Fade (Not again....)

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I haven't the slightest why I worte this poem. I haven't been digging the whole poerty-scene for some time now and i decided to hop right ack into it.

Submitted: October 30, 2007

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Submitted: October 30, 2007



In the golden striations of you eye

I see intermingled shadows upon light. Frightening.

I wonder what the future holds, as you clutch at my body.

I bite into my lip and beg.

I gasp.

You grunt your approval.

I grip into the tan of your back. You stroke the inside of my thigh.

I fade...

When I awake I realize no one is there. No other gasps in climax. I am alone.

The bed radiates heat. I radiate heat. I feel ashamed.

How could this have been a dream?

When I shower, on occasion, I hear you. You enter the white-tiles room, your feet slapping against the tiles.

You stand there, stark naked. Body gleaming with sweat. Eyes gleaming. You leer at me as I am yet unaware.

Your body exhibits, quite openly, your arousal.

You press against me in the shower. Forcing yourself between my legs. I shudder under the spray, it's suddenly freezing.

My chest clutches as I am pushed against the wet, white tiles. Sickly.... I want to fade....

You pull my up by the hair, refusing to let me pass out. Refusing my the slightest freedom.

You want control.

As you twist my hips, and dive into the farthest reaches of me. I know you are not the man from my dreams. You aren't the sexy, smoky man I dreamt of. You're the darkness in his eyes. The smell of rotting things

and death. You are what he coverred up with deep, spicy colone. The demon within.

Not again...

Not again...

I want to fade.

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