Fluttering eyes and butterflies..

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For words in regards to eyes and their imitation of butterflies never decline...watch this space for many more in good time!

Submitted: October 04, 2012

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Submitted: October 04, 2012



For all the times whilst holding your hands I look away

Only for your eyes to look at me when I kiss and say

I miss and love you lots - although it makes you shy

I feel the same when I feel that fluttering butterfly!


Brush against my cheek: I look away admiring your gaze

Beauty is truly in the bearer of such big eyes these days!

& as I look towards such beauty those eyes make a dash

Forgive me for assuming or stating; that's a fake eyelash!


It takes me a while to catch my breath and believe

Such sights of beauty are all mine & never to leave

Intentions we have revealing themselves in many ways

Tho’ nothing matching fluttering butterflies & their gaze…


So many words I write. You best bloody be amazed

Times I am alone & not among you I am truly crazed

Whether to state: look or hold I am spoilt for choice

I iterate that I miss and love you within just a voice...


Those lashes that flutter with every heartbeat of mine

Leave only desired memories & such sentiment behind

Protecting the windows to the soul as some people say

I cannot wait to see them flutter for me once again today xxx


Miss – My Love – you are the reason for this beating heart

That jumps with joy yet dwells on distance when we depart

The only consolation that eliminates any & all of my concerns

The fact it will be only a day or two before my Mavish returns


Every word I have blotted and jotted my love you must believe

They are translations of specific heartbeats I wear on my sleeve

Unreal is the amount and way I feel and make it constantly known

How I love you so much & cannot help it at times from being shown


You know I'd go on. Keep writing for that very smile

Blessing your surroundings with when u wake in a while

Oh my...I do wish I get to see my M****h Ali very soon

As for now I’m going to get up and start cleaning my room haha

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