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My girlfriend is always commenting on the type of boks I read (Sci Fi, Fantasy) so I thought I'd get one back on her!

Submitted: October 09, 2006

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Submitted: October 09, 2006



I wish Jamie would clear away all his junk instead of leaving it at his backside" thought Kay.

Jamie had been visiting Kay in Limerick for the weekend and had returned to Glasgow that day. Kay was tidying the bedroom and had come across one of his books.

"Elves, Goblins, Vampires! He reads some rubbish, a round, black, shiny stone found in a moonlight clearing can protect you from evil, what a load of rubbish!"

That night Kay lay in bed trying to sleep. Eventually she dropped off.

Suddenly she woke up. "What was that noise?" She went downstairs to investigate. Everything seemed normal. She was just about to go back to bed when she heard a thump from the patio out back. She switched on the security light and peered nervously out through the kitchen window.


She decided to open the patio doors and take a closer look to put her mind at ease.

As she looked out of the doors she felt an almighty push on her back and she fell through the doors, which then slammed shut. Kay tried the doors. They were locked fast. She tried to shout, to scream. No sound would come. She could feel eyes on her and she could sense a malevolent will behind them. In a blind panic she thrust open the back gate and ran, and ran, and ran. She could hear voices in the wind, "Kaaay, Kaaay, Kaaay". Her heart pounded. Her breath was ragged. Her every nerve aflame. Faster! Faster! Don’t look back! Don’t stop! Run, run, RUN! Into the trees. Branches grabbing, roots tripping, and always eyes, eyes, eyes! Kay ran and ran till she thought her heart would burst." something’s getting close! It’s nearer, nearer! Must stop, cant stop! Must stop, cant stop! Here it comes!

just then Kay burst into a clearing. The moon shone brightly in her eyes and her legs finally gave way. As she hit the ground her hand grasped something small and hard. A clawlike hand grabbed her and then….

Ding al ling a ling!

"whats that, thank God it’s the alarm. What a nightmare! That’s the last time I read any of Jamie’s books. Oh well, time to get up I suppose"

Kay got up and put on her dressing gown. "That was one horrible dream," thought Kay "Hello, what’s this in my pocket?"

From her dressing gown pocket Kay took out something small and hard. It was a smooth round black shiny stone!






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