The 6th Man

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Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



It was an early afternoon as Adam dribbled his basketball, he was a 14 year old boy. He took a break from the intense heat of the summer, he fell to the ground as he panted heavily. 3 Eighth Graders strutted there way onto the basketball court, wearing Nike basketball shoes and shorts. One of them walked up to Adam as he was drinking from his water bottle. 
"Not these douchebags," Adam muttered to himself 
"Sup, fagot," James said, he was wearing a Lebron Jersy, holding his basketball. Adam ignored the comment and stood u. The other two boys circled him and shoved him against the fence. 
"What's the matter? Too pussy to fight back," Zach said, wearing a Pierce Jersy
"How about you one v one us, show us what your got," said Johnson said, he had a Bryant Jersy on. He continued to grab Adam's basketball and kick in the woods nearby, Adam went to go get it. James grabbed him. 
"Have to beat us in a 'one v one' first," James picked up his ball and whipped it at Adam's chest. It hit him and knocked the wind out of him.  Adam slowly to the the 3-point line. He started dribbling, Adam cut left then went right to get past James. James swung his arm and stuffed Adam, then followed through to hit him in the face.

"You suck, fagot!" the boys yelled from the sideline. James took the ball back to the top, he drove to the net full on sprinting. Adam was knocked down with his head slamming against the paved court. He stayed down.
"That's what I thought, you pussy," James remarked, "C'mon guys, let's leave this kid to practice." The boys walked away laughing as Adam try to get up. A boy bolted from the other side of the park to Adam, and helped him up. Adam limped over to his ball, deep in the woods. The boy stopped him
"I'll get it, don't worry, just sit down" the boy stated as he ran into the woods to get it. He walked over to Adam, who was holding his head
" I saw what they did to you, they are real jerks, they do that to everyone smaller than them. I am Colton, what's your name?" He asked
"I'm Adam, thanks for the help." He said as he stood up, he check inched his way to his bag. The time was 5:30 PM,
"Shit! I'm gonna late for dinner, sorry I have to go, Colton. See you later!" Adam waved as he ran towards a trail. Colton waved as he walked the other way. 
*  ************************************************************************************************************************************* *
The timer read 57.8 seconds left, Adam was subbed in to play the last remaining seconds of his school-league basketball Championship game. He look at the score, 37-35. His team was loosing, the play started, the clocked started to tick down. his team advanced quickly to score. the other team burned time as they ate up the clock and scored. 39-37 with 15 seconds left in the game. Adam sprinted down the court, he waved for the pass, he caught the pass at the 3-point line. He makes all of his 3's before and made a couple this game. the clock had 5 seconds left. Adam cut left then released his shot, it bounced off of the back of the rim and deflected out of play. The buzzer rang out as it signaled the end of the game. The other team cheered as the had won the game. Adam stood motionless. His teammates shot dirty looks his way, the coach wasn't pleased with the shot. Adam went into the locker room after the rest of the team and slouched on the bench in front of his locker
"Good Going," said his teammates as they passed him leaving the locker rooms. Adam changed and walked outside to see a girl waiting for him. 
"You played great today," Miley complemented. She smiled at Adam
"You kidding me!? I missed the game winning shot! Everyone hates me now!" Adam exclaimed, Miley gave him a worried look
"You tried your best, they can;t be mad at you for that," Miley said 
"Well, my best wasn't good enough," Adam leaned against the wall. MIley leaned over to him and hugged him. Adam was taken back by these actions, he just went with it. Miley let go and walked away, Adam blushed slightly and went to find his mom. It was a silent ride home. 


"Hey, looser! Heard you lost the game for your team!" James shouted for his greeting towards Adam, Adam ignored it and keep shooting and dribbling as he does everyday. James was annoyed that his words had no effect.
"You little bitch! When I talked to you, fuckin' pay attention!" James shoved Adam to the ground, Adam just kept ignoring him and continued his daily practice routine. James reached for Adam's shirt and spun him around. He released a right hook right on his face, Adam collapsed to the ground.
"Hey! Don't do that!" Miley yelled as she ran towards them, she kneeled down to Adam "Stop it! You're gonna hurt him!" James laughed.
"What are you gonna do about it?" James taunted. Miley swung her foot and nailed James right in the crotch, he keeled over.
"What the hell! Whatever! I'm outta here!" James said as he held onto his crotch and walked away. Adam lay motionless in Miley's arms. She started to get teary eyed. Adam woke up, with a black eye, Miley held him tighter as his Mom arrived to pick him up. 

The basketball tryouts started for the High School started in the Winter after all of the Football hype was over in the fall. Adam went up to the cut off sheet, he read down the list. Colton walked up behind and read the list over his shoulder. They both looked at eachother and smiled as they read their names on the final team roster. The first practice was tonight determine the player's roles and to get to know the team. Colton and Adam high fived as they walked off to their classes together. 
"We both made the freshman basketball team!" Colton shouted
"I know! I'm fuckin' pumped!" Adam yelled right back. Miley moved her way over to them and entered their conversation. 
"So, how did you guys do? Did you make it?" Miley questioned Colton responded 
"We both made it! We have a team meeting tonight" 
"Im so proud of you guys" Miley hugged Colton then Adam
"Yeah...uh.....Yeah..uhmm..." Adam stuttered as he blushed. The bell rang out its song as it commanded the students to head to thier first class. Miley smiled as she left to walk to her next class. Colton looked at Adam still alittle red from the hug.
"You like Miley, don't you?" Colton smirked 
"What? No, well....maybe..." Adam stared at the ground

"Its straight, man. I won't tell" Colton hit Adam in the shoulder as they headed to their class.

"Alright, Listen up!" the High School Coach yelled "After the performance I saw  with the game we just had, and with all the drills from earlier. I've determined your roles on the team. The starting five will be Kurt, Colton, Josh, Randy and Peter." Colton smiled as he was part of the best players on the team. Adam sighed as he wasn't called. The coch continued to yell names. "Adam will be playing the role of the 6th man" 
"Excuse me, sir. What's is the '6th Man' do?" Adam asked
"You pretty much just mop up after the starting 5" The coach chuckled. Adam sunk back in his seat. He went home thinking about his role. The season came right around the corner and it was the same thing over and over. Watch the starting 5 play the game as Adam just play the last minutes of every game. They completed the season with a 15-5 record as they were the 3th seed in the playoffs. The games were single elinemnation. The first two games were completed easily as the team were low seeds. Adam wasn't pleased with the amount of playing time he was getting. He called Miley a week before the Conference Finals, the game before the Championship game. The phone rang as she picked up on the 2nd ring
"Hey, Adam! How you doing?" She perkily asked
"Horrible, I want to quit the basketball team. I get no playing time  whatsoever!" 
"Hey, cheer up, its your first year on the team, no one is expecting you to be a superstar yet" Miley tried to cheer him up
"I don't know anymore, Miley" 
"Listen, I believe in you, Adam." Miley said "Now, I have to go, remember that Adam" She hung up.

The Conference Finals came rolling around as Adam laced up his basketball shoes, he sat in the locker room as Colton walked by. 
"Yo, man, the game is starting. You gotta get out there." Colton stated. 
"I'll be right out there, in a sec," Adam replied
"Aight, man. See ya out there" Colton exited. 
Adam exited the locker room into the court to take his seat in the bench, it was a close game to the half. He watched his team score and the other team score. When the half break was over. The Starting 5 went back out, it was 1 minute into the 4th quarter when Randy went down with an ankle injury. 
"Adam! You're in!" The coach yelled. Adam was surprised at this decision. He walked into the court and looked at the score. His team was down by 17 with the rest of the quarter to go. Adam exploded of the whistle by draining two shot in a row. The other team try to respond but Colton stole the ball and took it down for a lay-up. Adam blocked the next 3 shots for the other team and continued to score two more shots cutting the lead down the 7. Colton fed Adam the ball as he drove for a basket. 5 points. Adam stole the ball, and took a 3 point shot. He made it. 2 points. with only 10 seonds left and there possesion of the ball. Colton kicked it out to Adam, he was open for the 3 which would win them the game. Adam lined up his shot and released the ball, the buzzer rang out as the ball swished and his team took the lead with no time left. Adam celebrated as his team crowded around and they cheered. Miley yelled from the stands as the crowd roared at Adam's amazing shot. They all gathered into the locker room. Each of his teammates pat him on the back for a great performance.  
Adam strutted out of the locker room, all freshened up. Miley came running from behind him. Miley grabbed him and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed at this, Miley smiled and said
"That was amazing! You did a great job! I knew you could do it!" Miley hugged him and Adam wrapped his arms around her. He smiled
"Thanks," Adam stated. Miley beamed at him.


The Championship Game came quick as the week past. Adam opened his locker and pulled out his shoes and clothes, he got dressed and reached into the back of his locker. It was a picture of Larry Bird. He stared at it.
"Larry, if you can hear me, let me do good this game, let me play like a legend." Adam prayed. The Buzzer rang out to started the game as Adam left he locker, he saw the starting 5 play. He looked to the other team and his jaw dropped. James was on the other team they were playing in the championship. Adam didn't care that he was warming the bench once again. James was on the other team.
"What the hell?" he asked himself. The game continued without a hitch it went back and forth as Adam got subbed in but was never on the court the same time until the 4th quarter. Colton was being covered by James, Colton faked the shot and drove towards the net, James got faked and ran to catch up. Colton went up for the shot as James came down swinging both hands and hit Colton in the face with both hands. Colton went down hard, he smashed against the court with a loud thud and a crack. Adam stared at Colton in awe, the ref gave James a technical and Colton had to be evac by paramedics with a broken neck. Adam was subbed in his place. He stood scared as he was covered by James, Adam couldn't make a shot, his team was up by 5 with under a minute to go. Adam was passed the ball he held the ball, not dribbling. James came in close but failed in the steal attempt. Adam used his dribble and stood in one place, he looked at James, then looked in the stands where Miley stood waving and cheering. Adam cut left then went right and crossed up James, Adam was too quick so he made the layup with ease. The crowd roared as the final seconds ticked away on the clock. Adam jumped as the buzzer rang. They won the championship! Miley jumped down from the stands and ran up to Adam. Adam was in the middle of the pack, he got out and went up to Miley. Miley wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him passionetly on the lips, Adam was taken by this action. He just let it happen. They walked out the court holding hands as the rest of the team kept on cheering.

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