now alone.

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the only place where i can state. the condition of my mind and how i can relate.

i still love though now see nothing further. i will not let her win by letting her murder.

Submitted: April 11, 2016

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Submitted: April 11, 2016



I never thought I’d see this day

My lifelong career swept away

Who can I go to who can I tell

Life is now worse than hell

I just wanted happiness for us

Not this. Treading on eggshells

To suffocate; whilst I exhale

Tears that leave me all pale

Nor for me us to both fail

Nor for us to feel betrayal

Though now all that remains

Is the memory of such pains

I never wanted this for our son

Broken families – for us to be done


As much as you may wait or may desire

I have no plans from this life to retire

rather more reasons to live than before

To let our son know who I am once more


Companions – do not use and manipulate

Confidences amongst each other and hate

Day by day building resentment in our heart

Will only do us worse for when we’re apart


Talking of Careers; last term on your NQT

Fuck your career if you can’t see my 14!

My struggle to which I made it here today

To have it destroyed by you watching away


Sorrowful is fact; that That I still care and love

Focusing not on negatives; but beyond & above

I’ve always tried. To understand, and refrain

From constantly clashing heads all over again

Though comes a time where i will have to walk

Unwillingly, against my heart and will to talk

I just want you to be happy and understand

I only ever just wanted your smile and hand x

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