the geneis loop

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

a important figure finds himself somewhere unlikely with a fresh start.



Pain rang in his ears, eyes blinded pulsing shots of white into his nerves, crouched on the ground ragged gasping breath shock his chest a thick lump of vomit and blood forced its way out of his throat and exploded out of his mouth in a violent explosion on the floor swimming in his vison below him. Searing wounds throbbing messages of pain to nerve's desperate for oxygen but he was alive. He blinked frantically at the light and pain, failing for a moment as his head spun, the quite hum of fans, and lights and quite electronic slid into focus around him, his heart racing the rolling slow focused into that of a ship on water.


A single small swinging light in the room with him, along the wall in front of him there was a door which as he turned to look at it make a very loud metallic clanking sound as some sort of locking mechanism which could only partially be seen latched closed. As he looked around he shock himself mentally and gathered his thoughts to examining his surroundings, the room was of middling size with walls of some sort of light patterned wallpaper, a small red light glared out of some bulky camera mounted to the roof in one corner.


A large mirror ran along one wall, a metal rimmed speaker mounted above the door crackled lightly with static. Of any place he would recognize, it would be a place like this. A interrogation room, but the how's and why's escaped him, chaotic memories clawing at the edges of his mind the others, his home, the last Victory so close and so bitter. The acid taste in his mouth the cold rage building once again at the proximity of his finial success. He could still feel the bruise's along his back and shoulders from being thrown across the room, landing on the floor, and then, nothing... here, pain. The air stung in his lungs but it had only the sting of pain from old old wound that stitched his body.


He realized that over the stink of his own vomit and coppery reek of his own blood he smelled salt air clean and crisp. The room was clean save for the mess he had made in his waking. The glass mirror smooth, the metal trim polished and free of imperfections and tarnish. The single light that hung in the middle of the room wavered and pulsed. It was a simple Filament bulb used only on the Cheapest and most wasteful of backwater settlements, how had he gotten here? Where was here? The questions needed answering. A voice crackled to life over the speaker, as its did so he turned to look at the mirror, having been on the other side of many such rooms he knew his watchers where on the other side of that glass and that camera.

The Voice of a young man spoke confidently over the speaker “ Welcome to the land of the living, tell me. How do you feel?” The mental fog drifting over him was starting to clear. Hunger gnawed at him and his gut betrayed this, Loudly. “Where am I? To whom am i speaking” his voice wavering but steadying it self as he spoke his throat felt raw and on fire, determination now shown out of those cold eyes. Straightening himself he looked directly at the camera in the corner.

The young male voice declared “ Those questions have...complicated answers for now what do you remember last?” Accustomed to power and respect he angered at having his question evaded,”Damnit boy, I demand to speak to some one in charge around here.” to which the voice responded “ You are, now if you could please answer the question. Who are you and what do you remember.”


His mind raced, what to say? The man's accent was one he had no recollection of. The tech was simple but that could be a deception, they could have weapons trained on him from beyond the glass and he would never know it, locked in a room with only only one door, no dedicated ventilation, no pressure warning lights, suit attachment points or air masks, what looked like real wood trim along the base board of the room. The whole room swung gently back and forth with the faint sounds of the sea and assorted machinery.


Where could he be? How long had it been? It had to be on the water, but it couldn't be Umoja it was missing that ever present lingering spice aroma,one of the massive Dredging ships of Pridewater perhaps? To much roll in the ships movements, no stench of oil and machine smoke. Or perhaps it was Halcyon considering the wood and wallpaper probably Halcyon, it had the settlement and the oceans. but the gravity felt to light, he felt positively light on his feet.


This was defiantly real gravity under his feet, the ocean swell rolling the ship gently under his feet told him it was real, the variation in the rolling motions, the subtle rise and fall of the ship as it crossed waves the ship was moving but slowly, the sense of the slightest acceleration keep him just barely on his toes. The Sub-dermal implant hummed gently in his ear with a voice only he could hear in the only voice he could stand to hear that “Close” to his ear, his lover. “No signal detected on known com's link channels, continue scanning?” Groaning he flexed a muscle in his cheek signaling a silent yes to the very simple cognitive assistant implant which was the only piece of tech he had ever deigned to allow to be installed in his person.


Designed and built by the some of the brightest minds he could hire and then erase from existence. It was a capability he felt better knowing that absolutely no one knew he had. The room must be reinforced to block signals for the Implant to detect nothing. Normally it could at least detect system beacons or navigation aides with which to possibly piggy back a signal, but nothing?


That settled it in his mind, it had to be Halcyon. Breathable air, no dedicated sectionable. environment protection, or even precautions, A small vessel on the water shielded from satellite communication. ready access to expensive real wood in such an abundance that it could be used as simple trim in a off hand manner. His current captors seam unsure of how to treat him, no chair or table in the room implies that who ever is doing the questioning has no intent to consider his comfort or to reveal or expose themselves to him and that such operations are the intended purpose of the room.


the whole room is otherwise spotless, no detritus, damage, or scuff marks. There is a faint unfamiliar odor, a chemical type odor. Yes that settle's it it must be Halcyon, this must be some bone head low level back woods security officer who does not know who he is. “Boy you better com your Garrison commander and let me out of this room, when we get to port, we are going to have words.”


“Could you State your name please.”said the Voice, sounding slightly amused with itself. “I am Arcturus Mengsk Emperor of the Terran Dominion.” the Speaker crackles and the voice chortles “good, very good, worth it just for that sound clip alone, come on out Emperor.” with a loud click the door mechanism makes a slow humming sound unlatching itself. Walking over to the door it opens into a small hallway where a young man dressed in casual clothes is coming out of a door a short ways further down the short hall, he closes the door and says this way to the deck Emperor, and opens and walks though a hatch behind him.


The night wind rushes though the now open hatch, walking out onto the deck after the young man who seams unfazed by what he had been told he examines the surrounding view, the smallish vessel appears to be equipped for some kind of fishing. With line coiled in piles on what seams to be the back deck, a small recessed pit at the very back with some very primitive video monitors. large metal hatches flank the deck on ether side of the boat.


The shoreline to the left and right of the boat are cover in small primitive structures, the only vaguely military presence in sight is a single vessel of a design unknown to him but very evidently military. No guard towers no barracks, command center, anything. With a sigh he realizes he must really be out in the fuzzy end of the fringe.


“Son where in the hell are we?” the young man grabs a nearby bucket flips it upside down an sits on it, gesturing for the Emperor to do the same,eventual sighing and resolving to let him just stand. “Lets start with this, My name is Micheal and i am the one who brought you here.”

“Well Micheal, where is here?”

“Like I said earlier, its Complicated. place names won't mean much with out the bigger reference, so you really should sit... no? Okay.... Earth” Mengsk raises an eyebrow, snorts and says

“You expect me to believe that boy?”


“Yes, yes I do this is as you know it Old Terra, earth year 2018 in the Country of the United States, in a State called Alaska, the city called Sitka.” Mengsk declares

“If you expect me to believe that then you are a bigger fool than you look Micheal.” Finally taking a bucket to sit down, the implication and shear impossibility of what the young man in front of him was claiming staggered the mind. Promptly and sternly he says“You can tell whoever is in charge of this Charade I do not intend to cooperate with out at least knowing how I got here”


“Believe it or not Mengsk its the truth, its the Earth year 2018 Before the formation of the UPL, and the Long sleep, which in turn creates the Koprulu sector.” the young man reaches over grabbing a print magazine from an alcove of the boat holding it level in front of him self with one hand, he makes a swift stabbing gesture with the other hand at the pages, a small glow radiates from the edges of the page and his arm as his arm vanishes into the page, when he withdraws his hand its holding a metal can covered in a red and white designs, which he tosses to Mengsk. Who catches it deftly, but with slight surprise.


He repeats the feat before a blinking Mengsk and then demonstrates how to open the can with a hiss and announcing “Drink up, tonight we relax, tomorrow we get to work” Mengsk asks quizzically

Doing what?”

“Jump starting a new History Mengsk, think about it.” the young man takes a swig of the freshly opened beer and reaches out to cheers Mengsk.

Wheels of thought begin going into overdrive for Mengsk. A new light shines in Mengsk's eyes after a few moments “yes, I guess we do.”

Submitted: March 16, 2018

© Copyright 2022 mrcalzon02. All rights reserved.

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