Terror on Easter Island (Doctor Who Fan Fiction)

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The Doctor and Clara arrive on Easter Island, to find a famous emerald sun burning through the planet's surface. But something is going on, nobody is safe against old enemies returning...

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013




BAM. The Doctor made a reverse pivot and coiled backwards like a poisonous serpent.

"I told you not to touch anything!" Clara sighed as the whirring of the time rotor slowed down.

"Sorry, I'm just bored; we haven't done anything for three hours!” Pressing several dials, the Doctor looked devotedly towards her.

"You want an adventure?" He spun round yet again seeing Clara's delight and another flash of sparks erupted from the console again. They were off. As the console room shuddered forwards Clara and the Doctor ducked down and avoided yet another shower of sparks. Clara chuckled.

"Clara, what did you do? Which button did you press?" She pointed at a strange circular button next to the large console screen. The Doctor shuddered. As the TARDIS made one more final shake and explosion, the whirring and whooshing turned to a deafening silence.

"Doctor, what's wrong?"

"Martina, pass me that flask will you?" A shy, pallid looking young girl threw the cylinder-like flask towards him.

"How much till the flight father?"

"Goodness knows. Yet the prophecy tells us something else, our beloved and ancient island will meet a new stranger. That is where he will fall. The blue box, the box of glory and pain and victory all rolled in to one. And inside, the man with a thousand faces will face us." She rolled her eyes. "No, seriously, it's true. Easter Island shall soon be the most important place in the universe.”

From the busy streets holding market sellers and stalls, above the burning emerald green sun, a distant groaning of weak engines sounded. Blue. An impossible blue. The door swung open releasing a sea of smoke.

 "Do you realise what you've done, we could be anywhere!" Clara drew back her long, gracious locks of brown hair and folded her arms.

"I told you," she began. “The first time, yeah. I did press a button. But I swear, whatever happened, it wasn't me who brought us here.” He shut the door behind her.

 "If what you're saying is true, we could be anywhere. Anything could happen to us. We're not safe Clara!" Without hesitation, she sprinted back towards the doors, only to be restrained back by the Doctor. "No! Clara, if we've been brought here, we can't go back. Don't you see? We're putting ourselves in more danger if we leave. Clara, you stay here while I go and investigate.” Clara stood with her arms folded by the TARDIS doors. The wind picked up and the sun began to shine even more furiously than before.

“What? No chance. Eyes front soldier, I’m coming too.” He made a hesitant face, before letting her come. “Blimey, look at the size of that sun!” Clara gaped at the infuriating green ball of gas in front of the marketplaces. “How can people survive with a sun shining over them? It’s not normal!” She said, trying to keep up.

“Nine hundred years of time travel has taught me many things Clara. I definitely am a madman in a box. Look, for example. Take the earth. It revolves around the sun. Think about this planet. It’s literally squashed, at an angle. The environment around us is centred around the sun, but only from below it. So if you want to pretend that we’re just not burning from the heat of the sun because we’re all wizards, you can think that. If it helps. But really, if you take an object, in reality, that object it being compacted by the atmosphere of this planet.” He walked over to a shop selling apples. He removed one from the basket, and offered a straight hand forwards to indicate that he wasn’t stealing it. “Take this apple. If you kept it there, in its dimensions, it is literally split at an angle, so that everything looks like it’s shaped upwards.” Placing the apple back, he strode on.

“So what you’re saying is, we’re all just tiny green apples that have been squished down in a way that only you could think of?”

“Well, no. But if it makes you understand it better then yes.” The Doctor noticed a sign at the corner of the street which soon made him realise their stroll was accompanied by something they hadn’t bargained for. The Doctor’s beaming smile soon turned to an expression of deep anxiety. “Clara. I think we’re in a lot more trouble than I thought we were in.” The sign glared at them, the deepest of red.

“But what does it mean?” Said Clara, gazing at the text.

“This is Old High Gallifreyan. This means that the writing can only mean one thing-there’s danger coming. Somebody knows that we’re here. We have to do something about this!” Running through the towns and the market places, the Doctor stared up at the bright green sun once more and took a deep breath of air. “Hold on a second,” He withdrew a finger, licked it and released it. “We’re on Easter Island!”

“Like that means anything. We’re on a planet that’s called an island, but isn’t an island anyway, there’s an emerald green sun about fifty metres above us, we’re not burning to death and you’re getting all worked up about it. Why don’t we just-” She span around. The Doctor was already running towards the TARDIS doors out of plain sight. He does like to run, doesn’t he?

“Hang on, who are you?” Clara coiled round instantly to see a ragged old toothless woman staring at her with her spectacles tightly secured on. “Well, who are you?”

“I’m - I’m just a traveller, I’m meant to be meeting someone.” The woman raised an eyebrow and placed another lime piece of fruit that looked oddly like a pomegranate onto the market stool. “Could-could I take that please?” The woman looked down at the fruit suspiciously. “I’ve got some money, whatever you deal money in. Two pounds for you in my purse here. Is that enough?” Frowning with suspicion, the woman snatched the money from Clara’s palm and placed it into her rags.

“Well go on, go and meet him then!” She said, handing her the fruit. Looking across, Clara hadn’t noticed.

“Oh. Thanks.” She pocketed the fruit into her shoulder bag and headed straight forwards across the marketplace. Gallivanting across the market stools, she headed straight for the blurred blue box in the corner. She sped up and seeing it become less opaque and the whirring and crackling sound of sick engines at full speed she gasped in amazement. The TARDIS had already gone. The patch of earth where it had disappeared had left an exactly intact and clear square shape. Why was the Doctor leaving her? Was this his way of saying that he doesn’t need her anymore? No. He can’t. He’s not like that. Something is terribly wrong.


“We are the Drahvins. We do not seek assistance in aid of killing the Doctor as our final plan. We do not take kindly to this sort of nonsense.” The tall figure repositioned itself, extended an arm in front of the man and let the loud sizzle and cracking noises release from his hand. He screamed in pain and doubled over to the floor. Charles shuddered as the other man perished. Only he and the woman were left. “How dare he? How dare he tell us we should cease in our killings when we have only just started. The new Drahvin race, deceiving the eye with our human clones. Send the Doctor to me. I want a full analysis of his plans. Then he shall be eliminated.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaargh!” The Doctor flicked a switch and sent sparks flying into every direction. The console room, changing sides all the time, pushed all the weight to the left side then sent the Doctor hurling through the air to the other. He picked himself up, and despite the cacophony and shaking, held the console screen and saw what appeared to be millions of vortexes being sucked out of place. The TARDIS, shown as a small, blue dot, was hurling through the fabric of reality, the space time continuum, at an unimaginable speed. He flicked another switch and saw an enormous white light beam in front of him, the console calming down and quieting the noise. Come on Clara, come on Clara, you have to help!

The familiar raging and compassionate sound and brilliant, gleaming blue wood materialized into view, behind a huge, damp tunnel consisting of what appeared to be slime and rats. The blue door to the left swung open with exhaustion. “Blimey. Really hasn’t been a good day for you, has it old girl?” The tunnel was stretched outwards to what seemed like an entire network. Almost like a sewer. The rats must have been there for a reason as he covered his eyes and mouth and walked on, careful to step onto anything untoward. Reaching into his jacket, he extracted his Sonic Screwdriver and signalled an eerie green light, illuminating his way forwards. The light flickered with every step he took, the sloshing sound of green water to his left. What was in there? It was too terrible to contemplate, even for him. These tunnels must mean something, but what? And this sea? The rats make me shiver. I really should have not come here. I’ve put her in danger. That’s what I’ve done. God only knows what’s waiting for her out there.

Chapter 2 - Caught Up on the Slow Side


“Excuse me; do you know where I can get to a civilization or something?” Seeing the blank, emotionless face of the same woman, she loosened her vocabulary. “A city. Please, I need help.”

“I can take you to the temples in the inner city. They’re all part of the new empire. Wealth and success they said we’d have. Now we know what a lie that was.” Clara sighed and picked up her bag.

“Thanks.” She began to walk through busy markets, dust infested air and piles of emerald fruits.  “How much does it cost to travel to the inner city by a vehicle of…”, she took out the fruit from her bag and took a bite from the ripest side, some sort?”

“Two tokens. That’s eighty pounds in English currency.” The woman looked down at Clara who did not speak. She had already fallen asleep.


“No Charles, all this time you’ve been trying to help me and you’ve just been afraid. A stupid little creature, not even human, afraid of helping your Master. I told you to bring the Doctor to me, where is he?”

“I thought he would come to us, Master!”

“You LIAR!” Not the slightest even merciful hesitation was made before he was targeted and singed into nothingness, his ashes scattering the floor. “I will not have people defying me! I am the Drahvin leader! Every second is important!”

“Oh, shut up you big old ponce.” A deafening silence followed as the figure turned round to see a broad, black haired man standing in the doorway. His bowtie a perfect shade of maroon. “I knew it was you all along, the TARDIS does detect things like that; like certain signal interferences. You tried to drag me here. You failed. You see I had to get to her before she took off without me and I had no time to get Clara. Anything could happen to her,” he raised his voice a little, “Don’t you realise that? My friend is in danger and that spurs me on to do so much more.” But their cold, furious faces didn’t scare him. “I could have been scattered in to atoms if I hadn’t have done what I did. If I let her fly through any more collapsing vortexes I would have been thrown into a huge crash. I could have died. That’s why I had to use the final option. I had to open the heart of the TARDIS, only for a second. Any more than that would have killed me, you can’t absorb the eye of the system for longer than that. But it calmed her down, a backup resort when there’s no hope left. If I’d opened it any longer the force could have imploded her. You need to get off this planet, otherwise I’ll stop you. I’ve faced you once before, what’s your name, might I ask?” he straightened up.

“Drahvin 433. There’s nothing you can do about this, Doctor, we have ultimate control of Easter Island. In a split second I could turn every inhabitant of that planet into Drahvin

duplicates; I could release the sun from its anti-gravitational shell killing every single person on this planet if you don’t comply with my rules. The Doctor stepped back. “Sieze the Timelord’s ship!” A distant sound of engine roaring came from behind the door. “Look at you. Pathetic. Nowhere to escape, the last of your kind, no weapons and no TARDIS, you’ve lost!”

“Get off me!” Screamed Clara. The beautiful yet deadly Drahvin figure had shadowed her completely, Clara nastily awoken from an unexpected sleep. “Take her to crucible fourteen with the Doctor; I think it best for her to witness his death. The two of them disappeared in an instant, Clara was looking around in the space of that short second where anything could have happened, then turned to face the Doctor.

“Doctor!” She embraced him, and seeing his tense face, she let go.

“I’m sorry Clara; this is a very serious situation. I have to give in. I’ve got to let them do it.” Drahvin 433 stared at him for a second, her eye twitching.

“Are you mad? And let these things take over Easter Island? Doctor, that person out there nearly killed me and anyway, why did you leave me? I want an answer!”

“Clara I had to go, the TARDIS was fading away I couldn’t have got you too. Besides I knew they were going to take you here anyway. The ultimate sacrifice. Exchanging Drahvin custom with the last of a Timelord’s kind, not the best thing to do.

“You’re talking isn’t going to solve anything Doctor. Drahvin 219 secure the female to our console header. She’s going to help us disable this planet’s anti-gravity sun system.” The Doctor raised his voice.

“That’s murder.”

“You can’t threaten me. If you do you shall be restrained. Drahvin 42 watch what the female is doing.”

“The female has a name! Clara.” Drahvin 433 glared at Clara and quickly raised an arm. The Doctor yelled and ran in front of her.

“No!” She looked up at him. “You don’t have to do this, why kill us now when you can do so much more!” He wriggled in disgust. “Your first blood doesn’t need to be now!” The Drahvin glared at him. Straightening up, she examined him even more.

“I’ve encountered you once before. In your first incarnation. What a battle that was, Doctor.”

“I’ve grown so much more now. I’ve aged, Drahvin 433, I’ve changed inside and there’s nothing you can say to stop that.” The pause was brief.

“Drahvin 219, secure the Doctor. He will be eliminated. That - companion of yours, Doctor. You stroll around these villages like you know her, but I don’t think you do. Even under your wise eyes and your stern position there’s uncertainty. Who is she? Answer me that? A trap? A mystery? Go on, tell me!”  The atmosphere was hot, the Doctor tensed up, but under all of the pressure he didn’t move from his position, until-

Automatic transport beam.” Drahvin 219 was gone instantly before she’d even finished the words. Along with Drahvin 433 in a heartbeat.

“No, no, no, no, no!”

“Doctor, where did they go?”

“Clara, get in the TARDIS.”

“But wha-” He dangerously raised his voice.

“Don’t argue with me Clara, just get in.” She thundered away, limping backwards and checking to see what the Doctor was doing. “A trickster or a mystery, no. No, she can’t be. She can’t be!” The Doctor grabbed his Sonic Screwdriver and threw himself through the sewers. The familiar blue box etched in and out of view. “NO!”

“Doctor, help me!” His machine was behaving in a manner he hadn’t ever before experienced, the doors seemed to try and lock him out, forcing his body to the left side, before he finally managed to claw his way through the small gap.

“What is wrong with you, why - won’t - you - just - land!” Unexpectedly, a huge thud brought them back to civilization. The scarlet dress Clara was wearing twinkled out of view, she wasn’t wearing it before. He was on the ground, underneath the main console, Clara miles in front of him. “Clara! Come back! Cla-”

The door slammed shut behind her. “Arrrgh! He rammed his fist through the metal, launching it away from him. The blue and green lights which usually filled the room were shining more brightly than ever. Pushing the cogs and equipment to one far side, he got up and sprinted all the way to the outside world.

The heat hit him almost immediately, like a swarm of red hot fire. His only need now was to find Clara. Investigating probably. But it’s not safe. Thousands of eyes, only two of them, in that tiny marketplace, were Drahvin imposters. “This whole planet is roasting because the Drahvins have done something to the sun which means everyone’s going to burn to death and nobody can stop it. This is gonna be difficult.”

“Oh dear. Oh, dear oh dear. You haven’t been a very good girl have you? Disobeying the Doctor and obeying silly little old me. I’m in control of the entire planet. I’m going back to my home planet tomorrow, d’you want to know what it’s called?”

Clara wriggled in fear, and made a reluctant mumbling sound. “It’s called Mother of Ninety Seven Patriomarchus Deen Twelve. Or just Patriomarchus Deen for short. It was named after my father, who set up a home planet for the Drahvins. A place in which a new breed of Drahvins could start up again, a place not even the Doctor could find us. And when I go back there, this stupid planet will be destroyed. The mechanism I set up in your head Clara was a good idea. One of my best ideas. Remember when I told you that if you told the Doctor about my plans, I would kill you? Well, you’re still here. A

plan which not even the Doctor could stop. Now get on your knees, and beg for mercy.”*

“Of course.” Feeling exhausted with all the running, the Doctor took another jog to the TARDIS and slammed the doors shut behind him. Latching on another lever, he scrambled to the other side of the console and let the whirring and buzzing caress his ears with joyful and explosions of colour and light. The new spectrum. The TARDIS spectrum.

“My friend’s coming to get me. For sure. I know he is.”

“Wouldn’t be too sure about that. The whole planet is burning up and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Say goodbye to all of those amazing things you’ve seen, those imaginations of planets you’ll hope to see. Because they’re all gone. You’re left with the harshness of reality. Stuck on the slow side, with us. Never moving, always isolated. And you’ll die. Ha ha ha ha!


“Shut up! You’ve just given me an idea. Why don’t I check my personal records on River Song. She’s been here before. With your Doctor. Yes. I can see it now. All I have to do is track her down and eliminate her.

“Leave her alone! Because if you go near her, he’ll have something to say about that!” He reached out and squeezed her two cheeks together.

“You don’t get to say what goes, Clara Oswald, here you pay my attention.”

“Not if I’ve got anything to do with it.” A purple jacket spun round, the new jacket. “What do you think, got a bit side tracked earlier, didn’t have time to change, does it work?”

“Doctor! How can you be here?”

“Oh, Clara Oswald. Do you know what makes you so human? You’re you. That gut of human instinct that always stays, no matter how long you’ve been preserved or brainwashed for. You tried to fight off the infection. Don’t you see this planet exists in a nowhere, a- non-existent counter space and everything around it is different. You can breathe people here Clara. Literally. Multi-dimensional projection, Drahvin 433 am I correct? A person is sending a message, the sun takes the information in and projects it through the brain. You were breathing Drahvin 433. That point when we were flying through the vortex and the Drahvin ship under the main base tried to tap in to my old girl, the TARDIS Matrix was able to block the projection for a brief moment, long enough for you to be literally clean of those thoughts, enough time for you to take a quick change whilst I was distracted and give me coordinates. The moment you stepped out of those doors, the projection continued. Call it a cheap trick if you want, I call it too easy.

“But - that still doesn’t explain how you got, coordinates?”

“The red dress! Remember when you put that dress on?”

“No, I mean not - not really.

“Perception Filter. The moment you walked out of the TARDIS you forgot that you even changed. Anyway, you’d told me to use the red setting on the console, I could home in on to the nearest person. That was you. I had to send you a message through the subconscious to do that, and nobody is really supposed to.”

“Oh my god. How is that possible?”

“Doesn’t matter. Come with me. We’re going back to our old little blue box.” Smiling with glee, the pair ignited themselves back to that little blue box, and took off in a beautiful gleaming whoosh of engines and surprise.

Flicking another dial, he realised that the whole console had calmed down. “You know that jacket, kind of works with your shirt, not too keen on the shoes though,” Clara added, breaking the ice.

“I could say the same about you, in a good, non-sciency sort of way. Right,” he said, slamming his hands together in hot energy and enthusiasm, “One last trip back to good old Easter Island.”


“Clara. Something’s wrong. Something’s terribly wrong.”

“Why? What is it?” Clara, who was behind the doorframe, was changing back into her other clothes, the ones she had worn when she first met the people in the market stalls. She didn’t want to look like she was hiding anything. The door made a moaning creak open.

“Oh no.” They were both already looking up at the sky. “It’s blue. Clara, the sky is blue. That’s more than bad Clara this is terrible. The sun provides the correct amount of energy for this civilization, if it shuts down they will burn and it’s already through its first change. It was all a trap. Take you as a worker when I least expect it, then when we think we’ve beaten them, release the final weapon. The particles in this air control people Clara, it gets into their heads. Once you’ve been set free, control the entire sun and let it absorb the particles instead of project them. Wham! It takes everything from this planet and converts it into its reverse form. Like squeezing the air out of a tyre, you do that and it exists but it just doesn’t function. Pretty obvious really except the thing that blows me off the edge is the fact that it’s my fault. I should never have come here.”

“Doctor, it’s my fault, remember? For touching that switch?”

“It’s still my fault, I should have been more careful.”

“Come on Clara, we only have one thing to do now. I’ve got an impossible choice. Lose you or lose this planet. That’s the choice I have to make because let’s face it, there’s no other way to stop it. I’m sorry Clara. I’m so, so sorry but whatever’s happened, there’s no going back. No second chances. I have to do it. We have to take the final option. I’m sorry. It’s us now, against one small innocent world and we have to take responsibility.”

Chapter 3 - The Impossible Girl


“Clara, you’re going to have to be brave. If you want to stay alive, you need to be very brave.” Slamming the TARDIS doors behind her, he kneeled down beside her at the console.

“But, why? Why do I need to be brave? What’s happened?”

“You absorbed the energy from the sun, this planet’s shut off and shrivelled up inside because it knows you’re going to release the energy and kill everyone here anyway. Call it cowardice, call it anything you like, but it needs to be stopped!”

“Doctor. I’m scared. Please help me!” He lowered his knees to sit down to her left.

“Clara Oswin Oswald. The woman who never was. You have to remember. The days we had, the days that are yet to come. It’s not over yet. This is just the beginning. I’m going to have to look into your mind, Clara.”

“What does that mean?”

“Just open your mind. Forget the Drahvins and the danger. Let me enter your mind, Clara.”

The hall of memories opened. Portraits and halls full to the top with spoilers and past happenings; such majestic beauty in an impossible woman. Across the corridors, the Doctor appeared, patrolling the aisles for information, his lone voice ringing through the place. A shadow, even in his most childish smiles, the oldest man in the world. Clara, the youngest he’d ever seen her, was walking past him in an almost mysterious way. The old Clara, the different Clara. The Clara who was being controlled by the sentient Drahvin system, inhabiting her mind and the minds of everyone else on Easter Island.

“Let yourself go, Clara. The Drahvins can still control you if you don’t let go!”

“Aargh! It’s hard Doctor, it’s so hard!” Crash. Almighty engine screeches filled the room, the Doctor staring at the console area.

“Doctor, what the hell was that?”

“It’s the Drahvins, they’re getting in, they’re trying to get into the TARDIS, but don’t let them distract you, don’t look at them and KEEP - YOUR - EYES - CLOSED!”

A blasting and unbearable roar filled the room, crashes and showers of sparks flew from the sides of the room, shaking the foundations and rocking the console. There, in all majestic scenes of destruction, a broad figure was crouching, emerging from the ground with a menacing face.

“You can do this. I trust you Clara. Make this planet wonderful again and just open your mind!” Bang! The machine took another heavy and almost fatal slam through space, the console hurtling through the entire cosmos; Clara and the Doctor at the floor. A second

passed by of Clara opening her mind went past like a milestone in her life - her impossible life. The Drahvin, which formerly stood in the centre of the control room, had sparked out of control and launched itself at the corner of the room in the explosion. Panels blackened with smoke and sparks, the Doctor turned his eyes towards Clara.

“Hang on Clara, you can open your eyes now. Clara?” He gazed at her, just for a minute. “Remember all the things you said. Come on. I know you can do it!” She twisted, shut off from the world in a half-trance.

“Run you clever boy, and remember.”

Those familiar words, Oswin’s words.

 Her eyes flickered slowly open. In the next couple of seconds he realised what was really important to him, who he needed to protect more than anything else. On a very complicated story, he began to explain what, in Clara’s words, the hell happened.

“...You thought about me, you saw me deep in your mind, Clara. Right before that explosion, you knew me. The final explosion wasn’t a distraction, it didn’t throw you off balance, it destroyed the Drahvin infection waves. You’re completely free.”

“But...But did we make a difference? Are they saved?” The Doctor stepped towards the console, rubbing a blackened finger through thick ash. “Nothing a quick cleaning can’t solve.” He flicked a switch on his magic Sonic Screwdriver and in a number of bewitching seconds, the dirt and ash vanished throughout the room.

“You’re… you’re amazing.” She replied, struggling to find words. And with a final dazzling dance around the room, the TARDIS made a pinpoint landing on Easter Island.

“You saved an entire population with one thought Clara, and do you know what that thought was? Me.”

“Oh right. Well I think it was how terrible you looked in that purple coat chinboy, but the chance is still there.” Laughing all the way back to the console room, Clara and the Doctor set off once more with another ounce of gleaming joy on their shoulders.

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