she last heard of it,Eurydice had only been twelve years old then. She remembered the name Veil Walkers. Her grandmother had told her that she had once been one. She had been fascinated by the story. But Eurydice's mother had told her that the stories were not real. But now, as she looked at Thorn, she knew that the stories she had thought nothing more then the ramblings of an old woman were actually true. Thorn waited quietly for her thoughts to settle. "You carry a birthmark on your chest, left side right over your heart. In the shape of a star surrounded with what looks like entwined serpents." he stepped closer and let just the very tip of his finger to rest over the mark. "That is the crest of a Veil Walker." he dropped his hand back to his side. "It is passed down through families. Each generation training the next. And from the looks of it. You were never trained." Eurydice shook her head a bit "No,My grandmother use to tell me stories, but she was very old by the time I met her. My mother wanted nothing to do with her. She hated her own mother. She passed away not long after I met her." Thorn nodded a bit. "Yes, your grandmother was very well known in Shoul." Eurydice shook her head "Too many questions. I need to know what exactly is going on. Why am I here? Why don't I remember anything up until I saw you? Did I kill that man? Or did you?" Thorn sighed some and leaned on the wall behind him. "K'li saj^ka " he mumbled to himself as an annoyed look came over his face. Eurydice quirked a brow at him and then frowned "Well, forgive me if I don't understand!" she snapped, her eyes blazing at him. Thorn chuckled lightly "You are forgiven." Eurydice rolled her eyes "I wasn't really asking for any" she replied. Then her she looked at him with hurtful expression. "Did I kill that man?" Thorn looked at her for a moment "You summoned me, and I killed him" he answered her calmly. "So in a way, yes, you did."

Paragraph seven- Artemis nightshade:

Slightly shaking, Eurydice couldn't believe that she could even do such a thing or even would. 'I murdered him?' She thought still not believing about what Thorn said before. Somehow, Thorn read her mind and nodded his head, symbolizing that she did. “But… but I’m not a murderer!” Eurydice protested and she was about to go further but Thorn stopped her. “You summoned me; therefore, we both killed him” Thorn explains turning around s his back is now facing her. “So when I summon you, is it only because you come to kill?” Eurydice wonders out loud. Sighing, Thorn explains in a way she could understand… maybe. “You summon me. I do your bidding,” was what he came what with as a “simple” explanation. Looking over his shoulder, Eurydice tried to see what he was looking at. “What are you looking at?” She asked both slightly afraid and curious. Still not looking at her, Eurydice can sense a little hesitation from Thorn; it seems to her he didn’t want to tell her. Then, she heard Thorn sigh heavily and said, “My kin, I’m looking at my kin. They are far from where we are, but I can sense them even see them. They are coming.”

Paragraph eight- Mpspenguin:

Eurydice was sick of asking questions, so she said nothing in reply.

"There has been some bad blood between us over the years.... a lot of bad blood. They hate all Veil Walkers, and any who aid them. If there were only a couple....but there are at least a dozen. I cannot protect you. And don't even bother running- we demons can move with incredible speed, not to mention our ability of teleportation."

Thorn stopped talking, leaving Eurydice no choice but to ask the obvious.

"What do we do then? You can't handle them-" Thorn looked annoyed at this "- and they're impossible to escape from."


"So we just die?"

Thorn shook his head, smiling. "I can't fight them," he replied, taking a step towards Eurydice. She realised what he meant, a wave of fear surging across her mind.

"I have to, don't I?" she asked. Thorn nodded. "Great. I just found out I'm some kind of supernatural murderer, I've lost my memory, and now I have to fight a bunch of your relatives."

He nodded again. As Eurydice was about to question how such a task was possible, Thorn flinched. He seemed to have lost his cool for the first time, panic in his dark eyes.

"They are here. They've found us."

Without warning, the wall behind Eurydice crumbled to pieces, revealing a group of demons. Their age varied from around fourteen to thirty five, and they were all male, apart from one young demon, who looked uncomfortable. They would've looked like humans if it wasn't for the wings and claws. Most had black wings, but a couple had red, and the young girl white like Thorn's.

"Thorn, you fool!" a male demon shouted, revealing gleaming fangs. "You left our race- the superior race- to help the Veil Walkers? You should use such great a power more wisely, dear brother," he spat. Thorn narrowed his eyes, trying not to look too intimidated. Another demon turned to Eurydice.

"Let's kill the Veil Walker and go," he said, baring his fangs.

"Akri s'lokra!" Eurydice shouted, raising her palm. A wave of blue shot through the air, hitting several demons. Eurydice had no idea what she'd just said, or how she'd cast a spell, but she suddenly felt slightly drained of energy. The fallen demons got up, cursing under their breath. The girl demon looked surprised like the rest of them, but not angry. She almost seemed to be smiling at Eurydice.

"Keep going! Thorn yelled, slashing at a charging demon. Eurydice re-cast the spell, knocking over demons that had just got up. She would've been less scared, but there didn't seem to be much damage done.

A few demons teleported behind her, charging from all angles. Thorn took out a few, biting and clawing until they burst into dust, or teleported away in retreat, but four made it to Eurydice. She suddenly remembered a different spell: "Yalaxora!"

A wave of fire engulfed one demon, sending him sprawling on the floor, screaming. Thorn looked in pretty bad condition- his cheek had a long, deep slash on running down to his chin, blood trickling down his neck, and blood was seeping through his usually snow white suit, though he was still standing. Eurydice gasped in pain as a demon sank his teeth into her back. "Yalaxora!" she yelled again, the demon teleporting away rather than being hit by the flames. The two others that hadn't been killed saw they had no chance, and dissapeared.

Thorn sank to his knees, spitting out a mouthful of his own blood. Eurydice's back hurt badly, but she tried to block out the pain as she ran over to Thorn.

"You did well," he smiled. "Don't worry- demons heal far quicker than you humans. I'll be fine."

A hand tapped him on the shoulder. They both turned around to see the young demon girl with white wings, and features similar to Thorn's.


Paragraph nine- Alisindra:

Eurydice moved away from the two demons. She wrapped her arm around herself as her body began to shake with pain. Her hazel eyes filled with tears because of it. She was beginning to feel tired. She wasn't sure she could handle anymore surprises. Thorn slowly stood with the help of Zandria. He could smell Eurydice's blood as he straightened his tall frame. His dark eyes rested on her standing a few steps away. He was weak, but his injuries were nothing to him, but hers. Now they were more important. Thorn stepped towards her and took a hold of one of her wrist. He felt her stiffen and tried to pull back. But she couldn't break the firm but gentle hold on her arm. He pulled her closer to him and pressed her small form against his own. Eurydice head rested on Thorns chest since he was so much taller then she. She felt his arms go around her. She was very confused and started to say something to him but stopped a strange feeling began to invade her body. It started out a bit of warmth that started at her chest, right where her mark set on her chest. Then it began to get warmer as it spread through out her body quickly, she could feel her whole body tingle and become alive with the feeling like soft warm rays of sunlight through her veins. Then it died down and stopped altogether. Thorn stepped back from her and went to lean on the closet wall heavily. Eurydice watched him her eyes wide. There was no pain. She felt refreshed as if she had just woken up from a great nights sleep. She didn't know what had just happened, but she was grateful. "Thank you" she said to him, her voice sounded astonished. Thorn nods once and then rested his head against the wall. Eurydice frowned a bit. He looked as if he was bit more worn then he had been a few moments before. But before she could say anything at all, the female demon took a small step towards Thorn, as if she was a bit intimidated by him. Thorn looked at the white haired demoness. He raised a brow at her, he opened his mouth to ask her why she had remained behind, but she cut him off. "I want to stay with you. I want you to ask the council to assign me to a Veil Walker." she said to him softly as she looked in him in the eyes. Thorn sighed some. "Not like I have much choice is it? If i send you back Aluris would kill you for staying behind once they fled." he said tiredly. Zandria smiled and nod at his words. Aluris would indeed kill her if she went back now. So she had nothing to lose. Eurydice walked over to stand a bit closer to Thorn, her eyes on Zandria. they looked at each other quietly. Eurydice thought she was rather beautiful. Long white hair like Thorns. An truly angelic face and eyes black with a crescent moons as her pupils, but they were violet and not red. Thorn took a deep breath as he stood u straight. "We should go now. I'll take you both to the council. I am sure they will are anxious to know how things went." he looked at Eurydice "And you can get your answers there." Eurydice nods slowly as she watch Thorn turn to the wall. He placed his hand on it and spoke some words that she didn't hear. She watched as a pale green light began at thorns hand, seeping out between the wall and his palm like mist and then quickly spread out along the wall into the shape of a door. Then he removed his hand and there it was. A green colored portal before them. Zandria didn't hesitate. She walked through first. Thorn stood waiting for Eurydice as she examined the arch way. She looked up at Thorn. "All my questions will be answered?" she asked as if to confirm what he said. Thorn nods slowly. Eurydice took a step towards the portal and then stop just at the threshold and looked at him once again. "Who is Zandria?" she asked him curiously. Thorn gave her a ghost of a smile "My twin sister."

Paragraph ten- KP Merriweather:

Eurydice felt ill at ease once she entered a large grand corridor of white marble with gilded archways and torches lined the walls in bronze holders. Ahead was a large heavy door made of blue steel and two winged warriors in white-gold scale armor stood posted outside. One had red and white spotted feathered wings and the other guard had dark emerald green feathered wings. Both wore heavy helmets with gold horns on the sides. The emerald-winged guard lifted his visor and glanced warily at Thorne. “What’d you do this time?” he asked. “There’s no point in your being here without an appointment - with a Veil Walker no less!”“We’ve run into a bit of trouble,” Thorne replied icily. “Some trouble,” grumbled the secondary guard. “His sister’s bailing him out again!” Thorne bared his teeth and Zandria grabbed Thorne by the arm to hold him back. “Please, check yourself,” she snapped. “Laris, don’t cause him any more grief!” “Can we go in or not?” Eurydice demanded. “It’s not like I’ve got any other place to be.” “Oh sure you do,” Laris replied, rolling his eyes. “You’ve got a few more on the list to bump off. You’re not supposed to be here until the job is done.” He snapped his fingers, producing a sheet of paper that glowed dimly in aquamarine light. “She knows her assignment,” Thorne spat. “Then she’s going back until she’s done. You too!” “I’m not in the best condition to fight right now!” “Oh, so the mighty Thorne’s suddenly too broken to fight!” Laris mocked and he and his partner laughed while Thorne’s face grew red. Zandria gripped tighter to Thorne’s arm, forcing him to his knees. “I’ll make sure my brother’s well enough to finish his job,” Zandria replied coolly. “The Veil Walker he’s assigned to lost her memory and we need to see the Council to restore it.” “She’ll be fine,” Laris grumbled as he balled the sheet in hand, forcing it to vanish, “right Conzeil?” “Whatever,” Conzeil murmured and pushed against the steel door, making it groan open. “Just hurry it up. If we get in trouble, we’re putting your heads on skewers!” “Not if I skewer you first,” Thorne snarled and yanked out of Zandria’s grip. He pushed past the guards, storming ahead. Eurydice shrugged her shoulders when glanced at. “What do I know?” she said and followed Zandria that waited patiently for her. The next room was a bustle of activity, with many men and women that had various colored wings of many types working on papers or on terminals, keeping track of various battles, the activities of magicians and the movement of allies and enemies. Eurydice stood in the middle of the floor, stunned by the sight of it all. “This is crazy,” she said in awe. “A place like this shouldn’t exist!” “What did you think we worked with?” Throne muttered. “Scrolls and candlelight?” He scoffed. “We update our work as well, you know.” “Then what’s with all the paper you keep burning?” “Formalities, is all.” Eurydice shook her head, unsure what to say in response. Pushing past the busy workers, Throne led the way toward one area sectioned off by a row of desks that had a middle-aged woman with pink bat-like wings surrounded by a stack of papers written in a script Eruydice didn’t reconise, sorting them into various piles. “Don’t tell me,” she replied before Thorne opened his mouth, “she forgot the things she can do again, right?” “Again?” Eruydice said, stunned. “Well...” Thorne’s ears turned red as he looked down at the floor, embarrassed. “I just need to bring her up to speed right away. We’ve got some major people to destroy and gates to close.” “Stop working the girl so hard!” Thorne snorted and turned on his heel, fuming. The woman turned to Zandria that stood silently next to Eruydice. “What are you doing here? I thought you were with Aluris and his people!” “I left them,” Zandria answered. “I grew tired of all the killing of innocents.” “What is it you want? I doubt the Council will forgive you.” “I want to be assigned a Veil Walker.” The woman snorted. “By your records, you destroyed 73 Veil Walkers. I don’t trust your change of heart!” “Demons can change!” “If I send a temporary order and it gets accepted and that Veil Walker ends up dead, you’re up for termination, but that’s not my decision.” She waved Zandria away. “The head Councilmembers are in a meeting right now and they can’t talk to you. We’re terribly busy with this war that just started between Aluris’s Devil Kings and their allies against groups we have contracts with.” “So you’re trying to say that you don’t have time for me?” Thorne grumbled. “My partner is quite important, I have you know. She has the ability to close the Gates that’s been opened on the Material Realm.” “No.” Thorne turned to the woman and grabbed the edge of the desk, leaning in. He smiled warmly, looking into her eyes. “Please, Kreones, I’m begging,” Thorne said sweetly. “Push some papers through for me and grab any Councilmember that’s free. I can’t finish my job if my poor charge has a bump on the head.” “Well, Thorne,” Kreones said gently as she smiled in return. “The answer is still ‘no’.” Thorne’s black eyes flashed orange. “You--!” Zandria grabbed Thorne by the arm before he reached across and flipped him over onto the floor. She quickly twisted his arm behind his back, kneeing him in the spine as she forced him to his knees, spewing curses. Eruydice bit her fist, trying not to laugh. “For a small delicate girl,” she said, “I see you can handle yourself no problem.” “I had plenty of practice,” Zandria replied. “After dealing with Aluris for so long, handling my brother’s temper is a walk in the park.” “I doubt we can get any answers here... They’re too busy to be bothered with us.” “We have one more alternative, but only if Thorne can keep it together!” “I’m just following you two. It’s not like I can come up with anything!” “All right, let me go,” Thorne growled. Zandria let loose her grip and Thorne shook her off. He staggered to his feet, blowing a hard sigh. “Promise?” Zandria asked. “I’ll try,” he said between clenched teeth.

Paragraph eleven- Artemis Nightshade:

Once Thorn found his strength to fully stand without staggering, he brushed his clothes and straightens himself. Glaring at his twin, he curses silently and only Zandaria could hear and understand crystal clear. “Hey! Why did you say that?!” Zandaria asks surprised as they turn around and walk out of the corridor, outside the main hallways, and into a room, the room inside smelled of both death and flowers. There, they come across Septimus and December, adopted brother and sister and alchemists, standing at a table which was filled with all different sorts of books, potions, and stuff. Looking up form her work, December, notices them and nearly drops the potion she and her brother were working on. “Thorn, Zandaria, how are you?” December asks grinning, securing the ingredient tightly in her hands, placed it on the table gently, and stopped her work as she goes over to embrace the two. Septimus also stops his work but didn’t embrace the twins; instead he glared hard at Eurydice, as if she caused a bad omen. “Who's she?” He asks pointing at her. “I’m Eurydice; I summoned Thorn a while back.” Eurydice explains holding out her hand but Septimus didn’t take it so she let her arm fall down her side. “You have got to stop being so cautious brother. Let the stupid pass go!” December says as Thorn and Zandria nod their heads in agreement. Eurydice didn’t understand what was going on but for all she knew was this Septimus didn’t approve of her at all. “Why? ‘Cause you’re my sister doesn’t mean you’re the boss.” He explains turning around to get back to work. “I am! I’m older than you so that clearly makes me the boss of you!” December protests crossing her arms. Sighing, he ignores his sister’s protest and continued on with their work. “What are you making anyways?” Eurydice asks curious about what looks like a potion. Smiling, December explains that they are making a Necromancy-like potion, a potion that could bring the dead back to life just by one drop.

Paragraph twelve: Mpspenguin:

"Whoa. You can use it on anyone?" Eurydice asked. They all nodded in reply. "So, why are you worried about anything then? Can't you just revive any fallen comrade?"

"Well.... yes, but you have to get to them in an hour," Septimus said, still glaring at her for some apparant crime unknown to Eurydice. "It's a small advantage when you think about how easily the demons kill, and how often several dozen of our number die. The potion is also complicated- it takes ages finding the right ingredients, and brewing it's no piece of cake, either."

"Uh, speaking of which..." Thorn said, taking an empty vial from his inside suit pocket, "I'm all out. Don't suppose you guys could give me a re-fill?"

December sighed, shaking her head. "Thorn, there are only so many times we can bail you out. There are plenty of others who need this stuff too you know."

"Ok ok, just a little. Half a vial. Come on guys, now that Zandria and Eurydice are tagging along with me, I need it to keep us alive!"

Septimus frowned. "We do not prioritise the Veil Walkers," he growled. "The Alati and demons come first here."

December gave him a shove. "Don't listen to him," she said, Septimus muttering something under his breath that didn't sound polite.

"Sorry, Eurydice. Fine- Thorn, you can have half a vial- and then that's it. You can make your own next time, or wait 'till we're in plenty of stock." She took his vial. "It'll be ready in a while."

Thorn broke into a grin, punching December gently on the shoulder. "I owe you one," he thanked, December's narrowed eyes making it apparent that she agreed.

"Um.. what are Alati?" Eurydice asked, feeling awkward.

"The winged humans," December explained. "They don't have as strong magic, but wings are a big advantage, and they're known for their immense strength."

Zandria nodded, brushing her white hair out of her face. "I had to tackle several whilst I was with Aluris, and they're pretty damn tough," she admitted.

"So they're on our side then?" Eurydice asked.

"Yep. Good race to be friendly with," Thorn said.

An Alati rushed towards them, an opened letter in his hand. He had light blue wings short black hair, and looked shaken.

"We've just confirmed that Aluris is planning a huge attack tommorow. Every demon not with us will be with him, along with a few outcast Alati. You should all prepare yourselves for battle."

Paragraph thirteen- KP Merriweather:

Thorne clenched his hands, shaking in rage as corded veins travelled up his neck and face and his black and red eyes flashed orange. He let out a shout in frustration and punched the wall, forming a crater in the white brick. “This just gets better and better!” he snarled. “The mighty soul killer Thorne sounds scared,” Septmius said sarcastically. “Any other day you’re out there busting heads like you’re playing on a Gamestation!” Zandria quickly grabbed for Thorne’s arm before he reached across to Septmius and he shouldered her back, throwing her to the floor. Zandria let out a stunned cry and quickly released her wings, slowing the fall as she hovered over the floor. “Akri s'lokra!” Eurydice shouted and thrust forward her hand, releasing the cyan shot that struck Thorne, throwing him to the floor. “Eurydice, don’t!” Zandria yelled as another spell came tumbling out as fast at the first. “Yoska g’ashi’en!” Suddenly Thorne cried out in pain, his hands reaching for his neck as he slipped to his knees, cringing when surrounded by purple flame. His bone-white hair turned silver with gold streaks and a glowing red markings appeared around his neck. Eurydice gasped as her hand burned and she looked down, finding a ring of runes appearing on the back of her hand. Eurydice stepped up to him once the flames died. “You shouldn’t hit your sister!” Eurydice snapped. “Also, you should be a little less mean!” “I’m not making excuses!” Thorne gasped. “That wreck of Aluris’s crew blindsided me and now I can’t do anything to help you!” “What do you mean? You should be nearly healed now!” “I was until you stripped me!” Eruydice opened her mouth to protest, but nothing came out. “How will you handle battle in this condition?” the Alati asked. “You’re one of our group’s best fighters - without you to lead the front, our squads are going to break and run!” “We can’t have Aluris get his hands on this potion no matter what,” December said gravely. Eurydice bit her fist when glared at hard from Septmius. “See, what did I tell you?” he snapped. “Veil Walkers, all of them, including her, are nothing but trouble!” He left the chemists table and stormed off down the corridor, turning down another passageway. “I didn’t mean to strip you, Thorne,” Eurydice said softly. She quickly knelt beside him and grabbed his arm. He pulled away, glaring down at her. “I just freaked out when you hit Zandria.” “You should smack her around a little! She’s the one always beating me up!” Thorne rose to his feet, stealing a hateful glance at Zandria that stood offside with her hands to her hips, appearing slightly concerned. “Do you remember the release spell?” Zandria asked. Eurydice looked down at the floor, her shoulders sagging. “Since you put me out of commission, you’re the one that’s going to lead this battle,” Thorne grumbled. “But I don’t know anything about leading a fight!” Eurydice cried as she quickly stood. “If I did used to know or something, it’d be nice to remember!” “Enough bickering, please,” pleaded the Alati. “We’ve already wasted enough time standing around here! We need all the hands we can manage!” “Just go,” Thorne huffed and waved the Alati away. “We need to put our heads together and come up with something that will keep us alive...” “Without relying on that revival potion, right?” December cut in. Thorne blew a frustrated sigh. “Sometimes, girl, I wish I wasn’t partnered with you,” he moaned. “If I’m so much trouble, then why are you still here?” Eurydice snapped. “Because...” Thorne grabbed the paper from the Alati’s hand and scanned the data. He crumpled it in hand and the paper turned to ash. “Anyways, according to this intel report, those Gates that have been opened by rogue spellcasters and Aluris strengthening his numbers now don’t seem to be two different occurrences.” “You mean to say they’re related?” Eurydice asked. “The Council was so busy picking at branches, they never saw the root of the problem.” Thorne turned on his heel. “All right ladies, let’s get to business.” Zandria and Eurydice quickly followed in step as he left December’s workstation. “Where are you going?” the Alati called after Thorne as he headed down the corridor. “Care to join us?” The Alati seemed uneasy, then hurried to join the group’s stride. “My name’s Cylis by the way,” he said. “So, what do you need me for?” “Welcome Cylis,” Thorne said, grinning darkly. “You, my newfound friend, are going to be my left hand.” “I thought it was the right hand?” Eurydice piped from the rear. “I fight left-handed, annoying girl.” Cylis paled and Zandria giggled. Thorne paused and whirled around, forcing Eurydice to bump into him. She stepped back as Thorne’s red eyes glowed dimly. “Oh, don’t think you can slack off because you stripped me.” He put a heavy hand on her shoulder as his devlish grin grew wider, exposing his fangs. “You’re going to be my right hand, since you can still sling those dirty little spells.” Eurydice shoved his hand away and threw a punch that Thorne quickly grasped. “Sucks to be you right now, hm?” “Cruel bastard,” Eurydice grumbled as Thorne released his hold and they walked down the hall, approaching another room that had a large wooden door reinforced with steel bars.

Paragraph fourteen- Alisindra:

Thorn stopped before the door,turning his head to look at Eurydice. "You wanted answers." he indicated the door. "I am sure the Councilors would be happy to see you." he said smoothly,his voice and eyes didn't give anything away.

Eurydice looked at the door and then at Thorn cautiously. For some reason she wasn't so certain she should go inside. "Are you coming with me?" she asked looking up at him, her gaze clearly uncertain.

Thorn sighed lightly and then nods some "I'll go with you if you like" he answered her, turning to the door. He looked at his sister "We shouldn't be too long."

Zandria nods with a small smile at him. She watched as Thorn and Eurydice approached the door. Thorn placed his had on the bars and mumbled a word. The bars began to retract from before the door into the stone surrounding it. The door opened on it own, bright light could be seen on the other side. Thorn looked at Eurydice and gestured her ahead of himself. Eurydice hesitated only for a moment, then stepped through the door.

Eurydice looked around the room in awe. The chamber was large,and circular. Its black stoned walls soared upward that the ceiling could not be seen. The walls were bare, their obsidian surface reflecting the light of the only thing in the room other then Thorn and herself.

A overly large flame that took up almost the rest of the space in the room, floated in the center of the room. It tear drop shape danced in place. Nothing rested beneath it to hold it there. It defied the laws of gravity. It tip reaching at least three stories high.

The door closed behind them as Eurydice stared at this marvel before her. Then she jumped back with a surprised yelp when something seemed to begin to form in the flame, she could have sworn she saw a face. She fell into Thorn. She clung to his suit jacket. With a trembling frame and wide eyes she watched as a face appeared. The face floated away from the main flame to float over to Thorn and Eurydice.

She watched it in awe. The licking flames formed flawlessly into a head and face, the size of a large beach ball, complete with a expression of amusement. Other faces appeared as well. Each detaching themselves from the main flame to hover before them.

Eurydice slowly let go of Thorn,she reach out her hand to the first one before her. No heat greeted her skin, but she stopped herself when she realized that it might be overly rude of her to touch a being like this. She looked at the others as well. A total of twelve heads floated together watching her. Each distinct. Six men and women. It was easy to tell without having to be told.

The first one to have detached itself smiled at her, his flames dancing happily.
"Welcome Eurydice. We have been expecting you."

Paragraph fourteen- Artemis Nightshade:

“Me? You were expecting, me?” Eurydice asks pointing at herself as the figure nods his head, yes. “Yes, we have all been expecting you for thousands of years. Maybe even a millennium.” A woman explains standing next to the man. “Wait, I haven’t even been born yet.” Eurydice protests. The two looked at Thorn, Zandria, Cylis, Septimus, and December. “No, you are right you haven’t but your ancestor has.” The man said looking at all of them, not shifting his eyes or even moving his head. “Who?” Cylis asks. “Not who, what.” The woman says looking away. “Okay first of all, who are you, what are you?” Thorn asks not going any further with anything but that question. “You know who we are, exactly who and what we are.” The man said doing the same thing Thorn did. “You are the fired ones, masters of fire,” Eurydice spoke up not knowing she knew that. “Your name is Pyrrhus and your Azar.” “Hm I’m impressed girl.” Azar acknowledged, nodding her head. “So what do you want with her?” Septimus asks glaring at them. “Son, you don’t speak to us like that.” Pyrrhus roared and the whole place turned into a small earthquake. “Wait, I thought this was about Eurydice. Don’t change the subject and turn into me!” Septimus shouts out still glaring at him. “He’s right Pyrrhus; this is about Eurydice and Eurydice only. We can go back to Septimus later.” Azar explains calming her “husband” which it worked. “Ever well, I suppose we can have that conversation later. As we were saying, Eurydice, your ancestor was one of us. Well she didn’t exactly look like us nor had the same powers as us but she was as you or I or we would say, ‘Part of the family’” Pyrrhus explains but they all still look confused. “What?” Zandaria asks in even more confusion than before. “Her ancestor was a sorceress, Aurelia that was her name.” Pyrrhus explains sighing as if he just heard a sweet melody.” “And she’s a sorceress?” December wonders out loud. “Yes and much more but I won’t want to spoil it.” Azar explains not saying another word. “Tell us who she is, why you were expecting me, and your relationship with Septimus.” Eurydice growled making everything fly. Now a little frightened, Azar and Pyrrhus stop her before she goes too far. “We can only tell you this and nothing else until everything is rightfully prepared.” Azar explains holding out both of her hands in protection. Calming herself down, Eurydice asks what was the only thing they could tell and nothing else. “Aurelia, your ancestor…” Pyrrhus starts but ended it as if he was afraid something bad would happened and they were suppose to be fearless but you might as well guess that they all fear and respect this Aurelia. “Yes?” Thorn asks trying to get them to speed it up. “WHAT IS IT!?” Septimus finally lost his cool and yells at them with full furry. “I am alive, and have been for more than a millennium,” A woman says coming out of the shadows and into the light. When she was finally in full view, everyone noticed what she looked like and even though it has been so many long years, she still looked both beautiful and youthful. Looking at Eurydice, Aurelia says calming and with a bright smile, “Welcome home Eurydice, welcome home.”

Paragraph fifteen- Mpspenguin:

Eurydice let out a gasp. She, was her ancestor? Everyone was in shock from the unexpected arrival, and the fact that the person before them was so old.

“I am Aurelia,” the woman said, smiling warmly. “I’ll save you your questions- I am your ancestor, as, judging by your expression, you have probably gathered, and I am a sorceress. I have been awaiting your arrival.”

There was a short silence as Eurydice took this in. “How are you still alive?” she finally asked.

“I am an immortal- as long as I’m not killed in battle, that is,” Aurelia smiled. “And I can take any form I like, although I usually choose to look like this.”

“So why have you been waiting for me?” Eurydice questioned.

“You are a Veil Walker- a powerful one at that- and I wish to teach you. Your magic may be strong, but you need to learn how to keep it under control. I hear you have some kind of memory loss.”

Eurydice nodded.

“Hmm... that will make things difficult... but it can be done.” Aurelia paced up and down in thought, and then stopped, turning back to Eurydice.

“You must learn how to fight by tomorrow, if you want any chance of survival against Aluris and his followers. I should warn you- all of you,” she said, now looking at Thorn, Zandria, Septimus, December and the rest in turn, “however great your ability, there is only a fifty-fifty chance of survival, at best. Although, if you don’t do anything stupid,” she glared at Thorn, “then I think you should escape with only a few injuries. Just don’t be surprised if one of you ends up dead.”

They all exchanged nervous glances.

“Thorn. I see you are injured- I can heal you a little, but I need the majority of my power tomorrow. You’ll be able to fight, but not as well as usual. Step forward,” Aurelia said to Thorn. He did so, looking uncomfortable.

She stretched out her arms, her palms facing Thorn’s chest. She muttered a few words, and a rosy pink flowed from her hands and seeped through Thorn’s suit. It spread all over his body, causing him to shudder slightly. After about thirty seconds it faded.

“Thank you,” he said, bowing slightly and taking a step back. Aurelia nodded.

“Eurydice, could you perform the spells you remember for me?” she asked.

Not the one you used on me,” Thorn added warily.

Eurydice aimed her palms at the floor. “Akri s’lokra!” she yelled. Blue curled around the floor like fire, spreading colour up the stone walls and along the ceiling. Even after she’d dropped her arms, there was still a hint of blue on the floor.

“Good, good. Though that is merely a stunning spell,” Aurelia said. “And the other one?”


A bright fire quickly extinguished the coolness running through the air, sparks floating to the ground. The spot Eurydice had aimed at glowed red.

“Ok. That’s good- you just need a little training to bend the fire at your will,” Aurelia said. She held up her own hand, shooting fire at the wall. Her spell was much more powerful; the fire shot through the air rather than dribbling to the ground as Eurydice’s had done, and there was far more in quantity. Aurelia then moved her fingers, as if controlling puppet strings, and the fire began to move, curling into different shapes. It was clear that Aurelia could make the fire do whatever she wanted.

She stopped the spell, not looking at all drained of energy. Eurydice realised that the whole room felt much warmer.

“How do you do that, and then still have the same amount of energy?” she asked.

“You must balance out your energy- in fact, only a small amount is required for a spell like that. Your mind- having to perform it for the first time- merely thinks that it needs to produce more energy. And as for controlling it, my energy and some of my thoughts were running through the fire.”

Eurydice blinked.

“This takes a lot of concentration... I will not be able to teach you how to perfect such an art in this short space of time, but it should be enough. Ok, I want you to try it. Just focus your thoughts on the fire, tell it where it needs to go- and remind yourself, only a little energy is required. Go.”

Startled at having to do this in front of everyone with so little information, Eurydice aimed her palm and closed her eyes. “Yalaxora!”

The flames immediately flowed, but clumsily. She tried to focus, and send her energy into the spell. Go right, she told the flames.

Eurydice opened her eyes to see the effect. The flames were bending right slightly, but not smoothly, and after a while resumed their clumsy path. She thought of a square, already feeling tired. Less energy, she told herself. The flames formed a wobbly square- well, she hoped it was a square- but only for a second or two.

“Enough,” Aurelia said suddenly. Eurydice let her arm drop to her side. “This will take some time. Thorn, Zandria, get yourselves ready, and brush up on some moves. The rest of you, help build the defences, and make yourselves useful.”

The two demons teleported away, the others walking off.

“Eurydice. This will be hard, but you’ll know a few more spells and be a lot tougher for tomorrow. Let’s get started.”

The next few hours consisted of fire bending- Eurydice could now bend fire at will, though it was still difficult and sometimes failed- and she learned a new spell which prevented a demon from teleporting for a short space of time- “Irulora”. She was still very shaky on the spells, but felt more confident about going out to battle.

“You’ll need a weapon too- nothing big, most of your attack is magic, but maybe a dagger....”

She fumbled in her cloak, and pulled out a steel dagger, with a leather handle. Aurelia handed it to Eurydice, who weighed it in her hand. It felt about right.

“Keep it with you at all times- you never know when you might need it,” Aurelia advised.

Thorn and Zandria flashed in front of them, making Eurydice jump.

“Couldn’t you enter more subtly?” she asked, slightly annoyed.

“Sorry,” Thorn grinned. Zandria looked excited, and was running her hands through her short white hair.

“I’ve been assigned a Veil Walker!” she said, her voice quivering with excitement. “He’s called Jay, and seems alright, but he gets along with Thorn, which is never a good sign.”

Eurydice laughed. “Great! So this is something you’ve wanted for a while?”

Zandria nodded. “I couldn’t let on when I was with Aluris, but it’s always interested me. What can I say- you mortals need us to babysit you,” she said, smiling at Eurydice to make it clear she was joking.

“Oh- I’m being summoned- do I have to go?” she asked Thorn. He nodded.

“It’s part of the deal.”

Zandria sighed. “Oh well. See you later, then.”

Paragraphs sixteen, seventeen and eighteen- KP Merriweather:

"Don't think that because you're descended from a line of Fire Masters and the Sorceress Aurelia that you can slack off," Thorne grumbled. "You may be strong in the magic department and walking between worlds, but your body is still considered a tasty snack for lunkheaded demons like Aluris."

"Why is Aluris so comitted to destroying Veil Walkers?" Eurydice demanded. Thorne blew a heavy sigh and rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

"I'll tell you this - if we survive this war, I'll tell you about my past."

"Are you betting that one of us will die out there?"

"We need to get going," Thorne said impatiently, ignoring her question. "The faster we slay these beasts, the better I'd feel!"

"I don't think I'm ready yet," Eurydice protested. Thorne grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close, looking directly down at her with glowing orange eyes.

"Listen girl, we can train for a million years and never be ready! You just go out there and kick !"


"I'm just as scared as you are - but will I let that dog Aluris and his lackeys see that? No! So stop whimpering and let's go!"

Eurydice let out a stunned cry as her world warped around her in a flash of crimson light. Suddenly the two reappeared in a bloodied field with total chaos going on around them - men and women wearing armor of different kinds fighting with enchanted weaponry and hurling shots of magical flame and ice. Demons and Alati on both sides engaged in epic struggle, clawing, biting, and slashing their way, hoping to eck out victory for their side. Thorne quickly pulled Eurydice down and teleported out of the way of an incoming fireball, reappearing behind a trench where several Alati archers were firing beams of gold light that multiplied and rained down as heavy silver needles at its target. Cylis crouched next to Eurydice, lacing a gold bracer on his arm and tying the ties with his teeth.

"You must've read your coordinates upside down," he chastised. "We damn nearly killed you two!" "I'm technically your commander," Thorne snapped.

"I let some grunting underling deal with the maps!" Cylis grabbed Thorne's collar and Thorne grasped his arm in return, baring his teeth.

"We're under heavy fire," Cylis sqwaked, "and you'd now want to push rank?" "Stop it you two!" Eurydice spat, pushing Cylis away before he threw a punch.

"I don't like this and I don't want to be here! So please, let's get this over with."

"I'll punish you later," Thorne grumbled and reached into his blazer pocket to withdraw a headset. Slipping it on over his head, he touched the side button, releasing a small green lens that slid out and covered his right eye. He touched the button on the other side of the headset and it did the same. The green lenses suddenly flashed orange. "I'm getting a message from Zandria. Put your headset on and dial into my frequency." Cylis opened a small latch in his bracer and withdrew a folded headset. Taking it apart and placing them on, he withdrew a pair of violet lenses that glowed blue.

"She says Aluis's weak point is his behind is right ear," Cylis said, appearing baffled.

"How would she know something like that?"

"Who cares, Left Hand," Thorne spat. "Get out there, chop it off and bring it back to me!" Cylis drew a baton of saffron light in hand that cackled in orange electricity.

"I can see why you chose that girl," Cylis growled. "She can't remember how much of a devil you really are!" Thorne waved him away nonchalantly and Cylis quickly took flight, leaving behind a cloud of dust. Thorne turned to Eurydice that sat on her knees next to him, appearing disturbed. He took off his headset and placed it on her head. She let out a surprised yelp when her vision flashed in green light and orange data scrolled down the screen.

"This is how we're going to communicate for the time being until you figure out that release spell," Thorne explained. "Otherwise, it'd be a telepathic link."

"How can you talk to me if you don't have a headset on?" Eruydice demanded, incredelous. "I have a backup handheld that shows me what you see and transmits your voice." A PDA icon appeared on the screen in her visor. "Just look at it and the commands will work. It's easier that way; it keeps your hands free." Eurydice glanced at the icon and a virtual page appered, detailing information about the backup handheld that Thorne held. "We're clearing a path of attack for getting to Aluris. Hopefully everyone else can grind his crew down. Knowing him, he'll stay alive long enough to come after me and take my head."

"Why did he call you 'brother'?" Eurydice suddenly asked. "Is it a title or something else?"

"I'm punching in your coordinates," Thorne sneered. "Get over there, now!" The orange text vanished and the green screen lightened, returning Eurydice's sight to normal. She saw a green arrow pointing offside and Eurydice ran that way, following where it directed her. Climbing out over the trenches, she quickly manuvered her way around other fighters and swiftly dodging magical attacks. Eurydice felt dread in her heart, wishing to use the shield spell she just learned so she could shortcut her way across the field and get to Aluris. Aurelia warned her the shield spell could only stand a few seconds at best due to her current power level and using it took a toll on her body.

"Use it when you strike Aluris, then and only then," Aurelia told Eurydice. "That shield is the only spell he can't penetrate."

"Rah!" A gravely voice bellowed and Eurydice quickly turned out of a hard strike from a heavy decorated saber. Turning around, Eurydice stood face to face against a hulking demonic swordfighter in great topaz plate armor. "Akri s'lokra!" she screamed and shoved him back with blast of electric blue light. "Yalaxora!" A large sphere of flame charred the swordfighter before he could raise his blade, and a flashing avatar of Thorne appeared on her screen.

"What in the nine are you doing?" he squawked. "Don't waste your power on those thugs!"

"He almost took off my head you know!" Eurydice shouted back.

"Keep running! No matter what, don't fight back and for my sake - don't use magic!" Eurydice grunted and continued for her target. "Aluris is one tough old dog," Thorne's voice continued. "He's the type that will latch on your arm and won't get go, biting and biting until you're ground beef!"

Suddenly static filled the communication line and Eurydice screamed as she fell through a pit trap, hurtling downwards into darkness.

Slamming onto the bottom with a hard thud, Eurydice moaned as great pain consumed her body. She sat up, shaking off the initial stun and looked around, her eyes slowly growing accustomed to the dim light that wafted from above.

"Thorne!" Eurydice shouted. The headset continued to give white noise and the lenses were clear - definate indication that she was out of range. Slowly standing to her her feet, Eurydice held out a hand, tentaively searching for a wall also afraid to move forward. Suddenly a low hum generated in the distance and faint pale frosted light flashed on around her, illumiating the what she now found to be a corridor. Eurydice looked up above her, finding that the holed entranceway had no ladder to the top. Eurydice frowned and started forward, searching for an alternate exit.

After some time of walking down the lone hallway, Eurydice approached a large room that had several pods made of iridescent orange material. All were opened, save for one that was empty. Beside the pods were darkened monitors and ahead a smaller pathway led to another room that wound around the corner. Eurydice felt as if ice pierced her guts as she headed down the narrow hall, ignoring her intutition that screamed at her to turn and run. Rounding the other side, she found a heavy blue steel door slightly ajar and pushed it open, revealing a vast communications room. Only lone young man in a dark green uniform with shaggy red hair sat at the command chair, with a headset to his ear and his free hand turning dials and flipping switches. On the multiple screens showed a massive battle.

"Oh, so you've come," he said nonchalantly. Eurydice quickly took a step back as the young man set down his headset and pushed away his chair. "I don't know if you're stupid and really lucky or just smart and perseistent." Standing to his feet, the young man turned around and Eurydice felt a lump growing in her throat as she faced him directly, immediately recognizing him at once.

"I thought you were out there fighting with the others, Aluris!" she cried. He grinned, his dark green eyes flashing scarlet, revealing star-shaped pupils.

'You'd think a great tactican such as I would be dumb enough to get out there on the field of battle?" Aluris crowed. "I prefer three against one... though fighting one on one is my best." He stepped forward and Eurydice quickly stepped away. A frigid cold rushed in the room and the door slammed shut behind them. Aluris held out his hands, unleashing vermillion dragon-like wings.

"Tei'dsar Ixio!" A flash of dark violet light engulfled the room and suddenly three more copies of Aluris appeared.

"See this, Veil Walker?" they all shouted at once, forming crimson flame in their hands. "This is my strongest spell and everyone, including the mighty Thorne has succumbed to it!" The four Alurises surrounded Eurydice and she quickly put up her guard. "No one can never figure out which is the copy and which is real. The one you so desperately seek on the surface is yet another copy!" Eurydice clenched her teeth as they circled her, vaunting. "Maybe the one you found here is yet another copy and the real live one you wish to kill is far from here in another place - maybe another dimension?"

"What's the whole point of this?" Eurydice snapped. "Why do you want me dead? Why do you want to punish Thorne? Why do you hold a grudge against the Council?"

"You can't get these answers if you're dead!"

"A'xirnos!" Eurydice cried and unleashed a golden sphere around herself as the four Alurises slashed down with flaming crimson claws. The shield flickered as they continued lashing at the barrier. "I only have one chance to get him and not that much longer to hold up this shield!" she thought. "Which one is real? What if none of them are?" Eurydice withdrew her dagger she had tucked into a holster on her hip.

"This is it - I have to bank on it!" Eurydice shut her ey

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