The Scarecrow

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Is the life of a Scarcrow reflective of your life in any way?

Submitted: September 30, 2006

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Submitted: September 30, 2006



Out in the field at the break of day

Body of straw, and hair of hay

Pole down back and stuck in clay

Supposed to scare the birds away


grass grown right up past the feet

positioned were the crossroads meet

arms stretched wide across the sky

A mouse in pocket, keeping dry


"I’ve been here for fifty years

and no-one ever dries my tears,

The birds all laugh and make fun of me

And never, ever let me be"


"I’ve never left this horrid place

never saw another face

never even sat on a chair

Oh, life is really so unfair "


"But wait, the farmer lifts me down

Will he take me into town?

Or at least to somewhere nice and warm

To keep me dry from the coming storm"


"Oh this is great, I’m in the farm,

Warm as toast and free from harm

After all this time at last I’m free

A life to live, a world to see"


"Its ok Farmer, I’m close enough

Please, no closer. Those flames look rough

If you don’t stop pushing I ll be to near

And my straw will sizzle and my hay will sear


"Oh damn, I think I’ve worked it out

Oh yes I know without a doubt

iust when I thought life was getting higher

The Farmer’s thrown me in the Fire!








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