Swallowed the key

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When my Fiancee was about 18 months old her father let her play with an old clock. The clock was operated by winding the key at the back. as infants do, she put the key in her mouth and managed to swallow it. Her mother gave her father a load of grief but it all "worked out" in the end!I thought it would make a good topic for a nursery rhyme.

Submitted: October 03, 2006

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Submitted: October 03, 2006



Kay swallowed the key

The key to the clock

The clock wouldn’t work

So the whole town was stopped

Nothing was baked

Not even a cake

The hens did’nt lay

and the cows slept all day

so no milk was had

and the butter went bad

The post didn’t show up

and the trains didn’t stop

There was no one around

not a breath or a sound

there was nothing to see

'cos Kay swallowed the key!

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