The college list for the average commuter

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This article is made for the sole propose to help any person who is going to college as a commuter. I think everyone should have the opportunity to know or at least get an idea of what to bring as a commuter. This article features a list of items one should or can bring, to make the communing life a bit easier.

Submitted: May 03, 2014

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Submitted: May 03, 2014



Let's face it! Many of us are going to college but, not all of us are going the same way, or better yet using the same lifestyle. I have seen many videos, articles, and websites giving advice to the residents, the student who is going to live on campus. But what about the commuters? I have decided to create an articale explaining the essential items to bring for college, that can help your life a bit easier. Remeber, this is a a list to give ideas and easy methods, you don't need everything on the list but instead pick things that you will need, for your personal communting life. 

Backpack or Bag: 

A backpack or bag are honestly one of the esential parts of the communting lifestyle. Even if you are driving, taking the train, or the bus, you need a bag or bookbag. Make sure your bag or bookbag, is comfortable and suits your own condition. Carrying books and other items, can be very strainful, so its highly important to have a bag or bookbag that won't bother your everyday travels. Make sure your bag is also spacious and made out of good material, you never know when you will need to carry extra, and you dont want your bag to suddenly rip! 

Coputer or Laptop: 

There will be professors that wont permit a laptop in their class, but that deosn't mean you shouldn't bring one along. Laptops are very helpful, for research or to simply get started on that 20 page paper. Laptops let you save work, and are a great time killer, when you have those long breaks in between classes. Make sure to get a laptop that will help you and has a good system. laptops are not like Desk tops, laptops are a bit more fragile and can die on you, so make sure to bring along your charger. I research a few brands, the most recommendable is the Apple Mac Book Air, Acer C7, and the Dell Inspiron. If its your first time using a Mac, be cautious that the mac has a different system and method. 


This has got to be the most important thing to get. You need to save your work and make sure you have something in which to save your documents. Its good to always save your work on a flash drive and then take it and print. Make sure to save your work on your flash drive and your computer and your laptops. When the semester is over, don't erase your work, but save it on another flashdrive. Don't erase anything because you never know when you might need extra reference or ideas. Make sure you get a good flash drive that fits you, and get more than one.

Routes and Time: 

If you are entering college as a commuter make sure you know how to get there. You want to make sure you know how to get there. Another thing is that if you are driving you always have enough gas, and gas money on you all the time, even $10 can help you out. If you are not using a car, make sure you know how to get there, and you know alternate routes. If you take the bus or subways or both, make sure you have enough money for the fair. Time is extremely important, most classes don't tolerate lateness, so always check for traffic and leave atleast an hour early. Calculate the time for waiting for the bus and train, and make sure you have an alerternate route for delays. Even if you can very early there is always something to do on campus, and it can be an opportunity to make friends, study, join clubs, or have 101 time with a professor. If you not a person who can keep track of time, you can always download or use your alarm and set a 20 min reminder of your next class. 

Planner or Agenda: 

This is very important to have, you can have an app on your tablet or phone or you can have a notebook. This is very important to write little reminders, ideas, assignments, or anything. There are many styles you can get in order to fit your style. You can get it online or at a store. 

The little things:

Its important to remeber to be yourself and if that means geting your makeup on or eating a little snacks, then by all means do it. Its good to have a small makeup bag with a pocket mirror, lipstick, balm, and a little powder. And even if your to manly for balm, you dont want to look and walk around with capped lips. Make sure you always have a little gum, mints, or candy. 

Hope this article helped you out, and rember even communter need a list. Good Luck :)

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