Circle of Life?

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Submitted: November 07, 2006

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Submitted: November 07, 2006



They gather at the gates

Shouting, screaming, demanding answers

But no one ventures out

To satisfy the baying crowd



"Why are we not heard?"

Is the familiar cry.

"We are the ones who fight, who die

Yet you remain behind your painted walls

Eating from your banquet while the rest starve"



"Do you believe it will always be this way,

You forever striding over the huddled masses

Smiling smugly as you throw a bone

Expecting gratitude as vindication and currency "



"Well my ‘friend’, it ends here

We will take what is ours by right

We will cast you down

So all can share the wealth"




"I like it here, I think I’ll stay

I am the representative of the new order

I promise to make things right

No more will the imbalance remain"



"But understand I need time

I ask you all to return home

Be patient for all will be well

Though I must close the doors to prepare to begin"



"Such a task is in front of me

The masses just can’t comprehend

All I do is for their good

This they will see in the fullness of time"



"It’s been a battle so I’ ll just relax

Have a good meal, maybe a drink or two

I promise to begin my task tomorrow

Or maybe in a week."

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