Casualties of War

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Casualties of War

Submitted: August 28, 2017

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Submitted: August 28, 2017




Casualties of War


Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man. Psalm 71: 4

I do not intend for this narrative to condone or incite the war of the mind to entertainment any negative or reckless behavior. It is a means to verbalize due Process of the Law, which has been breached and is absent for African Americans in Corporate America.

I elected to write this particular chronicle in regards to war. Yes, every war has casualties. It is retribution of an affirmation that progress must be adhered, or consequences will emerge.

The War on Drugs we be my first account of a problematic nuisance, which has gripped the face of America.

The Heroin epidemic in this country has reached far into the streets of the suburbs, and the financial echelon.  This powerful and additive drug has turned the poster of the War on Drugs to include races, primarily of non-minorities. To make compensation among the non-minorities, which has unfortunately suffered the most overindulges under this drug of choice.  Laws by the government were put into place to safeguard their future legacy from falling to this silent killer.

The government passed emergency laws to combat this problematic with a drug called Naloxone (e.g., Narcan®).

Narcan is an opioid receptor antagonist medication that can eliminate all signs of opioid intoxication to reverse an opioid overdose. It works by rapidly binding to opioid receptors, preventing heroin from activating them

This Opioid receptor is supplied on most EMT trucks, you could purchase it from your pharmacy, and it is used as a first responder source in hospitals worldwide.

In addition, you could face stiffer penalties for anyone caught or supplying this additive drug. To lessen the sentence if caught, entering a Drug Treatment Center, at the expense of the tax payers has been considered by some states.

Meth Labs, Yes, an active ingredient in your favorite Cough Suppressant is widely used to create Crystal Meth. 

The policing of America to combat this self-inflicted genocide, which seems to affect members of society, mainly, non-minorities, were to have Congress pass a law for consumers to show a valid identification upon purchasing certain Cough Suppressants.

Should I go on…let’s...

The question I would like an answer to is. What happened to making immediate laws for African American who have lost their lives under the surveillance, or when placed in protective custody. If we could come together and dialogue, law enforcement will understand the mental capacity of African Americas, and the mistrust we must face when interacting with police officers.

Police Brutality, is a disservice which happens repeatedly within our communities, on our streets, in our homes, with no upcoming corrective solutions in sight.

African American’s mothers are fatigue with wondering when their sons are pulled over, is being racially profiled, or driving in the wrong neighborhood. Will the outcome be liberty or death?

Congress has passed laws to preserve non-minorities races in regards to drug dependency, how about passing mental, emotionally, and physical restraint laws to preserve the African American race.

When it comes down to policy brutality, let’s remember, the African American race is never the last men standing. If due process of the law is to abide, then take into consideration, as we are being handcuffed or detained. Please have compassion and advise us of our rights, instead of allowing your weapons to do your speaking. 

I truly understand the nature of a being an Officer of the Law, is complex, dangerous, and sometime the rewards gets unnoticed, nevertheless, each officer would like to return to their spouse and families safely after his/her shift. Subsequently, did it ever occur to the Policing of American, Africans American citizens would like to as well.

In remembrance, I have to give my deepest condolences to the parents and families of Tamar Rice, Sandra Bland, Eric Gardner, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, and Philandra Castille, Raynette Turner, Kindra Chapman and Ralkina Jones. Precious lives lost at the hands of Law Enforcement, or while being detained under surveillance.

Until out kindred souls collaborate on seeking the truth, stay valiant and alert.

Love and Hugs,






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