The lone soldier and his dog/ Me and my son

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The story of untarnished love of lone soldier and his dog, was a story I wrote when my family I adore so much, broke down. In other word the great bond/love between me and my son. During that time I was lost in emotion, by lost of my beloved son. The lost which was destroying me. Then I began to imagine love that can last forever. Even when the person is gone. The love that see no betrayal. Then I began to write about this lone soldier and his dog which mirrored how I felt about the love I had for my son. How I fought to save only thing I have, but fall to lose it all at end. I believe that my life journey have been extra ordinary. But through this difficult time hopes became things of past, but I found myself in pains and perseverance. That time, I couldn't hold on to what I want because of the fear of uncertainty have stretched me so thin that I began to lose grip of whom I use to be. My son was the main factor of my desire to make it possible to take myself back from the hands of dark hole. I was slipping down into unknown without control, I was failing slowly but steady. But the God almighty who search all men hearts and hears all men prayer, heard my prayer of distress, when I quietly asked God to take this ever sinking boat and point it towards home. Sometimes in our various lives our soul and spirit would be tested and tried by adversity that comes with life. But is only the strong survive it. I will ever be grateful for God, who delivered me from the edge of beast. Not only that God gave me the grace but also the wisdom and strength to go through the difficult time. so many night I wiped away my tears with those of my broken hands, when everyone felt faraway from me. During that time of my troubles, God also make me aware of my hidden wisdom and flaws.

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013





The ultimate and untarnished love of a lone soldier and his dog.

Once upon a time there was this soldier who went to war against his enemy.

But before he went to war against his enemies he looked around among his people, friends and family.

He could not find anybody to trust among them who will watch his back while he battles his enemies at battle grounds.

Then he remembered that his dog have been loyal and always watched over him while he was asleep also a best friend of his.

Then he turned to his dog, but he understood that his dog is not human being but a loyal and trusted friend of his, in form of animal.

Then he trained his dog so that his dog would be able to understand and deals with the consequences of war as they come.

So after he trained his dog he was satisfied with his dog responds, now both of them have confidence, trust and untarnished love on each other.

Then he changed his dog name to war dog, knowing very well that his dog will never be the same again.

Then him and his trusted dog friend also companion left to army camps, as they arrive at army camp, other soldiers were mocking, laughing and joking at him and his dog.

But this attitude from his comrades did not change his trust and love towards his dog.

Then suddenly war broke out, other soldiers’ lushes to each other for protection also as a battle mates.

But this particular soldier calls on his dog and they went and took cover and position.

But as battle rages on then him and his dog drifted apart from other soldiers till him and his dog became totally isolated in a war that is very volatile.

Now this soldier and his dog fighting the enemy alone, so as night falls again the lone soldier fell asleep and his dog kept watch over him.

But not for long when his dog spotted the enemy approaching towards him and his dog position and his dog barked and barked to alert him.

But before he could react it was too late for him. Then he was shot by the enemy spears.

His dog has taken cover just a few feet away from him with silent.

His dog was trained to do so in an event like that, and what his dog did.

Then after the enemy left, his dog quietly, slowly and carefully approached the lone soldier also a trusted friend.

So as his dog finally came closer to this soldier with careful eyes, the he carried out inspections.

This lone soldier was lying on the ground dying, but he could see that his dog was with him and that his dog did not abandon him in his difficult time.

So when the dog started sniffing on his body, he then lifted his hand and strokes his dog on the head and called his dog by his old name.

The name he used to call the dog before he changed his dog name, to war dog.

This lone soldier did this in other to remind his dog that he still remember who the dog is to him and how they use to be together before he trained him dog to be a war dog.

So this soldier still remembers all the better days with his dog even in his dying minutes.

So as he called his dog his old name and he thanks his dog for being his trusted and best friend, also as his war mate.

He also thanks his dog for being there by him also for not turning his back on him at difficult time.

His dog could not talk as he is not human but an animal, but all the dog could do was to bark and bark and constantly waves his tale in happiness or sorrows, who knows?

Then this soldier died shortly afterwards as his great and trusted friend watches.

Then his dog could smell the spirit of death, but his dog kept sniffing and laying on the lone soldier body despite knowing that his best friend is dead. 

Lone soldier's dog knowing that, did not stop the dog biting his best friend clothe trying to wake him up so that they can go home.

His dog did not gave up, his dog lays beside his body days and nights barking all days and nights.

So after so many days and nights of barking and sniffing for some sorts of hope, watching over the lone soldier’s dead body with undying hope to see if there is any sign of life or him waking up.

Then his dog became exhausted and went silent but still stayed by him.

Then nature began to take it course on the lone soldier’s body, his body began to disintegrate so badly.

Then his dog began to understand that his best friend is not and will never come back.

His dog then began to understand that he has lost his best friend his guardians and provider infarct everything.

Maybe that is why the dog continued to hold on to this lone soldier disintegrated body hopping that something could change.

Then his dog began to move on by leaving body of the lone soldier behind and to take his future into his hand.

But every time his dog left the badly disintegrated body of this lone soldier behind to go on his way.

Then his dog will then turns back again and start to sniff on this soldier body all over again.

His dog has lost everything but not hopes and doubts that he might come back again.

Then finally his dog began to move on, but as his dog walked on and stops to look back in despair.

Finally is dog began to move on, but still continued to stop and sniffed on every living things looking for his best friend, guardians, provider also the person who used played with him.

There is no doubt that this dog life has changed forever and will forever live in shadow of doubt, hope also in search for his best and trusted friend.

There is no doubt that this dog have been loyal, trusted and loved this lone soldier so much.

There is no doubt that this dog will always look out for this lone soldier for the rest of his life.

There is no doubt that this has million questions in his mind but no one to answer them.

There is no doubt that this dog will forever live with this sense of lost and emptiness for the rest of his life.

There is no doubt that this dog would have to deal with his double identity as a friendly dog and as a war dog.

My son your daddy is still alive and well and one day we shall meet again.

My son I am still waiting for you to come home,

My son I can't sleep, so much pain in my heart, My spirit is broken, my heart is shattered into millions of flagments.

The blood oozing inside my heart, which doctors could not see, It's hurt me so much.

my son your daddy is injured from insid, my heart is broken and can never be fixed.

Your absents have left me with broken soul, the journey to find you have taken it tole on me.

I am weaken by demonisation and defamations lebelled against me. There is so much mist fogs and evil cloud on my way that I couldn't see the road ahead of me.

Those days you where here at home my strength was at peak. I saw your black hair during your birth it was first thing I saw of you.

Seeing you coming out into this world was the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave me hope, berief, confident and future.

Your body was a house for my soul, while your presence was food to my very soul.

You are my whole world. since you have gone my life my whole existance is disaparing like a smoke.

Sitting here in my dark room weeping and hitting my head on the wall to relieve my pain and anguish of my soul, counting and worried about you and damages been done to you is killing me with no ending sight.

But your father will never get weary through these journey to find you back home.

Daddy loves you so much


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