Have you ever slept in a Caravan (Trailer) Park after a night on the booze? All those birds walking on the roof at the break of dawn, and the noise!!!

Why Mr Crow do you shout for Bob,

When you should be out there looking for a job,

Go, try and earn an honest bob,

Instead of looking for a place to rob

Why Mr Crow do you spend all day

Screeching at the sky in a most annoying way

I’d really love to make you pay

Cos all your noise has wakened Kay


Please Mr Crow wont you just move on

Im sick of your monotonous song

You’ve been on the roof for way too long

And what your doing, it must be wrong

Mr Crow, I’ll ask once more

Please go through the exit door

Cos you’ve got me crawling on the floor

And my head and ears are really sore

Hey Crow, my temper’s wearing thin

I just cant stand your awful din

If you could see the state Im in
you’d fly away, cos it’s a sin

That’s it Crow, you’ve had your fun

You think you are the number one

But your time is up, you’d better run

Cos I’ve gone out and bought a gun!

Submitted: September 30, 2006

© Copyright 2023 Mr Benn. All rights reserved.

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