The Grimmest Reaper

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My Philosophy on life, or rather it's successor.. death!

Submitted: March 07, 2008

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Submitted: March 07, 2008




Death you say?

Why yes, it seems that even I, your humble friend Jameson, has many nights wracked his brains for a solution to the seeming ever-presence of that most grimmest of reapers. But alas, despair… for despite many hours of banging my head upon the proverbial “brick wall”, I was finding little comfort. Death ends all, and nothing escapes its grasp in the end- even the great Ozymandis. No, it was not for many years that I finally realised my solution had been staring me in the face al along, and grinning quite widely I might add. For it seemed that each time I had mused the issue of death, I would always conclude to myself: “Jameson, you are not dead yet, and you do not intend to die today or for many days to come!” and that, good reader, is how I have since lived my life- that I do not intend to die today, or many days to come, and for it’s humble worth that one thought has gotten me through many a sleepless night… After all, why worry about loosing the future? It is something we do not have until we live it, and something we loose if we do not make the most of it..

And perhaps, I often think, one autumn day long into that distant and mysterious future that we all must tread, I may happen to glance into the sky and imagine to myself- Jameson, today you are alive… but all things considered, I do believe it’s time for a change..

However not today good reader, not today… And not for many days to come.. fingers crossed!


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