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Uhmm this is about the average life of a group of kids in a High School not far from your own. They play a game that has an ancient magical quality. (Magic: The Gathering) This story takes place in 'modern' times. (actually several decades in the future)

The question is: What happens when the Magic becomes real?

If anyone has suggestions about anyhitng as the story progresses, please let me know.

Submitted: January 03, 2007

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Submitted: January 03, 2007



"In response..." James offered with a small smile, as he set down the card. It's dirtied white background glinted off the surface of the table.

"Whoa, it's a Wrath of God. holy... That's way old." The players gathered 'round the table quickly moved their creatures into their respective graveyeards. Each one sighing in turn as he watched his power die. James then tapped his mana(sp) and put a creature down. Kyle played next, he drew a card and set down he forest. he tapped his mana and put three elves into play.

"i can't believe that kast card, James." "i think he cheated, that's been out of circulation for years." It was Sango who spoke up now, she drew another useless sorcery and sighed.

"Go James." "I know, but, like I said I got this deck from my dad."

"Yeah, what a great-ass parting gift." Kyle snorted. "I mean, the thing's so out-of-date that you can't use it anywhere. No one wants to buy your useless cards. Why couldn't your old mad give you cash when he went to the hospital?" Kyle had blurted and he stopped with a dismayed look on his face. James sighed, he knew it was true but what could he say?

"Yeah, if you think this is useless, look at these things." He opened an old dusty box, it was a dark cherry wood with inlaid velvet lining. He lifted four necklaces out of the box. Each one was silver with a differnt set of symbols. "What are those?" "I dunno but they have symbols from magic. Look," he pointed them out as he spoke. "Here's the numbers for the core-sets. One through about... Thirty, on this one. The symbol for Plains, and dunno..." he shrugged at them "There's some other stuff too but it's too old." Sango went over to the box and lifted one out, hers had some similar marking but it was different.

"Can I have one, oh please, James? It's like finding an artifact."

"Sure." He handed one to Kyle too. "I guess y'all can keep them. I mean, we're friends. Why not share?" They concluded their game, Sango and Kyle quit deciding that since he was so generous and since ' he was a cheatin' pig' there was no reason to continue.

That evening as James sat studying his cards he felt a slight sensation on his chest. A tickly fuzzy feeling that began under his amulet. He was embarrassed to admitt but he had worn his to bed.

"Ow!" He screeched when the feeling became pain. There was a small circle burned into his chest. He went to pick up his cards, they had fallen off the table when he had jumped up. He looked under the trailing edge of the bedspread but they were gone. He decided to leave his room because he was beginning to be weirded out and when he stepped out into the corridor it wasn't his house.


"I know that sounds... Well. I 'unno. Crazy, but that's what happened." He said watching for some incredulous glance from Sango and Kyle, but their faces both relaxed.

"I'm glad it wasn't just me."

"Yeah, I wasn't going to admitt it but... That was the weirdest thing ever."

"So, it wasn't just me?" James was really releived

"No." The other two said in unison.

"I think maybe we ate something that made us hillucinate.(sp)"

"No, we all ate different stuff."

"Did you guys wear your necklaces to bed?"

They all nodded, and James lifted his shirt to show them his burn. Kyle exposed his shoulder, and Sango showed thim one scared palm.

"Did... Did anythign weird happen after that?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, my cards just disappeared. I looked all over for them."

"Mine too. I thought maybe I left them at your place. But... this morning I found one in my shoe." Sango held up the Unhinged card. It was the little girl card.

"Unhinged? You... have unhinged?" Kyle asked. "You cant pull those. You can't even run 'em."

"It isn't mine. I... I dunno."

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