My diary for my beloved lost son

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Can our world ever be free from prejudice and racial stereotyping? The answer is NO.

Can evil heart succeed? I don't think so, because they disappeared like a smoke without notice.

Submitted: September 08, 2013

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Submitted: September 08, 2013



My Diary


  My beloved lost son


5th of Aug 2013


Oh my beloved son Ijenna, how would have known or see the bitter winds, the evil winds coming into our shallow life.

Here I sat on this mountain of those that gone before, thinking about you my beloved son.

On these mountains I see no ending sight for my plight and quest to be with you.

On these mountains I sat and witnessed those that have no words in their mouth to explain their pains and grieves.

But unfortunately I am one of those.

Those that had gone before me through this mountain top. 

Those days are gone, when we use to play together and I'm already missing you before you are even gone.

My heart is very cold and weary, just as I was cold in Stockhol in  2003/2004.

I wasn’t in my heart cold before, but now I have been told, though I wasn’t born to endure this kind of coldness and pains in my heart.


When I think of things that happened to you and me in such  a short time, I feel like a ghost in my mind.

The feelings that often left me reeling in pain.

Though I am weak, worn and defeated and I gladly wear the crown.

But I know that you, my beloved dearly son will forever be in my heart and soul till the day I die, till the day I would say goodbye to the sun, till the day I would lay dead, till the day I would sleep forever.

But I would always love you as long as my spirits lives, as my love for you my beloved son Ijenna would go on and on.

The birds in the sky would wisper to you how much I had and always loved you.

My brave son Ijenna I will be your symbol, your strength and I will be your 29th of June, If you will be my beloved son and my Ijenna too.

I am not asking much of you but just to remember me’ always remember me and my journey through this world.

I missed you my beloved son Ijenna.

But my son Ije just sing little a song darling, sing with me when am gone.

Dear you my son Ijenna, now so much I know that things just don't happened If you don't attract them with your desires and love, maybe by carelessness.

Anyway I have been there before, where I held up the door for every stranger with a promise but those who deceived me and my soul.

Those that betrayed me and lied to me when I am least of myself and lack strength of my own.

But I'm now carefully holding back, that's the strength that I lack every morning keeps returning at my window looking out for you but as time passes, I realised how the evil wind and shadow had carried you off my arm unoticed.

Then I realised that you are gone and now a stranger with strange language to me, as your father and it brings me tears and heart discomfort but all this dismay bring me to you and I won't just pass through day without you in my head, mind and my sleep gone and my teary eyes on the cellings through nights thinking about you, only you my dearly beloved son Ijenna.

But I'm not asking for a storm.

My beloved son you alway on my heart now and forever.


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