Eulogy to my great grandmother (Original)

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something that I started...... and started to think back about the past and how things has come...... the past and the present ..........

Eulogy to my great Grandmother

To families, friends, cousins, Aunty and Uncle, thank you all for inviting me here. Its an honour for me to be here. I sometimes think about the past and how the past has become present. Alice’s words meant a lot to me, what she says is true, I still remember this quote she kept on repeating and told me what it really means: “Life sometimes can hit you as hardest  as it could and you could be at the bottom of the rock”. Sometimes I don’t understand why life is so hard, so hard that you cannot define what life is and what life is about.

The moment I see what just happened, I cannot stop thinking back about this scene again. Her passing was unexpected, but it was this scene that made me leaving tears in my eyes and feeling very hurt. Because I just can’t understand this, why is it happening? The simile of her face, I still remember and I can never forget that simile. I just can’t, everyone here would feel the same way and that we can’t let her down and we must not fall apart and continue to be families again. We split at first but we cannot split again, we can’t. We need to be families again; we should finish what’s left for Alice and finish the unfinished work for her.

We will continue to live on for our lives, and just try and let go off the past things, and let it go. My heart is beating so fast right now that I’m still not calm, I want to say something here that is very important and we all should listen. Alice left me with this piece of letter that she wrote and she wanted me to share this with you all. When she gave this letter to me, I felt like this is my last chance to read her words and to understand every bit of what she is saying and telling. “I know sometime I might be gone without you all knowing me, and I would be left out of the family, but I still would come back and see you all again. It’s been a long time we haven’t been together and sitting on the dinner table together again. Chatting, playing, having fun, it’s been a long time we haven’t met as a family again. My grandchildrens have all grown up and I see it in my eyes, they must be wondering where Alice has gone, don’t tell them that I have left, I would always protect them and be there for them when they need me. The past is the past the present is the present. Time has gone so fast that I can’t imagine that I’m already in my 70+ years. I know someday I can’t see you all again, but I still love all of you and I will always remember you all and I can’t forget. Time might have come to an end for me soon and soon I will be gone and soon I won’t be able to say the last goodbye to you all. But you all will be remembered in my heart and all the best wishes and happiness to you all. I’ll always be there with you and I will be”. – From Alice.

I know Alice wrote this letter to tell us how much she has loved us and how much she has loved our family and that we cannot fall apart and we cannot split. Alice you will always be remembered and we will never forget about you and you will always be remembered and your name will be always be the first for our family. Your success and the past things that you have done is what makes us been who we are as today. There is not much to hear about you, because all the things that you have done is been repeated throughout your life and that we will pass on this to our next generation to give them the best hope and courage support and which we have learned from you and what you gave us.

Alice taught me so much about life before her passing and she taught me a lot about life and the things that I don’t know and that I still remember today. Because she is an inspirational person to me and that she has given me all the support and help I can get during grown up years and becoming a teen and until now. I might be still a little kid now, but I know sometime in life I will understand the passing things that Alice has taught me and that I should use those skills and help and support others. She taught me not to give up on things because if you failed to pass and that you have given up on it and even though you have failed you should still keep going keep on going until she have finally pass the finish line and she have finally passed. It’s too easy to give up because she think she just can’t take it and can’t do it anymore, because you are afraid and don’t know what happens next and so instead of worrying about it you should think how you are going to get through this and how you are going to work things and to pass this line. These are the things that Alice has taught me and that I still can’t forget about it, not until today and not until beyond my life. Alice’s words mean a lot to me and to us and we should all pray for her now. Pray and wish her all the best wishes and best things for her……..

Not long I will be left out of the family, because I’ve to leave and move on and will be going to a new country and start a new life. But until now I will not give up for myself and to keep Alice’s promise and not letting her down and she should feel proud of us.

Submitted: September 17, 2015

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