Please my son I am weary and let me rest

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My son your daddy is thousand miles away from home sitting here in empty home thinking how I fought a war with broken hands and soul.

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013



       My son your daddy is thousand miles away from home sitting here in empty home thinking how I fought a war with broken hands and soul. I am here waiting for mercy. I am her with my broken wings waiting for the train to take me distance away from my troubles. I am here in empty dark room waiting for hand of God to reach me and heals me once again. I am here in empty room asking God to heal my broken soul and crushed spirit. I am here in a cold room asking God what happen to me. God please heal me, heal me, Oh God what of my yesterdays? I can't even breath or stand on fits, my body is trembling in fear. Eaten by anxieties and my life has no taste. My broken dreams for son have doomed my fate. Oh Lord touch me I am in pain and all alone. Oh Good heal me I am disable with out my son. I am here looking at wall for my son to appear from it and touch me and heal me. I am away from my son, my son I called my home. The tree in me have been cut down. God please reach your hand and heal me. Oh Lord please don't put me off in hope state. I dearly love my son. The wide open spaces all around me and my son, is like the moon and stars up above. Nobody seems to want me or lend me a helping hand. I am on my way from this weakness, going back to redemption. My soul is empty without you and my heart is full of pains my son you are thousand miles away from our home Waiting for me. My heart hurts and it's hurts me deeply, my son. Your daddy is devastated I am missing you and is killing me.       


Please my son I am weary let me rest. My son I feel for you and your situation but God will be with you and always with you. God would heal you and protect you as time goes on. we will see each other one day again


My son kiss your father in the forehead and lay down on my body, my son you will feel the true love I had for you.

I will throw my arm around you, but I can’t see or hold you now, so I am weary and let me rest.

So many years have passes on and it’s seems the lights of hopes for better future is swiftly fading away between us.

And our brighter future seems to be a dream on shallow water.

Those dreams I had for you, seems to be dreams on the desert sand.

Only sadness this desert sand whispered on my ears.

They do now show while I am standing by these rivers of endless pains, waiting for the angels to take me home, where I might find rest because I am weary and need rest.

See the pains upon my forehead my heart on my sleeves and the internal scars.

I shed so many tears on my dark and cold room all alone.

My son I remembered those days I was helplessly and hopelessly slipping down to unknown.

I wept for your future and what it's hold's for you.

The bad fate has doomed our futures now, what else a man like me could say?

My son your father was helpless when you were carried away by evil wind and shadow.

Through the years I have always loved you so much and our lives I have tried to save.

I don't know if the beautiful roads we had traveled had come to an end.

But now and then I slumber swiftly in deep challenges that I face with lonely and battered soul of mine.

My son I am weary and worn out and need rest and let your daddy rest.

I trembled before my adversities, I fall and slumped on their presence, because I was weak, worn out and weary.

But remember to throw your arms around me, around your daddy who thinks about you everyday.

This floor of mine has a carpet of sorrows, yet no one seems to weep with me.

But all they say, is that I broke the bar mirror.

Though the truth is the fact and the fact is the truth and truth is not hard to find.

Those hands on the clock never alter. My beloved son as you can see that things never change in this place because there's no present, no past, and no future.

My beloved son we are the ones who have lost in this race.

My son I am weary and I need rest because my strength has sunk like makeshift boat on the middle of ocean, where I have been toiling over the years to save you or find you back home.

Here I am with no road or direction on horizon and everyone seen distance from your father.

I am weary my son let me rest because I crumbled when my world became black, I failed helplessly when I was held by the cold hands of cold soul.

I bowed before my adversity, affliction and troubles.

All my friends turned their back on me, everyone felt very distance from me, I am weary my son and need lest.

My heart is leaking and I am very scared and very weary so my son let your daddy rest.

My son your daddy have walked through this unfriendly desert without food, water just to find you back home to my arms where you felt secured.

Time is getting closer and I heard time calling me and it’s getting louder and louder but God help my soul.

This call is not a friendly voice, but I hope that you will see me one day again.

I am weary and weak my son please let your daddy rest.

There is so much thick mist on my way, so let me rest, the evil heart of desperate seems to be stronger.

My beloved son I am weary the night is befalling on me on a daylight.

I am weary my son because my soul is injured and scarred for life.

So I am weary let your father rest, but remember to kiss me in forehead when I am finally felling like lone soldier and his dog in battle field.

When I fall down no one comes to help me up, when I am weak no one picked me up when I fell.

When I got dried no one give me water.

When I found myself alone no one came to me to comforts me, so I ate from plate of despairs and dismay.

When I shout out for help to come to me silence is what came back to me.

When I asked for mercy i was mocked instead of helpping hands.

On this empty street I see no home, on this street I walk alone looking for friendly face to see me but no friendly face see me.

I am weary my Son so let me rest.

When I became weak no one is there to give me strength.

I wept all day and all night alone. I am now weary and worn out my beloved son.

I see your face, your angry face, your sad face because you miss me.

But my sense of distance is telling me that you are there waiting for your daddy to get you back from the hole.

My son your father is down and out, I am weary but I forever stand still waiting for the day all this will end and the sun will shine, on our soul will rise again, because the strength of man rises whenever he fall down and get up.

I stand here forever still waiting for some sort of miracle that can change all this things. because things never seems to change in this place.

The miracle that will put smile again to my ever withering face.

Oh Lord take this ever sinking ship and point it towards home.

I am weary and broken Oh Lord and let me rest.

I am so exhausted, finished.

No where is near, I can't conjure a word out of thin air, so I slumped in great fear and trembled in front of affliction, my fear is alive.


My dearly beloved son, where do we go from here?

My prayer for my son, oh God of mercy please hear my prayer

Where do I and my son go from here?

What fate is drawing near to us?

Oh Lord touch our heart and guide our heart from hurts and set our foots through path of peace.

Through the grace of you God alone I and my son will cast aside these fears we have known and lift ourselves from the depths of deep despair.

Lead me and my beloved son through these sorrows and through each gloomy day.

Take my and my son  hands, oh, heavenly Lord and help us on our way.

Give me and my son the strength that we might find abiding faith and peace of mind through the tough times ahead.

We won't ask where do I and my son go from here?

Please, lead me and my son through these strive and through each trouble we may find ourselves on these misty days ahead of me and my son.

Take our hands, oh God of mercy and help me and my son on our way because we are seeking things we might have.

Oh lord heal my son torn heart.

My son remember me when am gone with those that has gone before me.

Oh Lord I miss my son so much and it hurts me deeply my God heal my son.

We are weary let us rest. my beloved son God will be with you.


My be love son our Journey through tribulations and sorrows to find tranquilities for our souls.


My son it have been so long I last saw your laughing face.

This morning I opened my window and the sun shined upon my face that filled with tears.

I feel your absent and your pain it's eats me up.

I feel my emptiness without you now, as there empty place in my heart where you use to be.

Then I sat down to meditate with heart filled with pains and sorrows, for all we have lost in such a short time in painful but God will be your strength.

I began to imagine our life together without pains, sorrows, betrayal and deceit, but pure innocence and tranquilities.

Where happiness is endless and joy flows like Lake of Uz and lake Victoria.

And we will play all day and sleep all nights as we use to play before.

We lay down on our backs to watch moon shine on our face.

The sun shines on our face while we lay against the happy trees.

The land of tranquilities the rain will fall and the thunders will roar and our heart will feel the presence of nature and power of the heaven and earth.

I know that there is peace and tranquilities ahead of me and you and there is storm too.

We will return to our innocent and would not care about what the future hold for us.

I now know as a man there is a dark and a troubled side of life there is a bright side of life.

There is a sunny side, too.

So through my plight journey to be with you my son and to see you through the life of love and tranquilities of our soul and body.

Though we meet with the darkness and strife when all we needed is peace and love but my son you should understand that there is always a sunny side of life, we also may struggle, so keep on the sunny side with your beloved father.

Always with your beloved daddy on the sunny side to everlasting tranquilities.

My son sometime when we fall into undoubtedly trouble we always forget that there is better life somewhere.

Where there is no strife and discriminations that killed the soul. So my son, I keep on to the sunny side of life.

It might be detrimental to get there, but keep your perseverance to that road that leads to everlasting tranquilities.

We might fall down and out but we will rise up stronger don’t give up and keep on your beliefs and your convictions.

So my beloved son we will always triumphs over formidable enemies with pure heart and open truth when we are less strong .

God will help us every day’ it will brighten all the way to our tranquilities and peace to our soul.

No matter how hard the life troubled me and shuttered me and my soul and existence, your daddy will never give up on loving you till the day night will befell on me.

Even If we we keep on the sunny side of life the storm and its fury may broke today, crushing our hopes and love that we cherish so dearly.

The clouds and storms will, in time, pass away and then my son with my untarnished love for you will remain the same.

The sun again will shine bright and clear on our face when we conquer the adversities of inhuman treatment we suffered.

So my beloved son let us greet each day with the song of love to our hope each day.

The Will of innocent man besieges him when he fall on his feet but that is not the end but a beginning.

Let everything fade away but not my son.

I am only cooking pot that can be turned upside down and still retained it's contents.


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