unspeakable love. unthinkable time.

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Submitted: May 03, 2016

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Submitted: May 03, 2016



How it used to make me glow once; Mavish Ali

The presence of whom is now a distant memory

For I still cry for you and write out your name

Though the angry attitudes make it all in vain


No one can understand nor can I speak

of the feelings and emotions that leak

through these words no one will read

all hope is lost now in her taking heed


Whilst clinging onto pride she fails to see

This end is only the beginning of our misery

She will feel regret only when it is too late

When the future is clear revealing our fate


Only in such loneliness & solitude do I begin to break

Contemplating the steps everyone says I need to take

If only I could live with causing her life pain and difficulty

Yet I cannot. I still love. Care. I am still the same me


Hard to believe we are Married. Husband. Wife and child

Looking at others; so loving and respectful, yet still wild

We were so much happier together. So much we smiled

I have endless proofs – memories that leave me so riled


I feel our grasp of trust diminishing with every day

No turning back for me from this I know and so I say

I really don’t want this for us; Isaac or me and you

Yet alone there’s nothing I can no longer say and do

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