L'amour Fou'...

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This is the last piece of writing i did - summing up all I ever wanted to say; I love you Miss..

Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



Mavish Ali – L’amour Fou…



In a word or two; it is L'amour Fou

The only thing describing us both who

Both agree this madness is not temporary

Or similar to beauty eventually fading too

Rather an unexplainable everlasting connection

That cannot begin to be described by me or you

As previously said in a word or two; it is L'amour Fou...



More than what is said it is heart felt

Forget proven and only if you knew!

The power of such obsessive passion

Is nothing less than real and so true

Such myth, history has always captioned

The sensuous stories, romance & tales of two

Is what the French always recalled as; L'amour Fou...



Maybe of the same sentiment that Aristotle once told;

Inhabiting of two bodies composed of one single soul

Or Seuss defining a choice over reality rather than dream

When it’s due to love that you cannot sleep it may seem

So many wise narrations and notions of it have passed

One universal consensus has always been reached at last

Not attributed to merit, bound by reason or pending virtue

The immortal mystical love that the French call L’amour Fou…



Little did I know the strength of L’amour Fou!

As on this day of Love I intended to present to you

Exercising my patience along with indulgence too

Words become oaths and vows we try to uphold

But none stronger than our love if  truth be told

Allowing me to propose; will you marry me Miss?

It is only L’amour Fou – asking you this…x

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