Wonders of Flanders

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This is a piece about the futility of the First World War. For those who do not know, Flanders was an area where there was a significant amount of fighting. Has personalal value as I had great uncle's and a great grandfather who fought in WWI.

Submitted: December 17, 2007

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Submitted: December 17, 2007



Wonders of Flanders
Through the thick grey mists of the early morn
Did I see a mass of men, broken and torn.
Across the green fields of Flanders they did swarm.
It was if for this day alone that they were born.
After such a fateful day was there anyone left to mourn?
As I looked over the poppies, I wondered aloud with much forlorn.
When was it to be my turn?
Was it to be at the next blaring of the horn?
A whistle, a shout, up we stood like a field of corn.
So across this endless plain of misery I was borne.
On and on we strode in all our vigour, until we came upon a sudden storm.
Through fire and wire we did not dwell, all the time marching through the blood-soaked thorn
Then great masses fell, and into their unmarked graves they were thrown.
A sting in my back, and onto my face I did fall.
When the pain left, I do not recall.
But all I saw, was the blazing red poppies.
Proudly standing tall, upon the peering parapet
For what I ask?
For help I call.
But all I see, is the creeping shadow enveloping me.
To be or not to be? The question had been asked.
All I care for, is not to be me
I wonder if it was all worth it?
I wonder if they care?
Those that play with our lives, like an eternal game off chess
I wonder?
I wonder, what it will feel like?
I wonder?

I wonder, what it is like…..to…..

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