You reap what you sow

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I stared at my ceiling last night for three hours, I was dead tired but I could not sleep. My mind was going through who and what I am (it does this all the time but never at 12 to 3 at night).

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011




You reap what you sow


Where’s the door I ponder

While I wander

Across the campus of thought and to anything yonder

Searching for the door that will open for me


Where’s the door I question

Time in recession

Dust in the crevices and the wall’s depression

Rays of sunlight pierce through the cracks


Where’s the door I panic

Individualism is satanic

Our mind cannot conceptualise the mechanic

Who repairs what is physical but the mind lingers on


Where’s the door I say

Mind leading astray

From the body that does not have the right of way

An amalgamation of instinct and pure isolation


Where’s the door I forgot

Forget me not

A frail flower fastened into the final stage of rot

Petals adrift in the chance of starting anew


Where’s the door I sing

Optimism I cling

Hold it dear to the heart, next to heartbreak’s sting

Callous masks protect the world from the inane


Where’s the door I yell!

Stuck in apathy’s cell!

Chains restrict progress I can’t bid farewell!

Travelling as far as my mind will let me


Where’s the door I dream

Mankinds fictional redeem

Our Eyes shut shines light on every “deim”

However light shines on many paths, all contradictions


Where’s the door I ponder

Still to this day I wander

I reject what I see over yonder

Squandering inside the recesses of a hollow mind


*"deim" is latin for day.

© Copyright 2018 Mr Jones. All rights reserved.

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