Eulogy to my great grandmother (Final)

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based on a True story..........

Eulogy to Alice!!

Your Strengths, your Eminences, your Excellencies, distinguished guests. To Friends and Families and Colleagues and the rest of Alice’s beautiful family and to May and to Evelyn, we are here to grieve with you and more importantly we are here because we love you.

Life sometime can be really hard to understand and the hard times that we have faced together as a family. Life cannot be defined but it will always be a memory to us and always will be kept in our heart. The moment when I recall my past memories, I get consumed by them as my great grandmother passed away and this would bring tears to my eyes over and over again but as time passed on I got stronger and faced this situation and this in turn made me a strong human being. I always have looked her up as an inspiration and always try to be a good and humble human being like her. Her simile always cheered up people and I try and imitate to have a smile like her which puts a smile on others and makes the world a better place to live. Our family suffered a great loss and almost everyone was heartbroken and stricken by sadness, so I realized this and tried to cover up the loss which our family suffered by uniting them and making them realize that only her physical body was lost not her soul memories as they will always live on within us. We as a family will always strive to finish the work that great grand mom tried to accomplish which is making the world a better place to live.


I remember one time when Alice and I we were sitting at the stairs and we were just having a little chat about life and what life is about and what it meant to me. She told me that “Life has a way of kicking us when we’re down and just when you think you can’t fall any lower, you get kicked again. But it’s important to remember that setbacks, failures, and tragedy are part of life.” “Giving up is a coward way out and that you should not let yourself fail because you’ve just been hit by a rock. But even though that pain is inside you and it hurts you, you still have to go forward and move on and see for yourselves.” This also reminded of quote being said on before “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can hear a hardship today.”- Hanh


No matter how hard life would be for me I still wouldn’t give up, but even though it’s so hard that you could not stand up, I will still have to keep lifting myself up and continue to move forward. Because you know someday you will find a better future and it will brighten you up.


As we all know up’s and down’s are a part of life. Without them life would be empty.

We will try to let go of the past and move forward in life with the lessons learned which make us or break us. By thinking optimistically we should always try to let incidents like this make us. When I just took a deep breath just now I realized that my heartbeat was faster and I just realized that I want to say something here that is very important and we all should listen. Alice left me with this piece of letter that she wrote and she wanted me to share this with you all. When she gave this letter to me, I felt like this is was my last chance to read her words and to understand every bit of what she is saying and try to convey to me.


Dear Families:

I know sometime in future I might be gone without you all knowing me, and I would be left out of the family , but I still would come back and see you all again. It’s been a long time we haven’t been together and sitting on the same dinner table together again. Chatting, playing, having fun together as a family again. My grandchildren will have all grown up which I see in my imagination, they must be wondering where Alice has gone, don’t tell them that I have left; I would always protect them and be there for them when they need me. The past is the past and the present is the present. Time has gone so fast that I can’t imagine that I’m already in my 70+ years. I know some day I will be gone and can’t see you all again, but I still love all of you and always will remember you all and I can’t forget. Time might have come to an end for me soon and soon I won’t be able to say the last Goodbye to you all. But you all will be remembered in my heart and all the best wishes and happiness to you all. I’ll always be there with you and I will be.

- From Alice


I know Alice wrote this letter is to tell us how much she has loved us and how much she has loved our family and that we cannot fall apart and we cannot split. Alice you will be always be remembered and we will never forget about you.This will be passed on to the next generation. You are our leader and you always will be and without you our family wouldn’t be the same again. Your Success and the past things that you have done is what makes us been who we are as of today.

There is not much to hear about you, because all the things that you have did will be repeated throughout our life’s and will be passed on this to our next generation to give them the best hope and courage along with support which we have learned from you and what you gave us.

Alice taught me so much about life before she passed away. She taught me a lot about life and the things that I don’t know and that I still remember them today because she is an inspirational person to me and I can’t never forget about her and what she has given me all the hope, support and courage that I could get during the growing up years and become a spirited teenager and until now. I might still be a little kid now, but I know sometime in life I will understand the things that Alice has taught me and that I should use those skills to help and support others when they need it. She taught me not to give up on things because if you failed to pass you should not give up on them as it’s too easy to give up because you thought you can’t take it and can’t do it anymore, because you are afraid and don’t know what happens next and so instead of worrying about it you should think how you are going to get through this and how you are going to work things and to pass this line. These are the things that Alice has taught me and I still can’t forget about them and will never forget about them in the future as well. Beyond my future I will use my skills and knowledge and to share my success to others and to teach them what I’ve learned from Alice and what she has taught me in life. Alice’s words meant a lot to me and to us as well and we should all pray for her now and wish that may her soul rest in peace.

We will continue to live on for our lives and just try and let go off the past things that has happened and let it go. Because we do not know how long we’ve got here, and how long we can live for, but what we do know is that with every minute that we’ve got, we can live our lives in a way that takes nothing for granted, and that we can love deeply and help people who need help and give them the support that they need. Alice’s passing was unexpected but it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and what she has taught me was to be calm during stressful times and take education on to my own hands, and Alice’s words cannot be forgotten and her name will always be the first for our family and she will always be remembered in our hearts.

The long journey she has taken and being who she is as today. All these things at your heart and all the difficulties and success that we have faced and being together as a family. We know you’d be with us today if heaven wasn’t so far away, and that we once enjoyed and deeply loved and we can never lose, for all that we love deeply, becomes part of us.

I can no longer see you again Alice……..all of the lights would shine above you and within in us and we will see you again. It’s been a long time without you. All the wonderful things that we have been through together as a family will always be remembered and kept inside our heart and not letting those memories fall apart.

Legend once said: “Perhaps they are not stars but rather openings in Heaven where the Love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon to tell us know they are happy”.


In Loving memory of my great grandmother 1927-2007



Thank you

Submitted: September 17, 2015

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