A Diologue with the moon..

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This was something I wrote upon sighting the moon whilst missing my one and only somewhere. I had no other sight to which i could compare..

Submitted: October 03, 2012

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Submitted: October 03, 2012



I look within the realm of a moon and challenge its light

It is not the only shining face of such beauty in my sight

I wonder the status of blessed drapes that dress a miss

I picture the princess she must look whilst writing this xx


At which point the moon dictated a tale of distance to me

'You are still within touching distance of what inspires thee'

'You say that due to our distances differing?' I smiled back

'What do you know of a beating heart so apart?' might I add

'Nothing: But beauty knows beauty like the back of its hand'

'You know nothing of the sort of beautiful sights on this land'

'Billions of admirers gaze at my moonlight' it said with a hiss

'Yet not one has such love for you in sight - as I do for a miss

So how can I expect still beautiful moons to understand this?'


Admitting defeat the moon moves on shining elsewhere

Finally realising 'tis the beauty of my love that shines here

It shines in its glory illuminating it’ll be back for another fight

I laugh at its story stating similar out comes & bid it goodnight ...


(…2 Hours later…)


Yet again I see my friendly foe out of my window

Who queries my wellbeing & status for tomorrow?

'I am tired! Let me be free of describing in such detail

My very actions due to true love and what they entail'


Even as I wake in the morning sunlight prevailed

A comparison to such natural living beauty it failed

Yet it boasts with pride upon the billions that ponder

That look upon its face through the night and wonder


Is beauty truly found at the end of such distance?

Or is mankind amazed at scenery at every instant?

Though I know of a different sort of beauty that graces our land

Neither sunshine nor moonlight is comparable to her single hand


An image of her yesterday and that look on her face

The moon isn't ready to see such beauty or embrace!

Truths that would disprove and deter it from shining

If so it’d know it would be true beauty it is undermining         

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